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  1. The question is, what does Rights Managed mean? Is there any other business where you tell the seller of a third party commodity, "well, I think it's too expensive, but I I'll take it for a half or a third of what you want it for" Try that with cars, software, groceries. Not working that way, sorry. That certainly does not work unilaterally, i.e., without consulting with the original provider. 10-15% negotiating, maybe, but alamy has gone as far as 97% discount on some of my images. On average is around 1/3 to 1/2 of calculator price.


    Even less so, if you buy it, at price x, then you return it to the store later, and tell the owner "You know, I'll buy it for half price off now". Does not happen. 


    By bending over backwards to buyer pressure, alamy is cheapening the brand, and also my work. I prefer not to sell an image, to selling it utterly under value. I have no problem with alamy adjusting to market, and that is reflected in the on-line calculator. However, those prices are hardly ever realized. Or does alamy not know the market prices, because the online calculator is not even close to actual sale prices? Which ever way you slice it, it is not favorable for alamy.


    Bottom line, I am not happy at all with how alamy hands out my work for pennies on the dollar/pound.


    Re because it is a % of sale, therefore, it is good, is very short sighted. With RM, I expect alamy to sell at official calculator prices, then the % is justified because they keep up the bargain. However, if alamy decides to go low, then that should not be at my expense. I should get the $ value from full price sale, and alamy can keep the whatever is left over. That would keep prices at >50% of calculator value. 


    I guess I am in the minority here. I find it better to donate my work to the Smithsonian and getting invited for paid talks, rather than getting pennies from alamy.

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  2. I just noticed that a RM image that sold in September for $125, just got refunded, then sold again at $80 on the same day. The usage data are EXACTLY the same.

    Mind you, that the $125 was essentially 50% off from what the alamy calculator gets, but that has been a shameful practice for quite a while. So now we talks 33c on the dollar.


    And alamy wonders why I haven't added images for several years? If anybody wonders why I don't leave, the images that are up there are a "sunk cost".


    This latest shenanigan is a new low even for this "agency".

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  3. I wonder about the unilateral discounts given by alamy. I only do fully rights managed images, no secondary market, no nothing else. I prefer not to sell an image rather than selling it for pennies on the dollar.

    Latest example is an image where alamy calculator gives price of $1070 (editorial print/e-book, unlimited print run, 1 page, worldwide, 10 years), my sales return is $187.50, so that is 82.48% discount! And that's before 50% commission.


    I've inquired with alamy before, but only get platitudes "we are working hard of getting the most money for our contributors". Sorry, don't buy it. Then there is the line "often real parameters are different form those indicated". Again, don't buy it. There is sufficient fine grain on the calculator and license terms to get a bit closer than >80% discount. 20% wiggle room, fine, but >80%, no way.


    Has anybody succeeded in either un-doing such a "sale", or getting paid for real? At the very least, then alamy's commission should also be reduced by the discount percentage: instead of 50% commission, 17% of 50% = 8.5% commission.


    To be sure, this is not an isolated incident, but rather the rule.  iQ sale is whole in-transparent because not all parameters for alamy price calculator are given, so cannot figure out how much I get ripped off.

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