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  1. You may already have read this, but in the UK anyone intending to sell drone images needs a licence https://www.coptrz.com/drone-licence-explained/
  2. crikey, that's some list! Thanks Jamie for taking the time to report this
  3. Ahh. I think the penny's starting to drop. I was making the assumption (wrongly) that changing the focus point mid exposure would make a complete mess of things. But presumably not. Think I'm going to give this a try So, camera obvs on tripod, set camera to ambient light exposure, take flash photo of moth, and during the long exposure refocus on infinity and let it complete the one exposure. Cheers! - not something I would even have considered trying, but will now!
  4. You definitely sound as though you've more knowledge about this than me, and I can't work out how he can get such a depth of field without focussing more than once like you say, but then he says it's one image. I'm confused and would love to know how to do that in one image. I've had a quick look through his work - some amazing photos
  5. Sorry, I'm maybe getting confused here? Or maybe saying the same thing in a different way? But am now intrigued. What I was thinking was that he moved focus point to background to take exposure reading, set exposure in camera, then focussed on the insect and with flash set to rear sync (to minimise ghosting) took a single photo.
  6. I'm wondering if when he says 'refocussing' he just means he moved his focus point to the background to set the exposure to the ambient light (because the flash wouldn't reach there) and then used flash to illuminate the insect. I'm certainly no flash expert but am struggling to think what else he could mean.
  7. I've just stumbled upon my 'missing' submissions by accident. In AIM in the white column on the left 'my submissions' - they're appearing right at the bottom after all the dates/years, under 'test submissions'. No info though, just gives the date and says 0 images. Some of mine that had disappeared have reappeared this morning after a couple of days. I'd already resubmitted them unfortunately so have now deleted them
  8. I've just had a quick look using google image search and have also found 3 uses. I can only see them on what looks like a scraper news site https://thegreatcelebrity.com/world-news/us-election-2020-results-live-trump-refuses-to-go-to-bidens-inauguration/ The text below it fits with this article in the Sun, so I guess the pics were used by the Sun - maybe the same usage found by Paul ^. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13138604/trump-fumes-not-attend-biden-inauguration-white-house-candles/ Congratulations!
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