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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far! To clarify: When I said: The files were selected on Flickr and downloaded. and I should have used the RAW files rather than the JPG. This had been my intention but I quite simply forgot. The downloading from Flickr was an aberation (it shouldn't have happened), Flickr wont accept RAW so by implication if I had used the RAW they wouldn't have come from Flickr. Can someone explain waht is meant by 100% crops? Thank you. Robert
  2. I wonder if I can ask for a little help. I have been a member here since the "send in a CD" days but have never sent in any pictures as my camera was not up to spec. (a Canon PS G5). I now have a camera that is "on the list" (a Canon 600D) and have been procrastinating about sending in pictures since I was given it 2 years ago. Yesterday I "bit the bullet" and sent in 4 pictures. I must admit I did it fairly quickly as I just wanted to get the ball moving after hanging about for so long. All four pictures failed QC for Soft or Lack of Definition. To me a very subjective criteria. I would like to describe my process below and perhaps some of you would point out where I might be going wrong. The pictures: Were taken with the standard Canon lens using the Auto (flash off) setting. Were taken in good daylight, the shutter, aperture and ISO were all in the normal range. The files (JPG) were uploaded to Flickr for backup and to aid selection. The files were selected on Flickr and downloaded. The files were imported to Aperture 3.6 Some of the files were straightened and slightly cropped with a small amount of exposure correction. The files were exported from Aperture and uploaded to Alamy. The only thing I can think of is that: I should have used the RAW files rather than the JPG. This had been my intention but I quite simply forgot. There may be some export setting in Aperture that I'm not aware of. There was no "quality" setting in the export dialogue box as there is in other programs such as PS. Any help would be appreciated, thank you. Robert
  3. Michael Thank for taking the time to reply. You make a good point with regard to Alamy being a competative environment, however I always understood that Alamy didn't want a lot of tweaking. My challenges with Adobe go back, the experience with the lost email just reminded me of it and underlined it. It's difficult to explain but I sense a sort of arrogance about them. I don't consider Apreture to be dead, it's just stopped growing for me. I think I can live with that fror a while. If I upgrade the OS then I may have problems but after the experience of upgrading to Yosimite I'm going to think carefully before I do that again. I have had a look at a program called Capture One. I may go for that at a later date. But for now Aperture works well. Thanks for your input, it is appreciated. Robert I have note a program caleed h
  4. Hello All This is my first post to this forum. I'm curious about this topic as I cant quite see what the problem is. I have Aperture 3 on my Macs and have recently started using it. I think it is very good. Up until now I have been using Picasa on PC's to tweak my digital pictures but as I am starting to take (re-take) my photogpahy more seriously I have been looking into Aperture tutorials on YouTube and it would seem to do everything I need. So......... I have this software, it works, it seemms fairly robust and mature, I like it. Why should I switch to something else because Apple have decided to compete with Spotify rather than put time and effort in for photographers? I'll add that I just don't like the way Adobe do things. I was reminded of this just last week when for the sake of due dilligence I attempted to use the trial version of Lightroom. It was during this I was reminded of Adobe's obstructive methodology in attracting customers. eg "Before you can use this software, please verify your email address by repling to the email we sent you"......................what email? ..........No email. At that point I deleted everything Adobe and went back to Apreture. Why not just stick with Aperture until it doesn't work any more? By then the world may have ended anyway. Yours Robert
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