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  1. 5 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

    Yes, they are irritating. :)  I don't like being reminded of my failures, either.


    Irritating indeed, by all means keep the one that failed to remind you. But the others haven't failed they just haven't been checked.


    By the way, in a post about QC a while ago you suggested a Fuji X camera. Whilst I didn't buy it to keep Alamy happy I did get an X100 (first model, no suffix) and am very impressed. Even jpegs strait out of the camera are good.

  2. Hi All


    Just for the record I thought I would let you know that all of my second batch of pictures failed QC also for soft or lacking definition (same as last time).


    I followed most of the relavent advice given here and spent one hell of a long time on it.


    The bottom line for me is that it isn't worth the time spent on fideling around to get a few pictures on here.


    I enjoy my photography and I enjoy making pictures that others like, I think I'll leave it at that.


    Thanks again for all your help.



  3. On paper it doesn't look simple, but in practice it is. 


    If you were to describe driving a car on paper, most would run the opposite direction!  :)


    I didn't mean to put you off, but as a new contributor myself, it was a steep learning curve to reach the technical standards required for Alamy - Shutterstock is even tougher. You may work out your own workflow that sits better with you. The main thing is get to know your camera's limitations and work on shooting technique to achieve those tack sharp images when viewed at 100%. 

    You didn't put me off David, I was just having a bit of fun.


    I did have a look at some scans of slides I took with my Pentax MX a few years ago and the quality is truly awful. So maybe this digital stuff isnt that bad ;-)


    Indeed since reading this thread and the help that has been offered I have been very selective about the RAW files used and done a minimum of processing and the results, at least to me, are a great improvement.


    Thanks again.



  4. That's quite a big difference! I'd stick to Level 12 until you have your workflow established and are passing QC each time. 


    What's really important now is to be working from a sharp RAW file. You could go back through your archives or you choose to shoot some new ones for your next submission. 


    Usually the forum recommend removing as many variables as possible to help you. So... think about using a tripod, having a really strong focal point that isn't moving and try and exclude that moves naturally like leaves. Shoot in good light, in RAW, use a low ISO, cable release. Focussing manually with Live View in manual can really help.


    The bottom line is that any images you submit have to pass QC but this way you are setting a baseline of sharpness that you know is acceptable for Alamy. Once you've got this established in your mind it makes going through your previous images much easier. You'll know straight away if an image is worth processing.


    Hope that helps!

    Thank you Michael, your help has been encouraging, supportive and constructive, it's appreciated.


    I'll take it from here and perhaps post to a new thread when I have moved it on.


    Thanks again.



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    As promised here is a revised JPEG and an 8 bit TIFF for comparison.


    The only thing I did was tweak the colour aberation.




    JPEG: https://app.box.com/s/cdihw1nmv4tkqtz5owcnbcgbj9jots42


    TIFF: https://app.box.com/s/q114myezwg6d1juy73smjvdsc0vizopc


    As you have only tweaked the CA,  have you uploaded these as an example of how you are saving them (as per your chat with Mark/spacecade re size? Are these as you would upload?


    Without going too much further my first observation on download is how small the JPG is (3.3mb). That is way too small for an image which is over 5000 on it's longest.


    I opened your TIFF in PS and saved as a Level 12 JPG. That gave me a 9mb JPG.


    I then did the same with the TIFF but at Level 10 JPG. That gave me a 3.5mb JPG.


    That 6mb difference is missing pixels which is all image detail!


    I only tweaked the CA but after posting I noted that Aperture had added some sharpening.


    I have uploaded these with as little manipulation as possible to estabish a baseline with regard to getting my pictures through QA. They failed at my first attempt due to SaLD.


    I found the following on an Apple Aperture forum with regard to Alamy and used that:


    Create a new export preset


    JPEG - image quality 10 or 11

    Color space Adobe RGB (1998)

    Size fit within pixels 5200

    300 DPI


    you will get uncompressed size about 51MB, but JPEG's will be 3-20MB size as they are compressed


    I noted the small file size and tried both 10 and 11; the difference was 0.3Mb


    When I next have the Mac running I will try 12.



  6. Robert, I would suggest starting by processing your raw files in Canon's own converter and then experiment with Lightroom. A couple of years from now, you may well be a raw processing guru. Remember, most of us started at the same place

    Thank you Brian, the idea of using the Canon software is a good one that I hadn't though of. However I am not too keen on Adobe products so I will continue with Aperture for a while as it's bought and paid for. I have looked at Capture One Pro which could be a possibility in the future.



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    So they are not RAW+JPEG from the same exposure?

    Then whatever Aperture did, it did a lot. My jpegs in good light are much better than that. In fact until a few months ago I didn't use RAW at all.

    Cropping isn't forbidden unless it makes the image too small which isn't an issue nowadays. RAWs need some sharpening and NR. LR defaults are a good starting point.


    Perhaps I should have another go and ask here before sending to Alamy as I want to avoid another failure.



    That's a great idea!


    Then that I will do!


    The options button doesn



    How do you view at 100%?

     The thumbnail should be clickable and link to my Photobucket page. You should be able to get the full size file from there. Let me know if it doesn't work!


    The options button doesn't include download.

    Thanks Mark. Try this:



    Wow! That's a totally different picture. Thank you!


    Seems I need to get to grips with Aperture and if that fails look at something else.



  9. So they are not RAW+JPEG from the same exposure?

    Then whatever Aperture did, it did a lot. My jpegs in good light are much better than that. In fact until a few months ago I didn't use RAW at all.

    Cropping isn't forbidden unless it makes the image too small which isn't an issue nowadays. RAWs need some sharpening and NR. LR defaults are a good starting point.

    Hi Mark


    Yes they are RAW+JPG from the same exposure. But my Alamy submission as a JPG did not come from the RAW file it came from the JPG produced by the camera.


    I'll clarify.

    The picture was shot RAW+JPG with the camera set to highest quality for the JPG.

    The RAW was filed and took no further part in the process.

    The JPG (produced by the camera) was loaded into Aperture and tweaked (including, I agree, the awful colour change).

    It was then "Exported" to JPG from Aperture with the default setting and sent to Alamy.


    Thanks to all for helping me out.


    Perhaps I should have another go and ask here before sending to Alamy as I want to avoid another failure.





  10. The JPEG is very over-sharpened and the colour is way off in comparison to the RAW (JPEG has a strong green or cyan cast). The JPEG shows haloing from over-sharpening and there is strong CA. Bin the JPEG and go back to the RAW for a start.


    In relation to the raw, the foreground is out of focus whereas the background is reasonably in focus (the sign on the pub is legible and the buildings look ok after a bit of sharpening). Trees are hard to judge because there may been wind for one thing but they do not look unacceptable to me in the raw file). I judge sharpness by applying a bit of sharpening and then removing it before preparing images for Alamy. Going by this image, you need to learn the basics of raw conversion (including calibrating your monitor), improve your composition and how to control depth of field (using landscape mode in camera is not the way to go really - the foreground is out of focus). Some judicious cropping would help - the tree in the bottom right is out of focus and irrelevant to the image. Enjoy the learning.

    Thanks for your feedback.


    Just to clarify the JPG is not from a processed RAW, it's the JPG that came off the camera and then processed (minimally) in Aperture. As I said in an earlier post, that was a mistake.


    From days gone by I seem to remember that Alamay wanted files with minimum processing including cropping and NO sharpening, that is why this particular picture isn't cropped. Has that changed?





  11. Hi Everyone


    ...and thanks for your time.


    I have put my Alamy submission and the coresponding RAW file on Box.


    JPG: https://app.box.com/s/qhczutfmxrc5jsniwpwvmk11ln2pa1ik


    RAW: https://app.box.com/s/im3m9ht09cj9x4rbgrjocx9mhyjqus5n


    Regards and Thanks



    PS The shot is of the Chichester (West Sussex, UK) Guildhall taken from the old city wall with the Cathedral spire in the background. It was taken a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Thank you Marianne


    My intended process was to review the pictures on Flickr Magic View and then find my choice as RAW files from my local drives, but in the excitement of the moment it just didn't happen. I ended up using the JPG's and remember thinking "humm, perhaps that was not the best thing to do". But by then it was too late.


    I suspect that not using RAW and accepting Apertures defaults may be the cause of my probem. These issues are in my control and could be rectified easliy. If however feedback suggested the problem is with my camera or lens then, well, goodbye Alamy!


    My post and request was about asking anyone who had better knowledge what the most likely step in my process would have caused the problem.


    Thanks again for all feedback and I will post one of the pictures soon.





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