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  1. There are some lovely shots in this thread - well done folks. Since we can make three entries, here's my third. This is Fort St Angelo in Malta. It was at the heart of the defence in two sieges almost four centuries apart (1565 and 1941-42), both of which influenced the course of European history.
  2. But surely such questions also arose with traditional RM? Quite apart from the complications to traditional RM licensing in which a publisher had to specify its print run, market etc. What happens if a book publisher exceeds the terms of its RM photo licences because the book for which it bought the photos proves more successful than anticipated? I'm not sure whether this is a good or a bad thing, but my feeling is that editorial RF will replace RM altogether within the next ten years.
  3. True enough, but the stock photography market seems to have gone in this direction.
  4. The immortal Spitfire. They don't come any more iconic than this, in my humble opinion
  5. I was going to say none come to mind, but you've got me thinking. If individual buyers can buy editorial-only images to make wall prints for themselves, they are not retailing the image. But what about Alamy itself? If Alamy is making editorial-only images available to buyers as wall prints, does that put Alamy in the position of a retailer? Could the subject of an editorial-only image object to the photo being sold for personal use/wall prints? And if so, where does this leave the contributor? On the other hand it's easy to overthink all this and to tie oneself up in knots.
  6. I suspect that non-retail wall art means making a single print for one's own use whereas retail wall art prints means printing in bulk to sell to other people. I would count the first use as non-commercial and only the second as commercial. Hope this makes sense
  7. Just to elaborate slightly, megabytes measure how much memory an image takes up whereas megapixels measure the image length and width. As spacecadet said the minimum size is 6 megapixels, which translates into 3000 x 2000 pixels. Pixels are the dots of light that make up an image. If your image is this size or bigger it meets the requirements, regardless of the memory size.
  8. Sales by volume in 2017 (so far) well down on 2016, but gross price per sale well up. As a result gross revenue for 2017 is already very close to last year's total.
  9. You can represent a population of 100 million with a sample size of just a few hundreds. Thing is, the sample has to be chosen randomly. A single contributor's collection, however large, cannot be considered a random sample because every contributor has their own preferred subjects and locations.
  10. I love this portrait. How did you get the idea?
  11. 900, but I tried the search myself and my image comes up in the second page. Plenty of other travel related images turn up in the search, and not all of them appear to have a religious theme.
  12. Indeed. I did a double-take when this shot of mine came up in a search for virgin space travel: Then I realised that I had tagged the image with the words space (as in open space, though I kept these separate), and travel ... and, since this is a religious place dedicated to the Virgin Mary, I had Virgin Mary as a single tag. Alamy could solve part of the problem by making tags searchable as a whole so an image won't come up in a search if the search term is part of a multi-word tag.
  13. Shot from inside my car ... ... while waiting for this one (and some others) to arrive ... (I don't normally go out shooting aircraft in bad weather, but this was in early 2011 when fighting had broken out in Libya, and planes were coming to Malta from all over the world to take expats who had made their way out of Libya home.)
  14. Some great shots here but I particularly like the last two (Michael Ventura and Richard Laidler).
  15. Seems like a lot of work though. There are airlines which would give you an easier job - Lufthansa comes to mind. Just remove the titles and tail logo. Then there are all white chartered aircraft which are easier still (just remove the registration) but these are not so common.
  16. I looked up the photos and all they show are a stretch of empty road. They make sense when you realise that all motorised transport stops on Yom Kippur. But I only learned this from somebody else's photo. You don't explain any of it. As others have said, your captions need to be much more informative. Plus Alamy deals with lots of news submissions and they can't be expected to handhold photographers who skimp on the basics.
  17. This strikes me as very topical now but it will grow increasingly less so as time passes. Still, this doesn't mean you should remove it. It will gain some historical significance and you never know what a buyer might need.
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