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  1. I don't use commas when keywording, just spaces. I suspect this is where the problem lies, but just can't figure out why. Do you use just the comma, or a comma and space between keywords ? With the Alamy essential keyword field limited to 50 characters, space is at a premium. I think I'll start experimenting with commas, semi-colons and spaces to see if this somehow makes a difference. I used to use quotes back in the early days of Alamy when 'stemming' was an issue / controversy at Alamy, but the need for quotes to keep words exactly in order went away ( I think) ....
  2. Hi Betty, after processing / keywording in PS CS 3, I save the JPG files to a dedicated folder for Alamy upload. My keywords then show up in the Alamy 'comprehensive' field, which is where they are listed twice, with the 2nd group truncated depending on how many keywords. As I mentioned, I then have to delete the duplicates before cutting and pasting the original keywords in to the Alamy 'essential' and 'main' keyword fields. Easy problem to overcome, but a nuisance none the less, and,as you say, weird.
  3. Hi all, i searched the forums and did not find this issue addressed : I am uploading from PS CS 3 using the 'file info' for captions, keywords , etc.. When i go to manage images on Alamy, I see that my keywords are added twice (in the comprehensive field), with the 2nd listing sometimes truncated depending on length. I overcome this problem by just deleting the repeated keywords before I cut and paste them into the Alamy essential and main fields, however I would like to know if there is a way to keep the keywords from repeating in the first place . Thanks in advance for any solutions or other comments ...
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