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  1. Congratulations John, that's a great effort...I really like your Egypt shots and so had a quick visual holiday away from Ballarat..😀
  2. Thanks all for the information! It has taken me quite some time to finally change over to FTP uploading 😀This method will save me heaps of time and not to mention the added frustration of uploads freezing...I kid you not that i was down to upload batches of 5 images using the Alamy uploader, and still had uploads freeze on me!! Thank you, i can be more productive now instead of babysitting every upload.. Cheers Bill
  3. All i can say Ed is that when viewing your images, I'm drawn into the images that tell a great story..or captures a moment that one can easily relate to..I like what you see and it shows that you are enjoying your photography and the world around you....Keep doing what you're doing,as you inspire some of us younger folk ( I'm 66 ) to do more... ATB Cheers Bill
  4. Life's one big struggle!....we have to deal with the cards we're dealt....and play the best hand we can, and yes that may prove difficult when you have no hands!.....People can amaze you on how they rise above adversity....so find time for a good laugh, laugh at yourself and lift your spirits...and do the best you can...yeah life will really suck sometimes.. ATB to you Mark and the others doing it hard, i hope your situations improve. Cheers Bill
  5. Great story telling...your passion for image making shows....very nice work there
  6. Let's keep it quiet the cake is good...just no good for my teeth these days...so i stay out of the joint
  7. You have to work 40% Harder for 60% less pay and if you fail your submission... they make you eat Betty`s rock cake
  8. Nice one.....Christmas present on your birthday Happy Birthday $$$
  9. Well i've had 2 PU sales only for this month...both were distributor sales and $11 gross total before deductions both images were more suited to a commercial use being a cement truck..and a shipping container on the back of a semi trailer....Ahh well no real joy in those sales for me, just hoping something better will happen soonish
  10. Thanks David, i can make Melbourne in September...maybe a few others down here in Victoria can catch up too....My number 0418 535 136 *** Thanks to Stephen Dwyer for the Starting the ball rolling..***
  11. Have a good meet up guys, i'm way down south in Ballarat but hopefully will plan a stock shoot up your way later in the year... ATB Cheers Bill
  12. Yes agree that a direct sale comes up trumps Well i am still to have some pocket money for this month, but it will happen soonish..This year i am making more effort to build my folio as i have more time and i want some more pocket money.. I see that you specialise in architecture James and i like the way you go about it...great images too..There is quite a lot of new building projects proceeding in London and surrounds, as i love architecture as well i enjoy seeing new designs and building styles, and there is a lot happening in your neck of the woods...across the huge pond from where i live. I used to live in Melbourne and now live in Ballarat for the last 8 years, and will be getting down to Melbourne to photograph more architecture as the city has some great new completed buildings...I know i have plenty to photograph here in Australia, but i know i would have a ball in a city like London with my camera!...Ahh keep dreaming Bill...and clicking away
  13. Food, glorious food....You've put a lot of work into your great images Marina, hope they sell well for you...Hello from Australia Cheers Bill
  14. Well done Gen, your success does give one the incentive to shoot more variety and of course get the image numbers up..( great portfolio BTW ) Bill
  15. Good on you Andrew...and i do like your portfolio, and you deserve the success from your talent and effort....Every photographer here has choices...We all want the same thing to be rewarded with sales for our efforts....We all have varying degrees of talent, and we all have reasons that motivate us to shoot stock...but in the end we still have the choice to do it or not.. I hope that things improve for us all in 2019...in whatever we choose to do...The business of Stock Photography rolls on and is ever changing, i personally will endeavour to allocate more time to my hobby...But collectively we just have to do the best we can, and i do feel for working professional that needs to live off their chosen profession... Best Wishes to ALL in 2019
  16. I don't really understand why you had to make this comment.....There are always costs and whether you're well off, or a pensioner or other ....you still consider the costs...If you are a professional (as i have been ) then you have to work harder if your chosen income market is drying up....or find other markets....Do you resent hobbyists or part timers taking a slice of the pie?.....just saying
  17. Totally agree!! You have celebrated your great sale...spent the money and then wham...( like in Pearl's case ) you have to pay it back after 6 months....ridiculous!
  18. I feel your pain,i think many of us have experienced the high sale value being refunded and then resold at a lower price...One does wonder if in some cases the buyer is dishonest ,freaks out at the higher price for image use criteria...and then rebuys at a lower price but still goes and uses the higher value licence use...Very hard to keep track of this type of thing happening..
  19. Well done Martin nice to hear that prices have risen for you..This year the number of sales have dropped for me but i know i need to increase image numbers and content variety...
  20. **** Best wishes to all **** Tall short fat or slim ....rich or poor....or just perfect Have a good one....and find time for a laugh Cheers Bill
  21. Thanks Bob, yes we can get a little too serious sometimes so i thought i'd counter that with a bit of humour My dad used say often " You gotta laugh " Hope others were not offended. Cheers Bill
  22. What's all this?.......Well there's quite a debate going on with venting and screaming and crying too...There's those that feel that they have been " thrown under the bus"...and accusations that others members here, have in particular been responsible for such horrid actions...indeed!...Some have said without pointing the finger that the culprits might be those grey haired retirees, who are taking pictures for a laugh!...and virtually stealing food off the table of hard working professional togs...unbelievable!...And some that aspire to The Jack system.."Well I'm alright Jack" as I'm a pensioner..Then there's those that have split the atom once again and with a million scenarios in how to get the Alamy bus back on the road. Then there are those humble togs with gazillions of images saying...look at me i don't want to talk out LOUD....but something has to be done with those pesky grey haired nomads of the image world...they have the gall to think life owes them some pocket money!!!...Alamy gave togs two choices with their latest declaration...YES or NO....with i suggest a third option if you don't like it...wait for it....or GO! Well this pensioner is back uploading his humble pics....don't be too hard on me with lots of RED ARROWS...Ha.....Now where was i ? OH yes buses.....The wheels on the bus go round and round....We're on the road to nowhere...The magical mystery tour....The long and winding road....and what about Hendrix..Crosstown traffic...well that sums it up....You gotta laugh!
  23. My sentiments exactly John, well said...Like you i am now retired and on a pension and i would like to build my image portfolio..One can only hope with such an outpouring of anger and dismay at Alamy's recent 60/40 directive, and now this offer that they can think of their contributors as people with legitimate concerns for fairer outcomes...You can build a better Alamy by looking after your contributors as well...Sure Alamy can say..."My way or the highway" and there are a lot of agencies out there that say basically that..but i give credit to Alamy for at least listening and giving us a choice....We can only do what's best for us within our means, but we still have a choice..
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