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  1. Looks like i will leave selling my images as RM unless as Edo says we are forced to change to a RF licence or there is a clear advantage in favour of RF.....I have always preferred the concept of RM over RF anyway....Thanks Gina and other members for your take on it..
  2. Yeah very nice rendition too Colin ...Mmm yes Gorgeous 😀 OK ...back on topic So...many hedge their bets....take a walk on the wild side....and are smiling more for it....and others like me are doomed to cling to the rope behind the boat hoping i can pull myself aboard..by shooting more images that is....Ahhh you gotta laugh...all is not lost...keep shooting guys and gals...there's still sales to be made...Ahh i'm trying to lift the tone..😀 Just keep shooting ....Good Day Sunshine...
  3. Your welcome MDM....Glad to hear that this great song still strikes a chord with you...music and film including still photography plays such an important role in our lives....We photographers portray our visual take on the world...and here at Alamy we are part of the collective who are wanting to have our images seen, and of course also being reasonably paid for the licence uses.. Well we've been told that it's business as usual with the sell off to PA Media Group....so time will tell if we as individual photographers and the whole collective prosper...Surely a diverse collection of images such as Alamy's can really find its niche in the market and win a better share of the worldwide total sales revenue?...There are a lot of photographers from all skill levels trying to make money from their images....We can only hope that the new direction of this business looks after it's suppliers ( photographers ) and gives us the incentive to keep supplying images, by not eroding our return for effort further.. So yes congratulations to the PA Media Group, i'm just one of the many small contributors hoping that the future will see the Alamy collection prosper along with its loyal contributors.
  4. Just reading these posts...and drifting drifting off topic as i hear a song playing from way back on my radio......The Beatles " Across the Universe " Oh and i still like the song.... I'm out to pasture Mr. Morrison too...Moo 😁
  5. Hi Gina i am interested in the RF Verses RM licence as well...I can't give an opinion as i am all RM, and i notice like others that RM has been licensed like RF these days..Some photographers have a 50 /50 ratio of both RF and RM....I'm sure some more experienced sellers can add their take on it.....some will say it depends on your subject matter...Mmm
  6. Well done John on your sales milestone...I like your folio of images...great colour too!
  7. Just terrible Genevieve....such a pretty town gone, like many others...so sad but a fact of life these days in Australia...and it's getting worse.
  8. Well 2 sales for total $25.95.....less 50% for me. 1 for Presentation / Newsletter Licence $9.73 the other for Editorial $ 16.22. PS..The image BA1BT3 was a powerful image of bushfire devastation from my series on the aftermath of the Black Saturday Bushfires 2009 in Kinglake, Australia.This was the Presentation / Newsletter licence for $9.73😳.....Ahh well a sale is a sale...I have been increasing portfolio numbers and subject variety so hopefully i will get better sales down the line 👍
  9. Hi Bill, I have relations in Don Mills,Toronto (Sister in Law ) when i was building my photography career in the 80's they sent me one of your books as a gift...I remember that your photography was impressive then and i loved the scenery as it was so different from Australia...You have been and are still a prolific image maker...kudos to you, and you still inspire and share your knowledge....just saying Cheers Bill
  10. Thank you for your kind words Edo, i like the way you shoot stock too. I do enjoy reading the input from seasoned photographers like yourself who have been and are still successful stock shooters.Here in Australia stock photography took off in the late 80's, i started to shoot for a small Australian stock library and only really shot to supplement my freelance work so i had some success with stock sales but could have worked it harder..I know of a few Australian photographers that really worked at stock and got images into the Stock Market catalogues and the Image Bank..AGE ..ACE and yes Tony Stone....They did really well!....as the saying goes ...Make hay while the sun shines...$$ and that they did. Ahh well i am happy that i eked out a humble living as a photographer..paid the bills...Today i just enjoy using the camera and now trying to add some variety to my stock folio..You have to keep the enjoyment in your work..How hard you work it is as always up to the individual....and always take time to have a laugh 😀 life is serious enough at times.
  11. Hi Marianne, it's great that you are doing your art classes and enjoying same and you are being creative so it's a good thing..the camera is always there waiting...I tend to have short breaks from photography but i have been taking photographs for a long time and when i travel out to the goldfields i am always taking observational pictures as i scan the landscape..( but still watching mostly where i'm driving! most importantly ) We have a hot 39C degrees today in Ballarat and there has been a fire out at Smythesdale near Ballarat but the fire brigade or Country Fire Brigade got it under control..thank goodness... We had a big fire out at Lexton which is about 60 kilometres North West of Ballarat early in the month, it burnt out 2700 Hectares of land, and i did manage to take some aftermath pics a week later and have uploaded them...The main area of bushfires in Victoria have been out in Gippsland and North East Victoria where there has been great devastation to bushland / animals and property...People have lost their lives as well..The fires go right up the East Coast of the State of New South Wales, and into the State of Queensland...There are many other States that have had fires also...The fire season is not over with hot dry conditions continuing so not a great outlook for many in harms way... But life goes on and you only hope that the Government can help more with spending on firefighting resources and prevention strategies....but some say we haven't learnt much for our other past bushfire disasters....
  12. How true...learning is a process that usually takes time...we don't instantly become experts at anything, so trial and error and experimenting until our own style and skill levels improve..Look at pictures you like and photographers work you like to inspire you... Just take the time that you need to evolve / improve....Forcing it to happen and stressing is not productive, so learn from what you shoot and of course get the technical right...One thing is for sure and that is you never stop learning..little by little you get there, you don't have to be the fastest or the greatest..Just be happy improving at your own pace....
  13. For many years...including the days of Kodachrome and Fujichrome like others here my holiday trips away interstate in Australia were holiday / stock shoots....My wife understood that but you had to have a balance, but i did shoot like crazy when the light was good and you were stimulated by new photo opportunities 😀 Most times i would end up paying for the trip,or close to it from sales...I would tell my wife..." hey you see when i shot that at so and so...well it sold " Yeah if i stopped for a nice lunch or had a nice dinner out and it helped keep the wife happy.. I still make sure i get the shots while we're away as it does cost to get to these locations...and you don't do it every day...Ok i know the flip side to this topic is...." Is it all worth it nowadays" Well like many i enjoy shooting stock regardless, so as the song goes.."can't help myself..bad habits" 😁 But like Edo saving airline and shopping reward points does help lower costs, and now that I'm retired i enjoy the hobby...i don't need to chase photography professionally anymore...Living close to the Victorian goldfields is a bonus too...my gold finds make me more $ than stock, and it does help fund trips away and photography gear.. Sorry to segue into another topic, but your camera outfit does come into the equation too...I like great gear and still haul around a full frame DSLR and 5 lenses, and i am resisting spending more on mirrorless offerings from Canon...I still use a 5D3 and it is more than enough for stock, yes i do like the new Canon RF lenses! but hey they cost HOW MUCH!! so the reality is i have a great outfit and may only buy a 5D4 second hand...i don't need it i know, but i can make plenty of excuses for having it 🤣 But that is a choice, and there are plenty of other cameras that will cost less and suffice for shooting stock as you all know.....So back to the opening topic...i keep my costs low and enjoy taking pics, i don't look for other stock markets ,it's my choice as i enjoy photography and the Stock market is what it is...but yes i feel for professionals that have to work it much harder... Maybe i will be in a position to travel overseas to Canada and US next year....oh yes my wife's sister and brother in law live in Toronto...Ahh that would be a nice holiday / stock shoot 👍😀
  14. Well done Sally on first Alamy sale...you're off and running now, just keep uploading and shooting new images...I know that sale $$ are all over the place, ATB for more future sales.. Cheers Bill
  15. Yes after many years of squinting through the viewfinder of a camera i have become so one eyed! ...... I see what i want to see and disregard the rest ( I pinched that from a song ) I see with a ruthless mindset...will it make me money or is it all in vain...do i smell the gravy,or have i missed the train.....Do i buy that exotic lens and shoot my way to fame....I then realise shooting stock can be fun, and you're in the game, take a stroll don't run or you'll end up lame....Skip the years of learning to become a name.....just be a nobody and play the game...and in the end the stock you take is equal to the stock you make...sorry Beatles! So it's a long and winding road....be brave and go for a stroll as you never know where you will end up... PS...sorry folks needed a break from processing...now where are my meds! and motivation!
  16. Welcome Kent, as you have now unfortunately experienced being sent to the sin bin for images that do not meet Alamy's image quality control...Well just read the guidelines for image submissions and comply...As you know if only one image in a batch has a problem, then the lot get rejected..So watch out for noise, or avoid it better still and make sure your images are sharp and the main subject matter is in focus...Clone out dust marks in clear areas of your image especially the sky..Colour noise or over processed images that cause loss of image quality..Camera shake etc.. Just create a good workflow and stick to the guidelines and you will be fine....The photography is up to you, and there is plenty of saleable subject matter to shoot...ATB to you Kent, by the few shots that you have already submitted tells me you like your travel so you will have plenty go great subject matter to submit. Cheers Bill
  17. Those Sony cameras look great, and i have had a look at Ed Rooney's folio and his images taken with these compact versatile cameras are impressive...I can see along with others here that they can be your main camera or go to for ease of use and portability.I am still using a Canon full frame 5D3 and 5 lenses...heavy kit i know but i like the quality.I have thought of changing over to the Fuji TX3 to shed some weight or maybe a Sony RX100 V and Sony RX100 V1... Then i look at the new Canon RF L lenses for their mirrorless system and want them..Well i like great gear and i have great gear lol so i will resist changing over and spending money i don't have...I will most likely buy a Canon 5D4 for the extra dynamic range in the future and stick with what i have, but when i am over the heavy gear then i will look at these more compact alternatives..Until then like Chuck i will keep doing my push ups and weight exercises for my arms....and envy you people with the compact gear 😀
  18. Ahh the old "Race to the bottom" Well we've been going down for a long time.....sometimes in denial, other times a sense of false hope...and sometimes we face that reality....but no-one makes us shoot stock, and if it's not worth the effort verses the return then it's up to the individual photographer..I had a few good sales last year, but a lot were low value sales....I still enjoy shooting stock so i will keep contributing. It's now 2020 and i have made my first sale for the year a P.U Licence sale for all of $ 9.73....my last five sales of 2019 were all under $12... Ahh well "It is what it is" maybe i can do better this year 😀 Stay optimistic and find time for a good laugh.
  19. Well done Michele on your image sales improving, increasing your image numbers is a good thing as more images equals more potential sales...I also have made more of an effort this year and have at least equaled my last years image sales and actually past it by 2 sales...The general consensus around here is we have to increase our folio size to keep sales at least stable or better still increasing.. The two things that i have come to realise are very important as total image numbers, is attention to your keywords and good description information because if your images don't come up in searches then you have no chance of sales! Also a variety of image topics help give us a chance in the image sales lottery 😀
  20. Fine with me, to the proposed changes.... In regards to the Personal Use Licence i am still in with 5 P.U sales and 1 Presentation sale this year....( these extra low value sales have topped up a modest sales tally for me this year ) I agree with others suggesting a restriction of file size.. RM Licence Personal Use with restrictions on size 1200px wide...... Look after your contributors Alamy, as photographers we value our images and if you stop / moderate the loop holes where buyers are ripping us off....and value the product that you market more then we all will be better $$ off..
  21. Very sad to hear...an inspirational photographer who loved his work & creativity...my condolences to his family and friends
  22. I really like these portraits Gen...great to see you are getting confident to get right in there and get the shots! If you ask politely and smile, they can only say no or oblique you.The tight composition works well, but you got the environmental shot also....the details like his nicotine stained fingers and the bandaid on his hand...This guy could tell you a lot of tales about his life...Keep it up Gen..
  23. I've had a few Alamy requests like 2 to 3 hours drive away from Ballarat...eg The Big Hay Bale located to the west of Ballarat or the The big Ned Kelly statue in North Central Victoria....I would cover these solely only when making a trip to do other photo things of interest in that area too...so on the to do list lol
  24. Well done Genevieve...filling that request paid off for your effort...great that it was on your doorstep too. Cheers Bill
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