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  1. Nice one Genevieve, you have a great group of shots on The David Bowie "Let's Dance" in outback Australia 😃 I used to have the CD....China Girl and Modern Love were big hits off the Album too....Mmm i might just buy it again...Oh BTW....I put my 100 to 400mm zoom to good use and paid a visit to the Halls Gap Zoo...My wife and sister in law enjoyed the zoo as well, leaving me to get busy with my camera.. I managed a good selection of animal and bird shots, and am at present processing more for upload....Lucky i managed that outing there as the zoo is now closed! just like many other places and businesses now with the restrictions...I might just buy a 500mm tele later in the year-and shoot some more wildlife and other subjects where a long tele is useful ..As for recouping the outlay well i know i will have to use it well to justify having it...and i can always sell it again if i need to....I got lucky recently finding a nice nugget to pay for the lens....
  2. Well like the many no doubt on Alamy, i have been busy processing and uploading new images ( I have a backlog ) and of course the servers must be clogged with data traffic as images are very SLOW uploading....Some have failed to upload and have to repeat again.. Best wishes to to all....keep safe and busy.
  3. "Come and See Her" Doctor doctor my babies sick...come and see her....The Easybeats "Am i ever gonna see your face again".....The Angels "Touch Me" Now touch me, baby. Can't you see that I am not afraid? .....The Doors "Coconut" And said "doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"I said "doctor, to relieve this belly ache"I said "doctor, ain't there nothin' I can take?"I said "doctor, to relieve this belly ache".........Harry Nilsson "Imagine"............John Lennon Imagine there's no Coronavirus......My Lyric 😀 Oh just feeling melancholic....."Yesterday" The Beatles Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.... Now to lift the spirits...raise a glass if you have to...."Here comes the Sun" The Beatles.
  4. I did take a look at your Alice pics Gen, good variety of people pics too...love the little dog in the bright outfit..😄 At least you have a great diverse folio and image numbers, and these days you have to keep topping numbers up...We can't change the market, and yes we have heard the "good old days" comments, but if you love taking pics there's no harm in doing so....but as you say we photographers have to keep our expenses down....The world is in turmoil at present and hopefully nations learn from these events, and once we are through this down time i'm sure the world will get back to business....travel promotions etc, and hopefully a demand for images to sell the dream...stay safe
  5. Thanks Gen...Great kit and selection of lenses..(versitile outfit ). .Ahh i thought you used a long tele like the 500mm, it gets you close and with quality results but yes the weight factor goes with the territory when you shoot full frame DSLR 's...I use Canon 5D3 with 16 to 35mm / 24 to 105mm / 100mm macro / and 100 to 400mm zoom / yes i would love a 500mm f4...i need to work the long zoom more on some wildlife subjects, but got enough to keep me happy...You do get around in your motorhome outback, and cover a great range of subject matter to your credit....There's plenty of stock subjects down South in Victoria for me to shoot, just got to put more effort in. 😀
  6. Great shot Michael...crisp B&W capture.....A lot of big changes in the 70's....I got married in 79 but the world never noticed 😁
  7. Great shot Gen....deserves more $$$ but a sale is a sale...Great location Lord Howe Island, i've never been there but looks like a photographers paradise....BTW off topic i know but what gear are you using? I like your bird pics as well..long lens captures..
  8. Another Well Done to you Sally, your hard work is paying off....and you have built a quality folio of images that sell 👍As always the photographers that work hard at what they do get rewarded....well mostly. Cheers Bill
  9. Wow! 2 sales this month (settle down Bill ) Image BA1F68 for $12.62 Gross and Image B2XBDC for $ 10.30 Gross....... Still have backlog of images to process and upload, so working at folio building and have just upload 6 more pics ( awaiting Q.C. ) but that will take me to 4000 online here...A milestone for me and will work harder to get to the 5000 mark.
  10. I think you handled it well Ian....It's great to see when security forces are there when you need them and anywhere in the world...That is especiallly if they treat you well and in a professional manner....Always best to coroperate with people with big guns...Still it would be a very confronting and scary situation...You are lucky you have a press pass, otherwise they may have taken you away for further questions...😲😀
  11. Great folio BTW Simon...Great images of the style / subject matter that current buyers want will sell..stating the obvious but yes there's plenty of competition and sheer bulk of image numbers up for licence ....i guess one also needs to have lots more saleable images to win more sales...Yes we are all competing with those very large collections of images...
  12. I guess it's the battle of wills, as in i will do it...and someone will want to stop you as they feel they just have to..This as you know Bryan is not new to us photographers, and happens all around the world..Some people just want to spoil our fun, and we are not hurting anyone but still we are seen to be stealing a moment in time, and an image of someones property..Well done on standing your ground, but sometimes it's just not worth the aggro... I have photographed the Salamanca Market in Tasmania a few times and had no problems...so far that is.Yes you try to be discreet but with camera in hand you stand out especially if you are in close with a wide angle lens...I like to use both the long lens for candids, and the wide to get in close...Many years ago in the Victoria Market in Melbourne i was refused a few times when asking to take pictures, maybe the vendors were over photographed and getting camera shy... I once many years ago in holidaying in Sydney and shooting stock of course, i was challenged by a shop owner because i pointed my camera in the buildings direction...I was taking a wider angle shot of the frontage including other shop facades...Well he wasn't having it and we had a full on argument on the pavement, i told him i had the right to go about my business and i was in a public place...Well it got real heated and we both walked to a close by police station and pleaded our arguments..The police agreed that i was in a public space and had a right to make pictures, but was told maybe i was better off to find another frontage to photograph... I was in Brisbane Queensland last September, and decided to go down to Surfers Paradise and shoot some stock..Well after getting some general street scenes, i wandered onto the beach to get some shots of beachgoers and the tall buildings behind..I was careful not to point my camera at children...Well all was going well and as i neared the water and was taking some pics of the lifesavers surfboard and the yellow safety flags, and then was challenged by two young lifesavers who asked me what i was doing...and asked to see the images! I felt like a criminal with all the beachgoers looking at me!....we got the pervert.... Anyway i complied and they found nothing but general wide angled shots...They even asked why i took pictures of the safety flags...They said that someone had complained that i pointed the camera in their direction...They did not order me off the beach but advised that i be careful what i photograph...I told them i was an ex professional photographer just taking general travel shots....I knew my rights but i moved slowly from the area taking more pictures so as to show that i had done nothing wrong, and was not chased off the beach! Yes Bryan this is what we photographers have to deal with when we take pictures in public, or of our surrounds..where ever we live these days..
  13. Ok you may have spilled some of your drink on the way down....but looks like you have landed on your feet with four sales to cushion the fall....Cheers 😀
  14. Looks like i will leave selling my images as RM unless as Edo says we are forced to change to a RF licence or there is a clear advantage in favour of RF.....I have always preferred the concept of RM over RF anyway....Thanks Gina and other members for your take on it..
  15. Yeah very nice rendition too Colin ...Mmm yes Gorgeous 😀 OK ...back on topic So...many hedge their bets....take a walk on the wild side....and are smiling more for it....and others like me are doomed to cling to the rope behind the boat hoping i can pull myself aboard..by shooting more images that is....Ahhh you gotta laugh...all is not lost...keep shooting guys and gals...there's still sales to be made...Ahh i'm trying to lift the tone..😀 Just keep shooting ....Good Day Sunshine...
  16. Your welcome MDM....Glad to hear that this great song still strikes a chord with you...music and film including still photography plays such an important role in our lives....We photographers portray our visual take on the world...and here at Alamy we are part of the collective who are wanting to have our images seen, and of course also being reasonably paid for the licence uses.. Well we've been told that it's business as usual with the sell off to PA Media Group....so time will tell if we as individual photographers and the whole collective prosper...Surely a diverse collection of images such as Alamy's can really find its niche in the market and win a better share of the worldwide total sales revenue?...There are a lot of photographers from all skill levels trying to make money from their images....We can only hope that the new direction of this business looks after it's suppliers ( photographers ) and gives us the incentive to keep supplying images, by not eroding our return for effort further.. So yes congratulations to the PA Media Group, i'm just one of the many small contributors hoping that the future will see the Alamy collection prosper along with its loyal contributors.
  17. Just reading these posts...and drifting drifting off topic as i hear a song playing from way back on my radio......The Beatles " Across the Universe " Oh and i still like the song.... I'm out to pasture Mr. Morrison too...Moo 😁
  18. Hi Gina i am interested in the RF Verses RM licence as well...I can't give an opinion as i am all RM, and i notice like others that RM has been licensed like RF these days..Some photographers have a 50 /50 ratio of both RF and RM....I'm sure some more experienced sellers can add their take on it.....some will say it depends on your subject matter...Mmm
  19. Well done John on your sales milestone...I like your folio of images...great colour too!
  20. Just terrible Genevieve....such a pretty town gone, like many others...so sad but a fact of life these days in Australia...and it's getting worse.
  21. Well 2 sales for total $25.95.....less 50% for me. 1 for Presentation / Newsletter Licence $9.73 the other for Editorial $ 16.22. PS..The image BA1BT3 was a powerful image of bushfire devastation from my series on the aftermath of the Black Saturday Bushfires 2009 in Kinglake, Australia.This was the Presentation / Newsletter licence for $9.73😳.....Ahh well a sale is a sale...I have been increasing portfolio numbers and subject variety so hopefully i will get better sales down the line 👍
  22. Hi Bill, I have relations in Don Mills,Toronto (Sister in Law ) when i was building my photography career in the 80's they sent me one of your books as a gift...I remember that your photography was impressive then and i loved the scenery as it was so different from Australia...You have been and are still a prolific image maker...kudos to you, and you still inspire and share your knowledge....just saying Cheers Bill
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