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  1. 26 minutes ago, gvallee said:


    Thanks Bill. That pit stop was never planned. We were driving hundred of kms that day. It was just a photo opportunity. You're not wrong about wearing long trousers and closed shoes. If you're talking about bull ants, been there, done that. Unfortunately. No-one could come close to me for 15mn, with ice or otherwise. And I couldn't fit in my work shoes for a week.

    Good luck for your prospecting. We visited a few goldfields towns, ghost or alive and we love them.


    They hurt don't they those pesky inchman ants...In the 15 years that i have been prospecting i have been stung 3 times, and just recently i got my third sting as it crawled up my leg and stung through my jeans near my groin! i had a big itchy lump there for over a week..I always tuck pants into my socks as the first sting i had 15 years ago was where an ant had crawled up my leg and stung me on the calf muscle.. I knock them off my boots and clothing regularly, it's all part of the fun of our great bush 🙄😃

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  2. 14 hours ago, gvallee said:

    $$$ sale. Yeah!! Distro. Oh... OK

    To Japan for a book


    I feel this pic is mediocre but it has a story, so I'm glad it licensed.

    This is middle of nowhere in Oz. I stopped because I thought it would illustrate the drought in the area and the farmers' battle. 

    It was hot, I was wearing sandals and a pair of shorts. Being Australia, I am always careful where I tread. But this time, the cattle was getting suspicious of me and started getting up, which I didn't want, so I kept an eye on them. I walked through high grass to the paddock fence. All of a sudden, I felt my right foot lifting up. I knew straight away what was happening and I froze. I looked down and to my horror, I saw a brown snake (venomous) slithering into his hole right under my big toe.




    Hi Genevieve, well done on the sale it illustrates the dry conditions...nice one.

    Now about that brown snake that was too close!, I've come across quite a few while out prospecting in the Victorian Goldfields but i always wear snake gaiters! and long pants and keep a wary eye out for them! We have tiger snakes down here too..


    You do realize that you don't have a lot of time if you get bitten, the venom is very fast acting...When i'm out detecting i carry a snake bandage with me just in case, but i hope that i will never have to use it....so Tall grass wear long pants and gaitors or just don't walk in it...I used to see a Queenslander who came down to prospect in Victoria, and he was wearing shorts and thongs...just crazy! not to mention the stinging large inch man ants!..well i heard he survived a snake bite!

    Take care out there in our Lucky country 😀 Cheers Bill

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  3. On 05/12/2020 at 14:50, gvallee said:

    I'd like an update on how the Australian office is doing and how is the Australian market in general. Thank you.



    I agree with some feedback on how the Australian office is performing...I may be wrong but i feel that Alamy's competitors are doing far better in aquiring sales from Australian image users, as i see far more credits for competitors.I would like to feel that Australian image content can reach and sell in the domestic market, and make more inroads to finding buyers locally..but it is great to know that we do have an office here and that we are in the hunt, and thank you for your efforts.

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Michael Ventura said:

    Thanks William! This was taken from a rooftop deck of a hotel.  After I was shooting a bunch photos, I overheard this guy talking to his wife about all the details of this ship that just passed.  So I started talking to them and he showed me a ship spotting phone app that has all kinds of info, such as, where the ship is flagged, what it is carrying, where it is coming from and going to etc...   He said that they live along the New York City port and view ships every day, from their home, and comes from a line dock workers.  


    What a great spot to shoot ships...That's good information you got from that couple...I would certainly be back there...I used access the Port of Melbourne shipping, then depending where the ship was docking i could choose my vantage point..good fun ship chasing..but no ships in Ballarat where i now live....

  5. On 19/09/2020 at 22:44, Michael Ventura said:

    A Saturday P.U. for the full U.S. price, low $$.  Savannah, Georgia




    Nice overview shipping shot Michael...reminds me of Port of Melbourne Docklands, where i used to chase many a container ship coming or going from the port...Really enjoyed photographing ships...Shipping shots made me some big sales....sadly not anymore...but i would still photograph them if i was in the Port area.

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  6. Here in Australia i too have noticed Canon's prices rising ..I sold a Canon f4-5.6 100 to 400L ii that i had for 5 years....i actually made money on the resale on eBay..I have bought and sold a few lenses recently on Ebay.If you know what the retail cost is and of course what you are prepared to pay then you can buy very well indeed....You need some luck too in an auction that bidders do not push up the true market value of the lens far too close to new price..( i like to buy mint to new condition ) I have done very well in my purchases..


    I too was excited by the new Canon R5 and R lenses...but the cost is just silly so i resisted, i invested more into my excellent EF mount lenses and upgraded my  Canon 5D3 to the 5D4...i am more than happy with that approach....😀

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  7. On 30/08/2020 at 13:07, Bella said:




    Thanks so much Bill, I appreciate your feedback. Nice to see another Aussie, I've never been to Ballarat but I guess we have a history of gold mining in common (I'm in Charters Towers).


    Sorry about all the duplicates everyone, I had a glitch 😵



    A really nice looking town Charters Towers with lots of old buildings with character Bella ..Yes the gold rushes did wonders for the growth of many towns and cities...I had a look at the town on Google, and and a great Alamy stock shot with your name credited popped up...Anzac Day with soldiers marching in the street.

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  8. On 11/08/2020 at 20:56, sparks said:

    Good morning All....


    A quick question.


    I have a Canon 5d mk3...which I am considering upgrading to Mk4.


    I use Lightroom 5.7.1 for raw to tiff to max jpeg for Alamy….


    If I get the Canon 5d mk4....do I have to up date lightroom software or can I continue to use what I have??


    Thank you


    Hope we are all coping with covid...best regards to all






    Hello Sparks....Did you end up buying the 5D4 camera?...I have used the excellent 5D3 for 3 years and just upgraded to the 5D4....When the weather clears here in Ballarat i will get out and use the new camera...


    Regarding camera raw compatibility  with the new camera....I was using an older version of Photoshop for the 5D3....I had to upgrade to the most recent version of Photoshop to convert raw files...The great thing about it is i have a paid Adobe subscription  so i upgraded to the 2020 versions of both Photoshop and Bridge...of course the raw converter was improved and the look of the application was refreshed...so pleased buying the 5D4 made me download the current versions of Photoshop....

    Cheers Bill

  9. 27 minutes ago, sb photos said:


    I haven't used my 5x4 Toyo 45a field camera for around 10 -12 years. Other kit, a MF Linhof with movements that uses dark slides and sheet film, and older 5x4 studio camera with a bag bellows hasn't been used for even longer. I do regularly brush the dust off the Toyo's backpack, and cock and fire the shutters in my lenses too. Last trip out with it was to Dungeness on the UK's Dorset coast. I may take it out again sometime. The cost of sheet film appears to have gone up. The last film I had was ready loads, long expired. I still have the Epson scanner that takes 5x4.


    You've got some great gear there, good to hear that you still use and look after it..Also had a look online at the Dungeness area...very picturesque indeed

  10. 6 minutes ago, sb photos said:


    I still have my 5x4 kit, and as long as the lens you we're using had sufficient coverage and the bellows were suitable it was great for correcting verticals. 


    Yes the 5x4 and 10x8 View cameras make easy work for perspective corrections in architecture, i assisted photographers that had the skills to use them on assignments..I never got to use view cameras but took to the 35mm shift lenses...You certainly have much more control  with a view camera...The photographer i assisted used to use both 5x4 sheet film, but also had the 120mm roll film back so he used to shoot with more film economy shooting catalogues still life shoots..5x4 had superb quality and made detailed enlargements...Do you ever use your 5x4 for personal work nowadays ? 

  11. On 09/08/2020 at 02:01, Michael Ventura said:

    Maybe a Nikkor PC lenses since I do shoot some architecture...but not enough to justify the expenses, they are $2,000 to $3,000.   More realistically, a Nikon Z6 or Z7 kit.


    Michael the Perspective Control lenses are a great tool for architecture...I know you can correct verticals etc in Photoshop, but the lens does it so much better...When i used to shoot Nikon 35mm film way back, i did manage to to own a Nikkor PC 35mm and a Nikkor PC 28mm.I was then shooting new housing and display homes, and they came in handy for general stock shots when you wanted to place the horizon line higher or lower in the frame..


    About 10 years ago i bought a Canon TS-E 17mm f/4 L Tilt Shift lens and it is still the widest lens of its kind...Being retired i still like to shoot architectural shots for stock and just love what this lens can do...I need to do more with it and i will, but when i've used it for that taller building when you're in close it is the right lens for the job...I nearly sold it twice lol but i can't part with it..Sure i can do most things with a 16 to 35mm, but this lens is magic and i am very lucky to own it...Nikon have the Nikkor PC 19mm...I hope one comes your way one day, you would do great things with it...

  12. 10 hours ago, Alamy said:


    Sorry, but this is not correct.


    We've just posted the same message on the other thread on this subject, but here it is for those following this one:


    Sorry for the delay in us stepping in here but we wanted to get the full details of this.


    The sale in this case had not cleared and never would have - unfortunately we had to write this off as a bad debt given that the company who owed us (William) money went into liquidation.


    When this happens it does tend to be rare and it is frustrating for all of us involved - we would only do it when we exhaust all avenues to secure the funds.


    As you can see from this thread, misinformation can spiral out quite quickly regarding the situation surrounding these types of issues - if you have any questions about a refund (cancellation) of a sale you've received then please get in touch with us first so we can explain and look into things for you.







    Apologies to Alamy, and all concerned...Thank you Alamy for your explanation.It was remiss of me to make comments on things i do not understand, and yes i should have contacted you in the first place for an explanation... 

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  13. 21 hours ago, Bill Allsopp said:

    My best ever sale upper $$$


    Country: United Kingdom
    Usage: Advertising and promotion
    Media: Television (advertising)
    Industry sector: Media, design & publishing
    Placement: National
    Start: 03 August 2020
    End: 03 August 2021
    TV plus VOD plus Online plus Social & Digital banners; ITV sponsorship idents & digital banners ;1 year, UK only


    Well done and thank you Alamy!


    View along Cromer pier to the Pavilion theatre. Stock Photo


    Well done on the Sale Bill....Nice extreme wide angle view....maybe a 16mm or so view..

  14. 12 hours ago, Rolf Adlercreutz said:

    I just had this refund pop up: 

    B5RKY9 _70D0690 Rolf Adlercreutz (29 July 2020) Rights Managed Sale refunded - Original sale date (18 October 2016)

    $ -21.52



    Almost 4 years ago! Must be a new record!







    Yeah just had one too from 18/10/2106 for same amount $21.52....Hey so i'm not alone...

  15. 19 hours ago, gvallee said:


    Yes, I fear that Victorians will not leave their State any time soon. Pariahs!!  We are currently in Mataranka waiting for Kakadu to re-open, which it did, but only for day use only, no camping allowed. So it's no good. Now we're waiting for re-opening Phase 2, which should be on the 5th July and will head for bushcamps there. We will also hopefully redo the sunrise cruise at Yellow Waters where this shot was taken. It will be the third time, I never have enough. Take care William, stay healthy and busy.


    Thanks Genevieve ATB to you also...had a look at the early morning Yellow Waters cruises online, looks like great fun..i'm sure you will get more great shots..Cheers

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