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  1. Apologies to Alamy, and all concerned...Thank you Alamy for your explanation.It was remiss of me to make comments on things i do not understand, and yes i should have contacted you in the first place for an explanation...
  2. Well done Tony on your first sale..At least you can still get the better sale $ here....it does still happen...Welcome to Alamy
  3. Well done on the Sale Bill....Nice extreme wide angle view....maybe a 16mm or so view..
  4. Thanks for your debate / comments on my $21.52 Refund.....I think i got my money's worth๐Ÿ˜„...As for backdated refunds..well anything is possible in Alamy Land..It would be better if they looked after the supplier / photographer a little better...
  5. Thanks for that i've just seen the other members post...I guess it's the way it is..So that's the end of that LOL......Move along Bill you'll get over it.๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Yeah just had one too from 18/10/2106 for same amount $21.52....Hey so i'm not alone...
  7. Just had a refund for an Editorial use from 18/10/2016...Australian use for $21.52 full Page! Start18/10/2116 and End 18/10/2021 Refunded 29/10/2020....So what did client have it all that time and only now say they didn't use it? I can't be bothered contacting Alamy about it!....just shake my head..I have heard of similar refunds before i guess it is what it is..
  8. Thanks Genevieve ATB to you also...had a look at the early morning Yellow Waters cruises online, looks like great fun..i'm sure you will get more great shots..Cheers
  9. Great shot Genevieve....and nice warm light...you have some good croc shots...I ended up not buying a 500mm, i bought a Canon f2.8 300mm and added 1.4 and 2x teleconverters giving me 300 / 420 / 600 mm...a bit more compact and still versatile kit...I have to put it on my bucket list to head way up North / Darwin and get some pics of crocs and other wildlife....But the way things are at the moment down here in Victoria, is that no other States wants us poor Victorians lol
  10. I have been just catching up on processing past Photo Shoots ๐Ÿ˜€ so has been a very productive time for me, and i still have more to do which is a good thing..I managed a few good stock shoots before the lockdown and got some good wildlife pics at a regional zoo, so added some more variety to my folio...Birds, Animals, etc...I also balance my retirement time with gold prospecting and managed a nice find so sold the nugget and got myself a fast sharp F2.8 /300mm tele and a couple of converters 1.4 and 2x so effectively giving me a 300mm / 420mm and 600mm.. During our lockdown exercise time walking around Lake Wendouree here in Ballarat, i of course took the 300mm for a spin ๐Ÿ˜€ and there was plenty of ducks / swamp hens / swans / and other assorted birdlife...( got some nice people shots too of people just exercising and just chilling out beside the lake ) I am very pleased with the results ( shooting wide open at f2.8 and having that extra reach to pull in tight on timid birdlife) and will continue to capture more wildlife etc..I always wanted a fast long tele so have a lot more subject matter to tackle in future with it... Like many of us here i am just looking forward to better times...so we have to just do the best we can, and enjoy our photographic opportunities when we can... Keep shooting / snapping / clicking / making pics that sell....
  11. Alan, that's not a good situation for you...OK a lot has been said about CTR...there are a lot of factors in play....Regular sales and interest in your folio is a good thing for CTR...so like you said maybe you have to be more consistent with uploading new images ( and hopefully they attract some sales ) but getting your star rating up does help as you do get through QC...faster..So making sure that you uploads are not running into QC fails is important too, so your star rating will improve... I myself while not selling huge amounts, but getting my few sales a month ( and i am now working on better future sales..relative to image subject diversity / increasing numbers / saleability / ) My uploads sail through QC quickly as i have 3 stars rating, and try to be regularly uploading new material...There are many here who can surely comment and advise on this better than i can...I just hope you can turn things around for yourself Alan.. Cheers Bill
  12. Still a good effort there....we can only do what's relative to us...but the more pics in the lottery, gives us more chance of a return stating the obvious...I have been catching up on a backlog of images myself....It gives us something to do in these troubled times...It's still positive, you have to appreciate what opportunities we individually have.
  13. Well done Bob....gives you a lift when a better sale drops in.....
  14. Yeah same licence use for me $ 3.00 For Travel & Tourism website.....in Perpetuity!.....I reckon they got a super deal there....bargain basement...Ahhh well i'm $1.50 richer...I flew from Melbourne to Hobart for that one....Maybe just maybe the other pics i took on that trip will one day do better.. Image # W33EPP ( I need to learn how to post image )
  15. Thanks John, appreciated your take on the 5D3 V 5D4....as much as i like the 5D3 i will add the 5D4 at the end of the year as i feel the upgrade will be worth it for me....and be careful when you're near water with your gear....but you're lucky to have been insured..great when you need it. Bill
  16. Hi John, as you have used all of the Canon 5D cameras...what's your take on the 5D lV over the 5D3....I have used version 1 to 3 and the 3 still amazes me with the quality files it produces ...That body is more than enough for shooting stock...all things being equal....good technique and L quality lenses help also...I have always been one or two bodies below the current body version, and i know the image quality ( from what i've read ) from the 3 to the 4 is moderately improved...but it's more refined in other areas.. I will upgrade to the 5D4 at the end of the year, and i have invested recently more into the EF lens lineup especially the fast tele zooms 70 to 200 and a fast fixed aperture 300mm with TC's 1.4 and 2x....So i have to work this kit even harder to get a return from stock...but that's ok as i like using great gear and i get enjoyment out my photography hobby... So what's your take on the 5D4
  17. That's a shocker of a sale fee mate....Cover shot for a dollar....deserves way more! Maybe because they're not practicing Social Distancing ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry, its a great shot.
  18. Agree with the 5D2 being a great choice....I had the classic 5D and it was Ok being full frame nice ! wide lenses stayed wide, i had a 20D cropped sensor before that being my first digital camera.. The 5D2 with more resolution and sensor cleaning and better shadow detail was great too....I have now been using a 5D3 and shadow detail is better again, plus better auto focussing, just a refinement of the 5D2......Like the others have said,you can't go wrong with a 5D2 nice big files and great colour too.. I will eventually buy a 5D4 for better dynamic range and a few more refinements...but i'm in no hurry because many are jumping on the mirrorless wagon and while Canon have made some superb new fast aperture and expensive lenses for the RF / R cameras and of course the soon to be released R5 camera sounds great....I will stay with the 5D line and the great EF lenses, there will be some bargains in the 5D line as photographers upgrade to the new R5 and R6 cameras... Now you can make super images with a 5D2 and if you can at some stage get yourself a 24 to 105 mm F4 L is lens....you will cover most of your stock shooting with that combo...Of course a standard 50mm lens will go nicely with it as well..
  19. Yes you were close Genevieve...That's a sad story for the animal to end that way....why prop the dead animal's mouth open with a stick, it looks like a hunters trophy picture.. I was looking at some lens reviews for a 500mm and of course there were some great pictures from photographer's trips to Africa using long telephotos to photograph wildlife....Ahh that would be the best experience....keep dreaming Bill.
  20. Ahh the old chicken nuggets Ha...they may be more rare in some places now...Can't find anything about that Hippo escapee from that zoo...google won't tell me ๐Ÿ˜€ I'm looking forward to receiving a nice gift $$$ from the government relief package for pensioners....I have already spent some of it in advance on a 1.4 teleconverter ๐Ÿ‘ Yes travel is out of the question currently, so like the many we have to occupy ourselves....I'm happy that i have a backload of images to process and upload...otherwise i would be climbing the walls..
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