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    I have been asked to invoice a client for an image used as the cover of a book and am not sure how to price it.

    The client I have worked with previously, the editor am connected to on social media so have a reasonable relationship, they asked me a year and half ago to submit some images for possible use and I thought they had changed their mind until I received an invitation to the book launch featuring one of my images, I got in touch and they said I should invoice, we had at no point discussed a price, a quick look up of pricing on Alamy suggests something around $600 depending on print run ( am not sure what that will be) but am pretty sure they will not go for that, the book is published or just about to be so its not as though they are in a position to argue but I would rather avoid that.

    Am I worrying too much and should just bill them about $600?

    Ask them what their budget is for the particular use.



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  2. This is the response:  


    Hi Dennis,

    Firstly we would want to see a copy of a solicitor’s letter or death certificate.

    There are two options

    ·         We can remove the images, close the account and pay any outstanding balance

    ·         We can keep the account open, change the contact details to your next of kin and continue to license the images





    Member Services


    This is exactly what I needed to know.  Maybe it will help someone else.



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