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  1. This is more than just someone going through names here at Alamy. Some sort of sophisticated Spambot I am guessing. It is widespread and growing. Good news is I have a date for tonight! (just kidding)....
  2. I just wanted to end this conversation with a little insight for anyone answering newbies questions. Please give us a some leeway when you see a question asked where the answer is very obvious. Perhaps we did not do enough research on our own in our rush to get 4 images together for the trial submission so we found ourselves here asking Alamy users for guidance. The best bet in life is if you do not have anything helpful to say then just carry on. Much better than ending up with a thread like this. To conclude, many of us may not be proficient (yet) at image management and the technicalities of this particular stock service but we can produce high quality photographs and will learn the process quickly I am sure. With the occasional dumb question thrown in to help us over the apparent stumbling blocks. I think I fall in that category as I definitely am not up to speed with Alamy's procedures but I am pleased to report that my initial submission of 4 images was accepted. Cheers, Monte ComeauPhoto
  3. Wow... Remind yourself not to bother 'helping' people who ask questions here if this is what you have to offer. One in every crowd it seems.
  4. Maybe to you spacecadet and other regular Alamy users but not for many new users...hence the queries. Can you understand that?
  5. Yes, simple now it is understood that the 17MB does not refer to a JPG file. This is not immediately obvious to new users, in fact just the opposite, probably why there are so many queries regarding this. If this were clarified better it would end all of us new users asking the same question. Cheers, Monte
  6. OK Thanks everyone. Makes sense now. This should be clarified more that it refers to Tiff files as it appears to be directed at jpgs and many people make the same mistake as I did. Cheers, Monte
  7. How on earth do you get a 17mb jpg? I shoot with a Nikon D810 and export the jpgs from Lightroom, even an uncropped file is less than 17mb. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Monte
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