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  1. Check your stats around the 1st or 2nd of January and come back here to tell me what dat you see.
  2. The fastest way I know to upload and sync data to Lightroom. You get collections with Sold, not ready and on sale, and a lot more. I am only using this to upload files and get the last status on them. Until Friday I had my collections all up to date, since this so called maintenance, that I do not understand how can a site go down for so long unless there is an attack on it, I no longer have the on sale and not ready files up to date. I do not expect alma to be running in only on server, so there should be balanced servers to deliver service in a proper way.
  3. I have the same issue also. But normally this also happens in the first days of the month, every month. It must be related with the sites analytical processes.
  4. Since this weekend site maintenance Lightroom plug-in is not working properly. On sale images are synced as not ready. Does anyone has this issue?
  5. Hi, I have lost my lightroom catalog and with it much to the relations between my alamy uploaded photos and the store photos in my pc. I was able to restore many of them as long as they were upload with the same name they have now, and had the imp file. For the remaining ones I was trying to use the condition in the alamy plugin for lightroom to exclude file prefix and only use the original filename (ex. original file P123.orfc uploaded to alamy now has name portugal-P123.orf) but it seems I am not getting it right. Has any of you used this functionality with success? My plugin
  6. I am having the same issue in Safari on iMac but not on iPhone. In iPhone I get the captcha but in IMac I do not even see it. I am able to login in iMac but using the New Private Window option. My iMac is up to date with updates, so Alamy should solve this, this is bad service from them, from my point of view. I previously opened a complain and it was solved for some days but now the same situation is back again.
  7. I upgraded the plugin but still have the Error 404 when I try to fetch data from Alamy for images using the already configured filters, if I try to fetch data for the elected images it works fine.
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