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  1. My position entirely Martin. A complete rethink. It's just so good to read all these views and to realise that so many are thinking along the same lines. We almost have unison!! Or a TRADE UNION?
  2. I'm a member of DACS, and you claim for usages (UK only), and you need to know the details. In my case, editorial: ISBN/ISSN nos., page nos. date of publication etc. etc. I never use images that I've got on a library. Alamy say they claim on DACS if you've opted in, but it's a pittance. But since it's almost impossible to know these usage details unless you happen across it in a mag. or book, Alamy will never share that info. So quit Alamy and join DACS!
  3. Betty your loyalty post chimes with me big time! I've always felt that I had a small personal connection with Alamy because they are physically based just a couple of miles down the road from my origins. I was even slightly proud of that. I knew several of the early managers. Now I just feel betrayed. And I live 130 miles away so I can't go round and blow it up!
  4. As you can see I'm only very small fry indeed and such as I are surely the target for these new rules. I feel truly sorry for all you guys with thousands up, the average seems to be about 4-5000 images. Photography has no standing and no respect anymore.
  5. This is the end for me. Alamy is now run by a journalist and look what has happened to journalism. So she is taking it out on photographers by grinding us down to journalistic rates. (i.e: nil) The writing was on the wall as soon as PA took over. As for content, how dare they judge what might or might not sell? Several years ago I attended a lecture where former Alamy CEO James.... gave an example of a pic. that had made a big sale. £15,000 for a terrible shot of an extremely obscure subject. It made his point very effectively, that you can never tell! With only a very small portfoli
  6. Hello all, Just joining the forum after a return to uploading recently. I've had a small number of pictures on Alamy for 10 years or so but now wish to increase that so will be asking a lot of questions! First thing I need to learn is how to use this forum, I'm sure the idea of mutual support is the way to go.
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