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  1. And thanks everyone for the feeback on the workflow. I appreciate you chiming in. This is all new stuff to me.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info on the stockimo. Sadly it's just for iphone users. I will look into that. I take a lot of cell phone pics and it would be great to have an outllet for them. One more quick question. I see some photo on alamy for sale. They have clearly identifiable people in them and there are no model releases uploaded with the photo. How does this work? Can these photos be sold without a release? Is it assumed that the photographer has the release but has not uploaded it? Here is an example. I hope you don't mind JeffGreenberg. http://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-spain-europe-eu
  3. Hello, I just joined as an Alamy member last week. I need a little advise from people with more experience in the stock industry. I find my progress maddeningly slow. I was approved and I've begun the submission process. My submissions remain small as I'm still worried about failing and having them all rejected. So every other day or so I get a batch approved then upload another batch. In the meantime of joined 3 other agencies and am uploading while I wait for Alamy's next approval. All the other agencies move with the same sloweness and keeping track or which agencies got which pho
  4. Thanks for the info. I'll get the workflow down. Ive submitted my first non test batch for upload. I'm still was for it to pass quality control. Is there any reason not to submit another batch while the first is still in the qc que? I've got thousands of images to get through. I know with the initial test batch they only wanted one at a time, but I wasn't sure how it was after that.
  5. Quick question, I'm working on my first upload after the initial approval stage. I uploaded ten photos "assets" After the upload they seem to disappear. I'm not sure whether I should be able to work on them right away, or that I can't see them until they are approved? I can't see the uploads in any que or any specific location...For lack of a better word they seem to disappear after uploading...Sorry for the "dumb" question. But I'm having a hard time understanding the workflow.
  6. Hi, This is my first post here and my question refers to my initial submission to Alamy. I passed the approval process and I just finished keywording my 4 initial images. Is there a next step I need to to do place this photos for sale? Or does that happen automatically after I save all the keywords and all the information fields? Thanks Dom
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