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  1. . Hi Mark I'm very cautious not to overdo it. I always try to stay within the histogram and my ISO rarely exceeds 160 - that enables me to play around with the dark and highlight sliders and off course the tones sliders to get me the results I want. Thank you for your advice - I was just a bit weary when reading about all the issues with QC. Christo
  2. Hi Kumar. Yes I always shoot in RAW. Thanks for your encouragement. I think you are right: once I passed with my first four, I'll take the leap and see what happens. Thanks Kumar
  3. I have two silly questions about quality control. Silly but mainly the reason for my hesitation to contribute my first four images. 1) I am a contrast freak. I almost always use the tone sliders in my editing to give me that punch I want in my images. I love strong images. But unfortunately this causes a good measure of great photo’s to end up in the bin because of clipping in the highlights and shadows. How strict is QC in this regard? 2) The default value of sharpening in Bridge is 25%. If I leave it at that and don’t do any sharpening afterwards in Photoshop, will the image fail QC ? The only other alternative is to shoot in JPEG, where in-camera sharpening takes place, but that leaves me with no control over the end result. I shoot with a Canon 7D ( crop censor) and cannot compete with the bigger full frame cousins. That’s why I look at my own pictures with a very critical eye. I want to send only the very best. By helping me with these two issues, you will remove two very irritating little stones in my shoe!
  4. When submitting a photo of a cargo ship at sea, can I clone out the vessel's name? It will be very difficult to get a property release.
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