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  1. The Alamy search engine does seem to be completely dis-functional. My experience shows that the 'Blue Star' tags carry no weight whatsoever. Yesterday there was a search "blue mosque istanbul interior" and in the 200 viewed there were 2 of my exterior images shown which didn't include the 'interior' word in the tag list however my interior image with the full Blue Star tag 'blue mosque istanbul interior' didn't show. I always have the same problem with the simple search term "Flower" or "Flowers", 2 of my images always appear in these searches even though they don't have Blue Star tags of
  2. Above, I probably phrased my query in a bad or confusing way. Here's what I meant:- UK PayPal don't show any charges but they currently charge 3% for receiving foreign currency(Non Sterling)payments. This is increasing to 4% next month. I was questioning whether PayPal receives Sterling or Dollars from Alamy? Does Alamy buy Sterling at a commercial market rate and then send it to PayPal? HSBC in the UK is planning to charge around £12 for receiving foreign currency of greater value than £100, free for values below £100.
  3. I note that PayPal are increasing the fee for receiving foreign currency payments soon but I'm not sure whether I should react? The Alamy sales are in US dollars but do Alamy convert my Dollar sales to Sterling before they send it to PayPal or do PayPal receive the funds in Dollars and then charge me a fee for receiving them? Anyone know? I'm UK based.
  4. Does the search engine have a different agenda? Yesterday it showed a search for 'Greek island' and only the first 4 of my many images with those keywords contained in more than one of the keyword fields were selected for viewing. Why does it leave the others out? Is it because there are so many and it only shows 4 from each contributor in the interest of fairness? Can anyone help me understand this logic? Am I wasting my time submitting images from popular places?
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