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  1. Hi all, is there anyway to link our photos to our Linkedin profile? Thanks!
  2. Seems everything's in order now after my initial confusion. Thanks for everyone's help and advice! Now on to taking salable photos!
  3. Hi Jill.. maybe they are nearly ready for sale? I just expected them to instantly appear in the sale list but they are going through one more step it appears? I'll see tomorrow whether or not they finally made it! It may have something to do with it being my first group of images? Hi dd.. they made it past CQ but the uploader refused to accept them saying they were too large. John..that Almay Size Check Program rules! It found at least 20 images that had various incorrect profiles and other various problems. I corrected all 50 of them! Now we'll see if anything actually gets lis
  4. Hi Jill.. that's it! The uploader refused to upload my files because they were around 12 megs in size so I had to delete the files even though they made it past quality control and re-size them and re-upload them and get them re-approved and re-insert all the info on each image once again. I spent hours on this so far. They finally made it to the next stage today, but now there s another approval process before the actually get listed for sale. Seems like a lot of rules, steps and approvals before one even gets their photos actually on the site! We'll see how it goes, I might end up using
  5. Thanks Philippe.. I'm finding out quickly that this sizing business is a chronic problem here and I teach a Photoshop class! I understand the difference between pixel dimensions and pixel/file size. Here's where I'm still confused... when I uploaded my four starter images only one went through at 3 megs. The other three were too large (they were around 12 megs compressed). So how on Earth are folks getting super large images through here (Up to 200 megabytes!). When I go back and reopen my under 10 meg compressed jpeg files in Photoshop that I will be uploading they are an average of 18
  6. Thanks everyone.. Figured it out! My activate plugins option was unchecked on Safari for some reason. Now onto other issues!
  7. I'm confused. They say 17meg or larger so I set my jpegs at around 12 and now they say they are too large and I need to be below 10 megs? Do I delete the first set and reload another smaller set?
  8. Hi all.. I just joined but can't seem to get past the upload page. I tried to upload the latest flash player but keep getting the "upload flash to the latest version" button every time I go to that page. I have an iMac, 16 GB ram, system Yosemite 10.10.4 and Safari 8.0.7. Cheers and thanks for any help!
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