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  1. Hey, very funny about my pseudonym! It's all quite simple, taken from my name Ken, my wife's name Anne and my son, Kyle = KAK! How was I to know it means SHIT? All of the analysis you mention would be worthwhile if I were less tired. However, I do get the drift that generally speaking some images may be technically dated. I'd say that Alamy is unusual for me compared to other RF companies I deal with. I KNOW, I should have NEVER gone into RF. But that's complicated and way too cumbersome to discuss here. I WAS a regular contributor at The Image Bank which was bought by Getty years ago. It was all RM and I did well. But they got greedy and pulled the right of contributors to sell out of our own collections so many of us quit...big mistake. I was left with many solid images and began setting up RF accounts at Shutterstock, iStock, Dreamstime and others. It went well for several years, including at Alamy. I still sell images virtually every day and have little complaint...but at Alamy, it's different and why I wondered out loud about the drop. Obviously, it's my collection there and I believe the problem is I believe the hype that they were going after the advertising market. My work is NOT editorial, simple as that and it's where the money is at Alamy. Thanks for barking up a storm. http://kentannenbaum.com
  2. Key wording has traditionally been a problem. I use a micro stock key word app and ad to it, but you're correct about much of my work...if it's seen that's one thing, if it has to be described it another. Life goes on. It is true that the unusual nature of my work makes for a quick sale when something's right for a use...so I've done alright I guess. I've got to go...safe travels.
  3. Geoff, well said. I recognize the differences among us as photographers and stand firm with regard to what I do. We can't help that, right? I have a great deal of fun never knowing what will occur for me...check out my site and you'll see why I say that. I'm sure you will keep shooting what you love...flowers, fields and other natural gifts to us all. http://kentannenbaum.com
  4. Much as you've got a point, the fact is that many of my images sell elsewhere so my wonderment has grown about Alamy. I suppose that it can't be all things to all people. The other issue is the remarkable difference in amounts for a sale. While I'm tuned into the changes that occurred over the years driving prices into the abyss, a more common $100-$300 sale from several years ago is now a few dollars. But I digress. The issue is not about pumping images out but maybe it should be. I've known for years that high producers are favored in the algorithms. Either way, thanks for the response.
  5. I've been a contributor for about six years. My total income from Alamy is about $13,500. This year a whopping $243. Since 2012, the slide into oblivion has been accelerating to the point of nearly no action, as yet, I continue to feed the beast. Hasn't bothered me too much because of income from other companies, however, here it's July and with income of $243 it's hardly worth the effort continuing to contribute. I thought the expansion into the US as well as more attention to advertising would make a strong case for staying but this is out of hand now. Is there a consensus about what's happening? Believe me, I'd like to understand the problem. Thanks very much. Ken
  6. I have 1000+ images here and sales have been in a constant tailspin for three years. It's no longer a viable place for me. Having said that, years ago it was clear this is was a source mostly for editorial, which my work is not. Still, the drop off is insane....at least for me.
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