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  1. Post-processing is as important as taking the picture itself. In fact, that's nothing new. Don't forget how much time the pros in the old days spent in the darkroom B.t.w. a lot of the Photoshop terminology dates from the darkroom days. Cheers, Philippe Do you know a good way to learn some of this terminology? Also, I don't have money to buy any editing software at the moment; do you know of any free software that will work until I can come up with the money for Photoshop?
  2. Is it important that I use photo editing software on all of my pictures? I really prefer not to alter my pictures too much, if at all, because I want to show my abilities as a photographer, not a Photoshop artist. I understand that sometimes I will need to edit out blemishes/spots in the pictures, but from what I've heard, it sounds like if I don't do a lot of editing, I won't see many of my photos approved here. I submitted my first 3 30 hours ago and I am currently waiting for them to get out of QC, and I am afraid that they won't be approved. So the real question here is: Am I going to
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