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  1. Hi ,


    I can't seach anything on Alamy. ie. i type in a word or a image code - and nothing happens when i click the search 'magnifying glass'. This is using Google. If I search on main page - whatever I type in -  gets deleted when i press search button. I uninstalled and then reinstalled Google and still happening .It was all fine until yesterday afternoon. 

    Using firefox seems to be ok - so looks like problem my side??


    Is anyone / has anyone experienced this and has an idea what has happened? Does anyone - ALAMY - have a way to resolve this please? 









    25 JUNE 2016




    p2. C4FTK7  © Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo - Large House Gate




    p13. G353AY ukartpics / Alamy Stock Photo - Yona Friedman Artist




    p5. N0077N Charlotte Machin / StockimoNews / Alamy Stock Photo - Canonbury Square House




    p.7 FYA1YP igor terekhov / Alamy Stock Photo - swimming cap goggles 




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  3. Financial Times  FT Weekend 29/30 March 2014


    p 18  Playing Games on iphone  DB2H6T Grant Rooney




    p 6   Francesco del Cossa Fresco BJ3E4C Werner Forman Archive

    p 6   2 images of the Palio in Ferrara - can't find

     ..... also view from Luna hotel Baglioni of  San Giorgio Maggiore 




    p8   James Bond Sean Connery still B8618K Archives du 7eme Art

    p52  Holy Bible ACRBGM CreativeWay




    p1   Archigram Ron Herron CXGKYH Kathy deWitt

    p5   Seattle Skyline CN67YP Gino Rigucci

    p6   Portobello Market 2007 AP1AH4 Peter Phipp/Travelshots.com - cropped

    p7   Portobello Road Antiques D9FGM7 Yanice Idir - cropped

    p22 Kingston Shoppers B1PMWH SFL Travel - cropped

    p23 Princeton New Jersey AC12X7 Robert Quinlan

    p24 Chrysanthemum Bronze Max Riley AP6CKK Robert Bird

    p24 Larkspur CNWKHB blickwinkel/Wermter has been cut out

    p24 Clarkia BF5MBY ewastock plants - a very tight crop



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  4. Hi - there are several smaller game reserves in western Cape  - mostly along Garden Route ie. traveling east along coast from Cape Town. I would do at least a week in Cape Town - and then another week driving to Garden Route along Coast and returning inland - via Kango Caves, Outshoorn etc (different climates and topography.) You could try Gondwana Game Reserve, never been but heard its good. There are also smaller 'zoos' nearer by, Tygerberg Zoo and I know at Spier Farm (In the Cape Winelands) they had a Cheetah Sanctuary (not sure if they still run this.)


    mig xx

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  5. Financial Times  23 / 24 Nov


    p7   Russia Royal Family BRJ5GY Archive Pic


    LIFE & Arts

    p8   Place Mairie Sete - CR4FM5 DEGAS Jean-Pierre / hemis.fr

    p8   Canal Royal Sete France - CR4F99 DEGAS Jean-Pierre / hemis.fr

    p8   Tarragona Cathedral - DG66DE Age Fotostock / Linh Hassel

    p14 Cuba Village  - C5HE9T Marc PoKempner / Picade LLC


    House & Home


    p3   Belgrade Viewed from Danube River - BEW2GT Elena Elisseeva

    p6   Blade Runner Still - C5KCNG - Photos 12

    p7  Guggenheim Museum NY - A77MPY Frank Chmura

    p7   Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel  -  D8KHP7 Allen Creative / Steve Allen

    p7   Still from 'Things to Come' - B3KNKD Pictorial Press

    p12   Newton Ferrers on Yealm Estuary - B7N7W4 Seescanner


    FT Weekend Magazine


    p6  Kimbolton School - AAP17K Sally Cooke


    Fine Times Magazine


    p70 Puducherry Architecture - C5XX2A David South




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  6. Financial Times Weekend Nov 9/10 2013


    p. 4  Gay hussar in Soho -London CF57M3 Roberto Herrett/LOOP IMAGES


    FT Money Section

    P9   To Let For Sale Winkworth Sign alongside properties (Can't Find)

    p14 Couple Viewing Property from bedroom Door / big flowers on duvet - (can't find)


    House and Home

    p3  Asheville in North Carolina CRP8XJ Sean Pavone

    P6 Hathersage in Peak District CET25Y Chris Herring/LOOP IMAGES

    p8 Farm near Gstaad C06NJT Guenter Fischer

    p9 Winter Snow at Loch an Eilein BGE40D David Gowans

    p9 Skiers at Cairngorm Mountain Ski Resort D4TCD8 Julie Fryer Images - cropped



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  7. ES Evening Standard magazine - 27 09 2013


    p18   Richmond River Thames ADHXR2 Peter Phipp / Travelshots

    p18   Snarling Fox BR07KC Tony Watson

    p18   Mother and Pram BJ7NNY Richard Cooper

    p18   Rugby Fans Drinking B2NTK8 Gari Wyn Williams


    p21   Minnesota Viking BGT108 PCN Black


    p65   Montenegro - Chapel on the Rocks CBM281  Ivan Nesterov

             also.... Kotor old Town Square (can't find)

                        Purobeach Pool Club (can't find)



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