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  1. Don't confuse edits made by the photographer with pre press work by the newspaper.
  2. The National Trust have also successfully demanded the removal of images taken at one of their own press photocalls. About as idiotic as you can get. Unsurprisingly I don't bother attending them anymore.
  3. Just to highlight to everyone that Alamy isn't emailing contributors about DACS this year. They will use your instructions from last year unless you tell them otherwise. The Payback deadline is this Friday so if you haven't submitted your own claim for 2017 you really need to do it now.
  4. Alamy are going to have to explain 4.11 of the new contract pretty darn quick. Specifically it now says: caption ... does not include ... any personal details from which a living person can be identified. Guess the Live News service ends in a few weeks. Or have their lawyers not understood the journalistic exemptions of GDPR? Over to you Alamy ...
  5. It was a clumsy way of me saying thank you to everyone who took the time to respond before I could ...
  6. Thanks everyone for wading in before I had a chance to get back to Jamie. He emailed me a couple of days ago but I was tied up until now. We are in contact. For the record, I was at the event in the grounds of Blenheim Palace with permission of the organisers and the pictures in question we originally taken for a local newspaper. This is something I would have explained at the time but the (smallish) garden was rammed and the shot I wanted (with the funky fountain) was across the full width so communication wasn't the easiest and basically involved lots of shouting. At one point I had to
  7. The head of comms at my local National Trust property, who I know pretty well, called me yesterday to ask why I haven't been responding to their recent photocall notices and why they were getting very little interest generally. I explained the situation and that i now considered it uneconomical to cover any National Trust event. They were very surprised to hear what the head office has been up to ...
  8. I can beat the previous suspect sale example ... Two images just sold for personal use ($6 each). Both zoomed on the 9 June and they are both of Kate McCann!!!!* C41Y0E C41Y2A Really? * for non-UK readers she is the mother of Maddy McCann who went missing in Portugal aged 6. Received significant press coverage at the time and still five years later.
  9. News is very different from stock. Captions have to be fuller and easy to get unwanted views with the way Alamy has set up the search function. News can also generate a significant number of very similar images. Unless you want your CTR and ranking to hit rock bottom best to keep them apart.
  10. Some misunderstanding here I think. DACS operates on two levels: primary use licenses (which is more for paintings and the like or high end fine art photography); and secondary use (photocopies of magazines and books) which it calls Payback. Photographers should sign up for the latter. DACS is not the right organisation to act as agent for work already on Alamy and its that service the link above refers to.
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