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  1. Just want to let everyone know that I received feedback from QC and I'm happy to report that all 4 samples were approved. I guess I got lucky, lol, BUT will look to improve thanks to the suggestions mentioned here. Baby steps...
  2. Betty, thank you for the post. I just want to say that I have been shooting in Apature mode since I've started shooting RAW.
  3. I respect everyone's opinions on my situation and i am deeply appreciative. And with that said i guess there is no more for me or anyone else to add. Thank you once again and will re-read all the posts and try and make sense of everything and looking into other avenues for assistance. Good day.
  4. One last request if i may. When i edit a pic in lightroom, how can i get it back to photoshop to save a jpg ?( before doing the processing in lighroom i did some work in photoshop and i ended up wit a .tiff file) after i made my desired adjustment via lightroom i exported to dng and it stands at 103mb. Now if i try to change it to a jpg via photoshop i do the following, select picture while in lightroom then edit in>edit in adobe photoshop cs4> i then select edit a copy with lightroom adjustments. i get a pop up and since i dont have camera raw i select open anyway. The picture
  5. Not that I know of, it's something you learn. At 100% your point of interest should be pin sharp, unless a particular effect, such as motion blur, is intended-even then that's where you should focus. It's hard to describe but obvious when you see it. Aperture is a separate issue to focus. If you're not familiar with the relation to DoF and shutter speed you may need to do a bit more basic reading. This isn't really a forum for that sort of thing. Most of us here have the basic craft skills. Not that we always get it right, but if we don't, we (usually) know why and what to do about it. M
  6. ok this is probably a dumb question or request, is there lets say a video tutorial that explains the 100% examination of an image?
  7. Ok, from everything i have gathered my main issue is that i need to try and shoot at least at f/11 to get a focused image and lower shutter speeds. I will take all of this into consideration and rethink my next shoot project for submission. I appreciate all the input.
  8. this was straight out of camera, handheld during a partly cloudy day... but thanks for the info. so i assume you recommend i submit the one with the bird.
  9. Ok, i have upload 3 samples to Dropbox, along with the untouched jpg is a txt file with some info (please note the the pictures where in NEF then converted to DNG so i could open them in photoshop cs4). Bellow is the link. Thanks and looking forward to your critique, be fair and gentle. lol https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4hfgtvro1xpk31p/AACHsbWNIzth1Liy5rMVKdi4a?dl=0
  10. I think that's where I need help. That's why I'm offering sample pictures to figure out if at 100% they are correct.
  11. OK, maybe we the "in focus" wasnt the right word. I mean, when I look at a pic on the screen, when first imported to lighroom, everything seems in focus, sharp crisp no issues. Even if looking at the picture in "actual pixels" everything looks good. Now when zoomed in at 100% I don't see that section as crisp and clear. Am I making sense? Would anyone like to critique a few of my files? I am Willing to share them. I shoot RAW because that's the proper way to process a file. All the information needed is there. I know I'm new but that does mean I shouldn't give it a try. I sure many me
  12. Im also a little confused on the part where Alamy states to check the image at 100% zoom. Here is what I sent them. "Also I'm confused as to why soon 100%. When doing so the part of the image doesn't look to be in "focus" . Every forum I ask I keep being told not to zoom to 100% when checking images. Can you clarify." The answer they gave me doesn't really help. Hope members here with more knowledge can help me out and hope you understand what I mean when zoomed in at 100%,even in RAW, the picture doesn't look "in focus". Thanks.
  13. I just started to get into photography only shoot RAW, guess I'll have to dial back sharpness to 0 if any if applied.
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