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  1. Thank you to all, that's given me a good idea how to look again at my keywords and how to shoot better for model shots. I admit, I've never done a pre-search on a library to see what's out there already, so I will be doing that in the future too. Let's say I get everything right from now on, and shape up my keywording on existing images, is there anything else wich is actively hurting my ranking - too many of the beer ingredients images, for example? Would I be advised to delete some?
  2. I rarely sell anything on Alamy and would love it if anyone more experienced in these matters could help me look at the following: I have 449 images on sale. - I've built up my images over the years, so subject matter (and probably quality of image and quality of usefulness to buyers) is variable. But is it really so wide of the mark? - Recently I overhauled most of my keywords on every image. Are they now good enough? I suspect not. - Do I need more images to make a difference? - Or just better images? - My CTR has always been low 0.11. (Although last month was 0.54, after finishi
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