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  1. I have a Plustek OpticFilm 120 scanner. Works very well and has some batch scanning capabilities Additionally, the infrared dust and scratch removal feature works great. Regardless, scanning is a mindless endeavor. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/890953-REG/Plustek_783064365642_Optic_Film_120_Scanner.html
  2. One of the features that you want in a drone used for photography is FPV (first person view), the ability to control the tilt of the camera at the remote controller and the ability to see the composition that the camera is seeing from the remote controller. Otherwise, you will be shooting blind. Additionally, you want the camera mounted on a gamble to minimize or eliminate vibration. One of the technical hurdles to making a drone capable of carrying a dslr is flight time. Heavier drones require larger batteries. Larger batteries make for heavier drones. The flight time of a DJI Phantom 4 is a little more than 20 minutes, which is considered pretty good. There exist systems capable of carrying a dslr. They are also very expensive, even before you add the dslr. One of the best aspects of a DJI drone is not the hardware but is IMO the software. TC
  3. Just curious. Anyone here successfully selling video through Alamy? How is the market for video in general?
  4. My workflow for this problem would probably be a Photoshop workflow. The downside is that you must manually open and save each image. But otherwise it is pretty fast. Open image in Photoshop Apply the Dust/Scratch filter to the image. Only apply enough of the filter to get rid of the dust. (Make sure that you are viewing the image at 100%) You will notice that the dust disappears but the overall images gets soft. Don't worry. Take a snapshot of the state of the image in the blurred state. Undo the Dust/Scratch filter (CMD-Z). There, your image is sharp again. Select the History Brush and activate the snapshot by clicking next to it. Paint the dust spots with the History Brush. Voila! Be sure to save the edits. This process can be pretty fast if you use a Wacom tablet and may only require 2-3 minutes per image. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to speed the process. After you have applied the Dust/Scratch filter to the first image you do not need to go back to the Filters menu for subsequent images. Hit CMD-F to apply the last filter used. That will save you a few key strokes. Multiply that by 501 and that is a lot of key strokes. Best of luck, TC
  5. Okay, I know this is a newbie questions. And I know that it is a subject that receives ire from the admins. But could someone please private message me and tell me what the abbreviations BHZ stand for?
  6. I have discovered that the Pocketwizard Utility app for my wireless remotes does not work under El Capitan. Not the end of the world for now. Just means that I will not be able to update firmware until it is fixed. Another feature of the utility that I really like is that you can accurately see the battery levels in your remotes in the utility. If in doubt change the batteries until this is sorted out.
  7. More on Microsoft Office and El Capitan http://www.zdnet.com/article/office-2016-apps-crash-following-os-x-10-11-el-capitan-upgrade/
  8. I echo the thought that Numbers works quite well and exports to the Excel format. The price is right too. If you decide on a 3rd party app you might want to check its compatibility with Mac's latest OS: OS 10.11, El Capitan. Don't automatically assume that the current version of Office or Open Office, or any other non-Apple app will work well with El Capitan. Time will tell though.
  9. A RAID is basically a storage case for hard drives. You can get RAID cases with 3, 4, or more bays for hard drives. This is why they are scalable. You could put a 1 TB drive or a 2 TB drive in each bay if you wish. RAIDS can be configures in several ways. What RAID 5 configuration does for you is that you can never lose data as long as no more than 1 drive fails at a time. In the event that a drive fails the device starts beeping like crazy. All you have to do is to replace the defective drive with an identical blank drive and the system will rebuild the data on the replaced drive. It is like magic. Someone once provided me with an over simplified explanation of how the rebuild works, which is easy to understand. I will spare everyone this explanation unless someone really wants to know and ask.
  10. Simply storing your files to an external drive solves some of your problems but not all of your problems. Occasionally, drives may fail. If this happens to you then the loss of terabytes of data can be extremely painful. This is the type of pain that a redundant RAiD or a RAID 5 can prevent. Also, I moved my Catalog file from my main computer to my external hard drive. If you have multiple computers or laptops that you may work from you need to be able to access the Catalog file from which ever machine that you have connected to the external drive. You can also store the Catalog file in the cloud on a service like Dropbox. Remember that Lightroom is first and foremost, a database. Without the database, your Catalog, Lightroom has no access to your adjustments and keywords.
  11. Also keep in mind that Adobe Photoshop runs best when there is a lot of free HD space. When crunching a lot of data, PS creates temporary files along the way. When your hard drive fills up the creation of these temporary files hinders the performance of your computer. In PS Preferences you can assign additional "Scratch Disk." This is the reason that many will recommend that only your apps and your essential files reside on your internal hard drive. That you use a speedy external HD for your image archive. And that you manage your scratch disk.
  12. My ideal set-up would be to purchase a RAID. A RAID is scalable, and RAID 5 makes it literally impossible to lose any data due to drive failure.
  13. Bog standard is an English colloquialism. It means ordinary, or everyday. POD is Print on Demand, a service% Thanks.
  14. Forgive this newbie question. I do not understand some of the acronyms. Bog? PoD? Is that Purchase on Demand?
  15. Don't misunderstand me: Stock photography has NEVER been about originality. 20 years ago just about every agency had a plethora (always wanted to use that word) of images depicting business executives running around a track in business suits, either jumping hurdles with their brief cases in hand, or passing the baton as if in a relay race. But even as creatively bankrupt as that concepts is it took quite a bit of skill and planning to pull off the shot. There are even a few such shots in Alamy's library. See ACB212.
  16. Let me first state that I do not wish to comment on Almay's QC. I wish only to comment about what I perceive is a wide lack of creativity. In the short time that I have been an Almay contributor I have examined the libraries of hundreds of contributors and I think their creative process goes something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1g52eRqJjc. Is that all there is?
  17. I am an Ebay sniper. Also, do not add the item to your watch list. When a lot of people are watching an item this tends to drive up the bidding price. No one will know who it is that is watching but they will know how many people are watching. A great sniper comes out of nowhere.
  18. If you are not in a hurry, there are rumors that Apple will be announcing a refresh across most of its product lines. The announcement is rumored to take place in early September. If you buy a new Mac today, you could end up having buyer's remorse in just a few weeks.
  19. This morning I uploaded a couple of images that I had just finished exporting from Lightroom. I did not realize until after I uploaded the images to Alamy that I had the Watermark box checked. Since it is the weekend these images will not go through QC until Monday, at the earliest. If there was any way to delete the submission I would. However, I do not see any way to delete a submission so I suspect there is none. Right?
  20. I am new here and I would not be surprised if this topic has been covered. My question is regarding glamour, which is prohibited. Based upon what I have read on this forum the definition of glamour is a bit fuzzy. I live in sunny South Florida and shoot swimwear occasionally. In order to avoid running afoul of the rules I would like clarification before I attempt an upload in this genre. I did a search of the image database and see quite a few images similar to what I would submit. Still, I would like to know beforehand. Best regards, TC
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