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  1. As Craig is thinking I am only adding to the IPTC section so it is not for display. So is it correct then that it is deleted/replaced by Alamy info( which is fair enough)? If that is the case then as you say Craig, it is a waste of time.
  2. Thanks for that. My metadata question is really about the iptc section. my keywords and caption are always there but I use quite a bit of time filling out my address and details as well as image details. I this data useful/important or am i wasting my time?
  3. G'day all, I keep reading about zooms but despite searches I still can't find out how to check for zooms in my small port. Also wondering if iptc metadata is stripped when I upload? I add it but wonder if I am wasting my time. Cheers for the help.
  4. I have editorial photographs that I want to license as RF but they are editorial. My understanding a couple of months ago was that we will be able to upload editorial Rf images soon. Has it happened yet or was I mistaken?
  5. Thanks all, Bill I thought I would read the blog myself (rookie should have already). It also says that there will be an "editorial only" choice for RF as well. That solves my issue, I can go that route instead. thanks again everyone.
  6. G'day, I am sure I'm not the first to ask but I can't find it in other posts. If I have an unrecognizable person, say a silhouette, or only an arm and I have no model release should I simply say there are no people in the image? I am asking because if I say there are then the image will by default go RM and I want to list many of my images with other agencies. To be honest to have RM images across multiple agencies would simple add confusion to my workload. Cheers Trev
  7. G'day All, I started contributing a while ago but with only about 140 images it has taken a bit to get my first sale. I was feeling like I would never get anywhere in this game having had about 300 images with a specialist site for a couple of years and no sales there either. But I have been determined to find a way and spent quite a bit of time reading and youtubing stock photography and how it is going recently. So now that single small sale has given my determination a little kick and I have decided to take things more seriously. I will be checking in here when I can so I will catch you lat
  8. I am a middle aged, starting out, part timer shooting mostly wildlife. To hasten my first sale is it effective to email magazine editors directly with a couple of low res watermarked samples and directing them to alamy? The question I suppose is will it help short and long term by self promoting and refering to alamy to avoid the website running, sales side of the business.
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