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  1. Perfect, thanks all I have shots of the Pantheon from various times of day John. I'll scan through them and check out the differences, I can see now that the building could do with a little more illumination. Ed, that's a great point. I work on a laptop and the viewing angle definitely affects the image appearance. Thanks Dougie, the majority of the shots so far are historic ones taken on holiday with more thought to composition and appearance and very little knowledge of exposure etc.. (all jpegs). I'm taking recent shots in RAW with much more thought to exposure, histogram etc.. I
  2. I noticed today that some of the images I have uploaded to Alamy look darker than intended when I checked them in Lightroom. Although they looked fine initially, when viewed on the Alamy site from my iPad they appear much darker. I have been using the histogram to make sure exposures appear balanced and working on personal preference as to the appearance of the photographs, but if my display is incorrect it could all be in vain! I have carried out no calibration on my laptop yet and would appreciate any comments on my uploaded images. All criticism welcome Many Thanks Cameras:
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