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  1. Welcome, Borys from a fellow newbie. I had the same problem with the avatar. I saved the response dustydingo sent to me...maybe it will help you. "You need to host the photo on a web-site, then go to My Profile, Overview, Edit my Profile. Then use the "import a photo from a url" to link to the hosted image." BTW, I like the photo of the shepherd and his dogs. Denise
  2. Thanks, all. So a higher CTR moves your photos higher when a customer is searching? Costa Rica was wonderful...hot and humid (we were in the rainforest...haha).. but beautiful. I went in September and I'm still culling through all of my photos. Good tip on the scientific names. Denise
  3. Hi, I'm Denise and I live in New Jersey. I uploaded my first photos in early June 2015. I currently have 50 photos on Alamy and another 18 via Stockimo. I'm still feeling my way around Alamy, but really enjoying it so far. Looking forward to leaving more from others. I do have one question...I just got my first "zoom" and I'm not really sure what that means other than being a good thing. I also know it will take a while to build a portfolio before experiencing actual sales, but I'm plugging away at it. Oh and I pretty much shoot whatever I see that I think will make a good photo.
  4. Thanks, DD. I was able to upload but only from my LinkedIn profile photo...so a tad more formal and not as fun. But it worked. Tried on two different computers to upload, but didn't work. I'm here now -- with all 19 of my Alamy photos...so far. ;-) Denise
  5. I'm also a newbie. I tried to upload a profile photo and despite trying with several different ones all over 200px, I had the thing happen as Josh. I tried Paulette's suggestion, but didn't work either. Denise
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