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  1. Wow Marmot, you should check that carefully.... By the way, if I do a search with my pseudonim or name, nothing appears. Is that normal? I would have expected to see my pictures haha.
  2. Hi again I'm not finding keywording with MI difficult, but it's much faster with Lightroom. I have read about an Alamy plug-in for Lightroom. I have to try it.. Thanks!
  3. Yes, but in my previous example, in both cases I don't have releases, so what's the point of specifying that one requires it and the other don't, if I don't have releases for any?
  4. After the release of some of my new pictures, I have seen that all what buyers can see (in pictures that requires property release as well as in which don't require it) is Model release : No Property release : No And the button saying that the buyer should know what to do. So what's the point of saying, in the Manage Image, that the picture needs property release and that I don't have it? If I say a property released is not required, the effect is going to be the same and the buyer is going to see the same information. I'm just saying this because I could save a lot of time, in the
  5. By the way, under my name it still says I have 34 images, but if you click you can see the last ones (about 150 in total). Is this normal??
  6. Well, after this morning I can say that the problem still occurs but it seems to be random, because I have writen one by one all the keywords in all the remaning pictures since yesterday, and sometimes they show up together, sometimes don't. Anyway, doing a search with individual words works well, so I think the best thing is not to worry any more about it and just write keywords in the fastest way as possible.. I don't expect any sales, so ... Thanks a lot, once again, for your support! Best
  7. I have to say that I only have one image published this morning (the one from Vienna, with the problem), the others were uploaded in October 2014 (from Chicago, some with problems, others without). I have now other pictures as "ready", so let's see what happens with them tomorrow. The problem is that I don't remember in which ones I used the copy/paste and in which others I used the batch editor (is there a way to add a keyword to a picture that already has keywords?? I don't think so, it's horrible! that's why I started to do copy/paste, much faster), so I have to test the behaviour of the ke
  8. I have copied the string of keywords from the Manage Image of one picture with the problem to Word, and no special characters appeared. I saw just the words separated by blank space, like in the Manage Image. So I'm not sure about how to fix it for the pictures I have already uploaded. In addition, how long does it take to refresh the keywords in the results page? Anyway, I have looked for one of my pictures using only 3 of the 4 keywords that are grouped and the picture was found, so I guess that it's not too important, since pictures can be found by not using all the keywords of the "gro
  9. I don't see anything wrong. I just write the words one after the other, or sometines I copy-paste from previous pictures, but in the Manager Image what I see are single words separated by blank space, and no other symbol. Probably I should try to re-write those that are problematic, to see if they split...
  10. And I forgot to say that I don't use square brackets, just blank spaces
  11. Hi again, I upload the pictures with no metadata attached, empty, and then I write the keywords one by one in the Manage Images tool. Spacecadet, the problem is not that I see essential and main keywords together, which is ok, the problem is that I write, let's say 3 or 4 words as essential, and then in the results page they appear as a sentence, not as individual words. Thanks to all of you for your help
  12. Hi again! I'm writing the keywords for some new pictures (what a boring and hard task!!) and I have realised that for some of my pictures, once they are on sale, the essential keywords appear together in a single keyword, but this doesn't happen with other pictures. In all the cases I write the essential keywords separated by a blank space, no commas or other symobls. As an example: E9J6HC: one keyword is -chicago grant park skyline- all together. E9J6JJ: all keywords are individual In both cases, both the essential and main keywors were writen separated by blank spaces and
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