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  1. I think (have always assumed) the point of downsizing is not to actually make the image sharper - most customers will print it much smaller and there will be no difference - but to make it appear sharper to someone viewing the image at 100%. In other words is to get it through QC rather than to actually improve the image.


    Or am I just being cynical?

  2. 20 hours ago, Starsphinx said:

    One of the reasons I joined Alamy was to eventually create (I hope) a consistent trickle income regardless of what I have actually managed that week/month.  My health means in a good week I can take hundreds of photographs (take not upload - most will hit the bin), in a so-so week I can quietly work on keywording a few words at a time - and on the "we dont want to go there" weeks  I will consider it an achievement to get out of bed.  So long as I keep uploading and keywording a reasonable amount hopefully my port will start selling a few regardless of whether that week has been a 30 odd image or a 0 image week

    One of the good / bad things about stock photography is that your month's income has absolutely nothing with how much you do that month.

    You can be ill in bed for four weeks and have you best month ever for sales. 

    On the flip side, you can have weeks taking the best pics you've ever taken and make no money.

    But it sort of averages out. More or less.

  3. I have a rather arbitrary target of 100 a week. I sometimes do more and if I've done fewer I don't upload substandard pics to reach the 'target'. 

    Big news weeks can mean more, rainy, studio-based weeks will usually mean less.


    You can't stress enough what Wim said above - keywording and captioning are at least as important as image quality these days. You may have some of the greatest photos (and yours are really good) but if nobody finds them, they won't sell.

  4. 17 hours ago, Sultanpepa said:


    I'm now in a situation where I'm using View NX2, Capture NX2, Capture NX-D, View NX-i, Nikon Transfer, and PS Elements 12 all because I've bought a D850. I'd have been happy to stick with Capture NX2 but it can't handle the D850 NEF files. It means that I'm in learning mode all over again and my hearts not in it if I'm honest. My uploads to Alamy are suffering because of it. I'm going to stick with the D610 for stock at the moment until I can simplify my workflow. Nikon have a lot to answer for.

    My problem also started when I got a new camera (D7100 - well, second hand new camera) but I think can now do everything with the latest version of View NX2, Capture NX-D Elements 14 and Nikon Transfer, though I'm not sure if that's essential yet. I had a very bad Wednesday morning but I've recovered now.

  5. On 10/24/2018 at 13:57, Vincent Lowe said:

    Read this from Mario Westphal, developer of IMatch.....




    Especially this bit -


    If you have used Nikon Capture, they also may contain an embedded XMP record.
    If you have used other software on the NEF files, they probably have an external XMP record. This is the standard for RAW files, only Nikon ever was so dumb as to embed XMP in RAW files.

    I find embedding metadata in RAW files EXTREMELY useful, not dumb at all. It makes my workflow much easier if I can add captions and tags to RAW files before starting the editing proper. Of course, the developer of a competing program might disagree.



  6. On 10/24/2018 at 11:46, Sultanpepa said:


    I had a photo rejected from live news recently which had stated that content was not suitable. I subsequently notice the image had no metadata. I had just updated to NX-i and thought it was user error. I resubmitted after completing metadata with another program and it was accepted. Thanks for clearing up why this has happened. This seems like a rather silly way for NX-i to operate given that Nikon are messing about with an industry standard. :angry:

    I've gone back to NX2, which does actually change the data in the image. I'd had a problem with it doing weird things to files with some cameras (forcing RAW files to open at 1680-1090 pixels for some inexplicable reason) but I downloaded the news version and it seems to work OK now.

  7. I have always used Nikon View Nx2 for adding captions and tags to RAW files and never had any problems until recently.

    I have updated to View NX-i but find the captions, tags and any other metadata I add simply doesn't appear in any other program.

    When I open a file in Photoshop or even right click with windows explorer I get nothing. I have tried over-writing files I captioned with other programs and though the new information appears while in View NX-i, in any other program I can still see the 'overwritten' data.


    Any idea what's going wrong?

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