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  1. December - very disappointing. 2018 - best year ever on Alamy. My previous best year was 2012 (when I had exactly 1/3 of the images on file I do now) before the commission changed. It has taken this long to beat that total. However, total income is up, number of sales is up by over 100 on last year and the number of pics per sale (sales per pic if you prefer) has improved. Average fee has dropped marginally but did not continue the cliff-edge fall I've seen over the previous five or six years. So, with one very obvious exception, 2019 looks potentially promissing. Three more months to get 30,000 images checked and exclusivitised.
  2. Ten trips cost me €12.70 and two pics of the tickets have got me back about £50. Good investment
  3. because until very recently nobody was interested in it
  4. and another just popped up. I've had two today that were sold and refunded earlier in the month - now sold again, for about the same amount.
  5. I've had six, getting me over a nice round milestone for the year - all different uses and presumably customers. One just popped up, the year still has a few hours left in it to deliver.
  6. Never met Duckukong but I've been using Malwarebytes for ages and can recommend it
  7. It's at the bottom of the 'attributes' tab - you may have to scroll down
  8. Yes, this year is up on last year. Despite one disappointing month (this one) I am just five sales short of a big round number. I had one today (Sunday!) so fingers crossed for a last minute rush tomorrow........
  9. When in Image Manager, one of the filters is 'exclusive to Alamy'. Given the new financial relevance of exclusivity, could we also have a 'NOT exclusive to Alamy' filter to see the only the other ones? This would be very useful for checking on images we've missed while trying to exclusivitise our portfolios. Thanks
  10. Lottery ad on the back of a 1950s East German stamp book. Decent amount for a magazine sale. Certainly paid for the stamps
  11. It was awful yesterday for me - click on 57 bicycles, then pretend an ambulance was a bus before finally getting in.
  12. Worst month for more than two years. Number of sales and money both well down. A few newspaper sales yesterday but it will need a VERY busy New Year's Eve to get the figures up to anywhere near normal.
  13. Also, almost every license I see has contradictory date info. They give a start and end date three months apart, then a 'duration' of five years. It's meaningless and less than useless. They need to sort this out.
  14. Anyone had one of these? Usage: Business use, One of each of the following uses: Personal use, presentation, internal communication, student project, reference for artist, personal website, personal social media, personal print or card, business website, small book (up to 1000 print run, not front cover), small magazine/newspaper (up to 1000 print run), a digital marketing campaign. Worldwide license. Excludes advertising. In perpetuity. ???????????????
  15. Will Alamy be including a way to mark live news uploads as exclusive? If not I will be rethinking the way I cover news.
  16. If this means foreign-language websites using computer software to translate keywords and captions DO NOT DO IT.
  17. I suspect it applies to everyone equally as the mistranslation are so dreadful and widespread that most searches will be affected!
  18. Totally agree. Anyone with any knowledge of a foreign language and ten minutes to spare will very quickly discover that the standard of keyword and title translation on foreign Alamy sites is APPALLING. On alamy.de a search for the current British PM brings up pictures of Theresa Mai (the month on May) and Theresa kann (Theresa may/might - the verb). Hundreds of pictures of bicycles are keyworded with the word Zyklus (cycle as in business/economic cycle - NOTHING to do with bicycles) Search for 'Trinkgeld' (the tip you give a waiter) and you get pics of Orange Tip butterflies, white tipped sharks, rubbish dumps, points of pencils etc etc etc, all things connected with 'tip' in English, none of which have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with the German search term used. A search for 'Drachen' brings up pictures of red kites and several other related birds of prey. Why? Because 'Drachen' is German for dragon AND kite (the child's toy, NOT the bird). So a German client looking for pics of dragons (or toy kites) sees pages of birds of prey which - unless they have a pretty advanced command of English - will make no sense at all and probably convince them that the Alamy search engine is hopeless. Alamy's success in the past has been largely built on its ranking system and search algorithms. Single-word translation CANNOT be done by computer and makes a complete mockery of Alamy's search results and, I suspect, reputation. If you are really going ahead with this change in commission rates, please do not spend A SINGLE PENNY of the extra cash on rolling out further foreign language sites with computer-generated translation. IT DOES NOT WORK.
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