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  1. Ed Rooney: "I did drop out of the Novel Scheme when they sold one image (large on a prestigious site) for $1.00 " That's interesting. I have always rationalised my use of the NU scheme with the assertion by Alamy that the sales were to markets that would not undermine their other business. I would be very interested to hear where this NU image was used!
  2. Alamy's success or failure is going to depend ENTIRELY on the quality of its search engine and results. As long as the best images come first in searches, they (we) will continue to be successful. Alamyrank and its future development (possibly on an image- as well as contributor-based system) must be the single most important factor in the company's future.
  3. "The best response to the state of the stock market is to look at it straight, without all those negative feelings, and to start from there." That's really the only way to do it. Complaining about prices isn't going to change them. And unless you are huge major player in the market with thousands of unique images in your portfolio, pulling out of a market will have no effect, even if anyone notices. If enough people (i.e. a very large percentage of contributors) put the same restrictions on their images, it might have an effect, but most likely the effect would be Alamy losing customers.
  4. Here's a worrying one: http://www.theguardian.com/media/organgrinder/2010/apr/12/newspapers-future-online-authority B72Y25 Ian Francis, but credit given as: Photograph: Alamy/Public Domain Public domain???
  5. Jeff, I hope you took a shot of the billboard and submitted that, licensing a photo of one of your licensed photos would be a great story And he could make more money by suing himself for copyright infringement!
  6. After months of letting it languish unchanged, I have just redesigned my website. I just think you can't NOT have a website these days. Mine has gone minimal and is simply to attract attention to the links at the bottom directing people to Alamy and other places. It's a good point made above about the email address - it sounds better if you have your own .com and if I tell someone I'm a photographer and they ask, do I have a website, I don't want to have to say no. I have no idea how much business it generates, if any, but it's not a huge expense and it's good for my friends and family to ke
  7. You mean you opted out around April 1st - which is the only time of year one can opt out? No, that's NU - you can opt out of newspapers any time, I believe.
  8. My mum was reading a magazine once, shortly I after I had returned from working in the Czech Republic, when she said there was an article about a town in Moravia. "Have you been there?" she asked, showing me the picture. "Yes" I replied, "and I took that picture."
  9. Elena Baltacha (yes, a British tennis player celebrating something).
  10. I find checking at 200% counter-productive. I can't judge an image when viewing at more than one pixel per pixel.
  11. Thanks Ed, that's very helpful. I apreciate the effort. I also follow local news, TV and radio, twitter, as well as Googling endlessly - I was just hoping to find everything in one place. Being lazy really, though Ed's link to the individual Boroughs' sites is going to be a big help - especially Westminster. Thanks again
  12. I had my first fail (SOLD) for ages a couple of months ago - the submission had been uploaded in the week I had my eyes tested and got my first ever reading glasses. No coincidence, I suspect. I must admit I have been much more impressed with my own work, and my camera lenses, since I started wearing specs at the computer. It's something to think about.
  13. Does anyone know where to find a good comprehensive list of upcoming newsworthy events (marches, protests, demos, memorial services, etc) in London? I know of several different places for film premières, and the Met Police have a site listing upcoming demos, but only those which are likely to cause traffic disruption. Bits and pieces can be got from various newspapers and local TV news, but it's a bit hit and miss. I have been up to several events recently and got some good pictures (and, more importantly, sales) but I have equally been frustrated by only hearing about such things afterwards
  14. For some time now Alamy has had a German language website, but I have yet to hear of a direct German language sale - mine have been via distributors. I did go on (at length) at the time about the problems of translating keywords and the consequential false results in searches. Has anyone had a direct German sale?
  15. 50% of my sales over the last year have been through distributors, including some of the biggest - and some of the smallest. The best come from Japan, so if you're thinking of opting in selectively, I'd certainly include Japan.
  16. I had one in the Metro last month - it said circulation 'up to 2 million'
  17. Now that is a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks. (edit) However, if you then do a search from that page, you get results from the whole of Alamy - if you search from your link page the pics are all yours.
  18. Searching on Alamy normally you can choose to see up to 120 images per page. If you add a link in your own website to your Alamy portfolio, the view you get is limited to 15 pictures per page. Couldn't this be increased?
  19. Have you put the French accents in your keywords? I find that such diacritic marks sometimes fool some search engines into splitting up a word, assuming that what follows any accent is a new word. (Though thinking about it, that still wouldn't explain the results in this case)
  20. I've just had a look at the intro page of FAA - the inspirational sales page - and I'd say about 40% of them are photographic, some brilliant, some not. I have joined them recently and have had a few views but no sales yet. I take the 'it can't so any harm' view. I've also joined Saatchi, with exclusive images, and have had far more views but no sales yet. A girl at the school where I used to work has sold a couple via Saatchi, but she is a VERY good painter.
  21. This doesn't seem to be a problem that affected many people, but I have the answer if anyone is interested. I updated my graphics card driver and found it has been cured (at least, it seems to be, fingers crossed.......)
  22. I've never understood this idea of not uploading more submission while one is waiting to clear. I would have a backlog of thousands of images if I did that. If your images pass, so do all the other submissions awaiting QC at the time so they can all be keyworded. If one fails, you just resubmit the other ones (assuming you are confident they will pass) - it can take a while but it's a good excuse to watch TV while they upload. Can anyone explain the advantage of uploading one sub and waiting for it to pass?
  23. I quite like the fact that all my images can be seen together, but I can understand why others would feel differently. An option to direct the link to one pseudo would be a good idea. I do have one pseudo that contains images marked for deletion, which includes many inferior versions of images that I would rather leave hidden.
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