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  1. For a long time now I've able to log into Alamy and the forum without the irritation of Capture asking me to identify a small part of a hill or guess what percentage of a car actually counts as a 'vehicle'. But it is back, with a vengeance. Have I just been lucky, then unlucky, or is it the same for everyone? If it worked, it wouldn't be nearly so bad but having to decide whether the corner of a traffic light without any lights counts as a traffic light or whether a brick might be part of a shopfront is extremely irritating. If our forum is really so secretive we need a security system for logging in: a why is it only used sometimes and b can we please have one that do what it expects us to be able to do?
  2. Sales aren't too bad, but yesterday was weird. Two sales appeared in the morning, then when I checked in the afternoon I found six of my biggest sales from last month had been refunded - then reinvoiced at the same price - plus another small sale, but the two from the morning had disappeared. They still haven't reappeared and they were clearly different customers. Odd.
  3. HIGNFY seem to pay about twice as much as Pointless. But the sale was reported on Monday morning after broadcast on Friday!
  4. At least I can usually identify three or four of them - unlike 'Celebrity' Big Brother where they have to wear name tags.
  5. I think (have always assumed) the point of downsizing is not to actually make the image sharper - most customers will print it much smaller and there will be no difference - but to make it appear sharper to someone viewing the image at 100%. In other words is to get it through QC rather than to actually improve the image. Or am I just being cynical?
  6. I use my laptop when out in the real world doing news to upload quickly but for stock I always use my desktop - easier to use, bigger and better monitor, quicker. I would never use a laptop for editing when a PC is within reach. But then I do have quite a cheap laptop.
  7. It was David Tennant - he'll do. It was in the 'Who's David Gauke?' game - luckily I knew.
  8. Well I hope they pay better than 'Pointless' (nothing to get excited about)
  9. Very slow until today, which wasn't exactly great. BUT - saw one of mine on Have I Got News For You tonight so I am expecting riches beyond my wildest dreams very soon.
  10. A good month for me, helped along by the last two days. Number of sales at the high end of average and a nice total in the last column. Things have been looking up from here for last few months. A lot of the sales are from newish images (with some notable exceptions).
  11. Just checked - 'Alamywhack' brings up no results. A gap for someone there.
  12. The location field in Image Manager has stopped bringing up a map for me. Is it the same for everyone or is it my old computer playing up?
  13. One of the good / bad things about stock photography is that your month's income has absolutely nothing with how much you do that month. You can be ill in bed for four weeks and have you best month ever for sales. On the flip side, you can have weeks taking the best pics you've ever taken and make no money. But it sort of averages out. More or less.
  14. I have a rather arbitrary target of 100 a week. I sometimes do more and if I've done fewer I don't upload substandard pics to reach the 'target'. Big news weeks can mean more, rainy, studio-based weeks will usually mean less. You can't stress enough what Wim said above - keywording and captioning are at least as important as image quality these days. You may have some of the greatest photos (and yours are really good) but if nobody finds them, they won't sell.
  15. My problem also started when I got a new camera (D7100 - well, second hand new camera) but I think can now do everything with the latest version of View NX2, Capture NX-D Elements 14 and Nikon Transfer, though I'm not sure if that's essential yet. I had a very bad Wednesday morning but I've recovered now.
  16. I find embedding metadata in RAW files EXTREMELY useful, not dumb at all. It makes my workflow much easier if I can add captions and tags to RAW files before starting the editing proper. Of course, the developer of a competing program might disagree.
  17. I've gone back to NX2, which does actually change the data in the image. I'd had a problem with it doing weird things to files with some cameras (forcing RAW files to open at 1680-1090 pixels for some inexplicable reason) but I downloaded the news version and it seems to work OK now.
  18. I have discovered the answer. In this 'updated' verson of View, you cannot edit metadata! You can change some of it which is then 'stored as a separate file' but can't actually be added to the image file itself or be used for any useful purpose - like captioning a photo for example. One to be avoided.
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