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  1. The trouble is, even if YOU can recognise a fire hydrant or a traffic light, it doesn't mean IT can.
  2. Ah - finally. Now, when I try to log in and get a Captcha grid, I change plans and do something else. If you don't hear from me for a week or so, that will be why. Got straight in this time. If it is so important, why isn't it always there? If you can sometimes get in without it, what's the point of it?
  3. If you think it might be used as a stock photo, yes. Most of the sales I get from covering news events come later as stock sales rather than live news - portraits of MPs, pics of the police etc. It's worth spending time on the captions and keywords if you want them to sell as stock. It can also be worth processing them again and resubmitting better quality images if they were done in a bit of a hurry at the time, as live news often is.
  4. I know for a fact that if I had decided to delete the "worst" 10% of my images, I would have got rid of some that have sold. The only ones I tend to delete are similars where I have another better one of the same subject or old ones I upload a better version of. I know I have hundreds of images on here that stand absolutely no chance of selling. I just don't know which they are.
  5. There are different ways to measure a 'good' month. A bit disappointing so far for sales but my 'current cleared balance' is already more than I got last month. (and yes, it is only the 12th)
  6. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET RID OF CAPTCHA NOW Every time I log in it is slower, less accurate (it CANNOT recognise a traffic light, or a bicycle - I can) and even more infuriating, and after you click a fire hydrant you have to wait five seconds for another fire hydrant to appear and when you click that fire hydrant you have to wait five seconds for another fire hydrant to appear and when you click that fire hydrant you have to wait five seconds for another fire hydrant to appear and when you click that fire hydrant you have to wait five seconds for another fire hydrant to appear and when you click that fire hydrant you have to wait five seconds for another fire hydrant to appear......
  7. I always want to know what search terms were used when things like this sell......
  8. It's very hit and miss. Sometimes they are translated, sometimes not. I can't work out why Any idea why Mhairi becomes Nicole?
  9. I've found a new game! James Cleverly = James geschickt Ed Balls = Ed-kugeln Peter Whittle = Peter schnitzen Mark Durkan = Kennzeichnen Sie Durkan MP Bob Hope = Bob hoffe Tim Vine = Tim Weinstock / Tim Rebe (just wrong) Thomas More = Thomas Mehr weirdest? - Mhairi Black = Nicole Schwartz ???? and, best of all.... Mark Reckless = Marken Sie rucksichtsloss !
  10. Admittedly the German translation does imply a higher level of certainty.
  11. Well done George - not sure if he's on here - new to Alamy and I think this is may well be his first sale!
  12. Thanks so much for reporting that. I was very pleased to see the sale and wondered where it had ended up. It doesn't get better than RSPB for a bird photo. I'd gone to Westminster to get some hard-hitting political news pics and ended up with....
  13. I had a response to my enquiry, I replied to the response - I am still awaiting a response to my reply to the response.
  14. Is there a difference between 'only available on' and 'exclusive to'? As a linguist I'd say no - maybe a legal expert knows better.
  15. In tried that, but the train I'm on will be be arriving in 20 min and it didn't look like was going to finish in time
  16. It's taking too long to add up, but there were 582 submissions, I usually upload 10 at a time unless it's a news story, so around 6000?
  17. Mine says "Exclusive Alamy" - maybe the wording across the pond is different (or they've changed it overnight)
  18. That is me paraphrasing - I don't believe in quoting private emails - though if Alamy want to come back with an official explanation......
  19. Expected response from Alamy - basically 'we are always trying new things'.
  20. Unfortunately, not all of mine are exclusive - I have to find out which ones are. Some subjects I only send to Alamy, so they were easy to do by pseudo, but the rest will take some checking. I wouldn't want to be dishonest or inaccurate!
  21. December - very disappointing. 2018 - best year ever on Alamy. My previous best year was 2012 (when I had exactly 1/3 of the images on file I do now) before the commission changed. It has taken this long to beat that total. However, total income is up, number of sales is up by over 100 on last year and the number of pics per sale (sales per pic if you prefer) has improved. Average fee has dropped marginally but did not continue the cliff-edge fall I've seen over the previous five or six years. So, with one very obvious exception, 2019 looks potentially promissing. Three more months to get 30,000 images checked and exclusivitised.
  22. Ten trips cost me €12.70 and two pics of the tickets have got me back about £50. Good investment
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