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  1. I don't have online backup, but I do have hard drives at my parents' house, where I regularly go to get a decent meal and copy everything I have done since the last visit. The chances of both premises being burgled / destroyed by fire on the same day are, I hope, pretty slim. I have a possibly unjustified distrust of storing anything in 'the cloud' - fueled by the number of sites that have been hacked for personal details.
  2. I agree. If you check through the results they are almost all, with the exception of "travel and France", searches for travelling-related subects (travel aganet; travel journal; travel trains; travel documents; travel medicine......) rather than just searches for places. The results seems to vindicate the restriction of the use to images relating to the act of travelling rather than world destinations.
  3. +1 I have never seen the point. 'Travel' could apply to any picture taken of any place, because unless you live there, you have to travel to see it. I use it for pictures of transport, people who are clearly traveling, but wonder if there's any point with over 5 million images using the same keyword. Having said that, I've just checked 'customer search activity' and it does get used, in conjunction with other words. (9 searches for just 'travel' got 39,240 views and 56 zooms!) I occasionally use 'tourism' for images including obvious tourists (groups with cameras, getting out of a coach, excursion ticket kiosks etc) but not for general travel images.
  4. I agree. I am confident it would pass QC, but I would probably blur the mirror image a bit more, and spot off the white marks on the mirror. And maybe that telegraph pole (?) on the right.....
  5. I've had a couple of interesting ones this month: 'Print/e-book/web/all manner of media/custom/derivative works/international student version/life of the product family edition.' and 'book, talking book, cheap pulp novel, illustrated book, encyclopaedia, travel guide, map, atlas, content part, back cover' "All manner of media"? "Cheap pulp novel / talking book / encyclopedia"? What does the back cover of a talking book look like?
  6. True, but neither should we pretend to be if we aren't. Incorrectly captioned nature photos on Alamy are very common. I've even seen hoverflies captioned as wasps, moths as butterflies. Accurate captions are very important for all images, but whereas it is usually possible to identify a church or statue with a bit of research or a guidebook, nature can be much, much harder, even for a specialist. Many species of insect can only be identified for certain with a dead specimen and a microscope. An incomplete caption, though not much use to many potential customers, is always preferable to a wrong one. If I can't be sure of a species I will either keep the caption simply to 'fungus', 'shieldbug' etc or, more likely, let it languish in my 'unidentified' folder, unless it has particular artistic merit. There are plenty specialist libraries out there who are experts in their fields and have a reputation for reliability. The Alamyrank system goes some way to sorting out bad keywording - I'm not sure it is so effective with bad captions.
  7. Panic over - found the problem. It seems the cache of thumbnails was corrupted somehow. I cleaned them all out and things seem to have gone back to normal. It seems to be a common problem, judging from the communication in forums on the web.
  8. Since a very brief power cut this morning when the computer went off, I have had a couple of problems. The most serious is that I cannot see files as thumbnails in folders. Internet images work fine, as do images opened in Photoshop but I can only get icons for images (JPEG NEX and TIFF) in Widows Explorer. I'm guessing there is a Windows Image Viewer or somesuch that has been corrupted. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Phil (edit) I have just opened a couple of folders where the images were visible - then disappeared one by one. I have checked folder view options.
  9. What I like to shoot - travel. The trouble is, one man's travel is another photographer's local. What makes money - things I photograph on my kitchen table. I have recently given up the day job and gone full-time with the photography. I will not be travelling anywhere any time soon. I may be investing in a new kitchen table.
  10. I hope nobody gets the impression that if they aren't in the newspaper scheme they won't get any newspaper sales. I have never joined but still sell to the papers. How the numbers and fees would differ if I did.........?
  11. Interiors / stained glass windows (better with diffused light) / statues / narrow streets which can be impossibly contrasty when half in the sun / details. Statues and stonework can be a nightmare to do in direct sun due to excess contrast. I would, however, agree that a certain amount of time spent in pub can only be a good thing.
  12. Was it a "partial fail" -- i.e. processing errors only -- or the real thing? Alamy does say "up to" 28 working days, but I can't remember receiving a "failed QC" notification in less than a month. No, that was a total fail for interpolation artifacts. It was the first for a long time and I haven't had one since so I think the 'up to 28 days' can indeed be flexible.
  13. My only experience of the China Daily is finding numerous photos of mine that they have reused from the Daily Telegraph. You should be honoured that they are offering to pay anything!
  14. The last fail I had came through in 2 days. I don't think there is a standard 30 days for everyone. That was quite a while ago - maybe things have changed since then.
  15. I've been submitting a series of repeated, symmetrical patterns made from duplicating images of various things - rocks, butterfly wings, seashells... I think they would make great wrapping paper - anyone got any other ideas or any keywords I might not have thought of? Any thought most welcome. Thanks
  16. I would like to stress a point made by Semmik Photo - a lot of members of this forum do not have English as their first language. Although many Dutch people do have a better command of the English language than the majority of Brits (Mr Semmik is doing pretty well himself), it is not something that should be assumed. Being polite in a foreign language is not only difficult, but also in the eye of the beholder. Deliberate rudeness is usually easy to spot - not quite finding the right tone is a different matter and should be subject to benefit of the doubt. I can order a pizza and a beer in several languages - I wouldn't dare contribute to a discussion forum like this in most of them. (P.S. I notice the Alamy Administrator has two stars - is that out of five?)
  17. Since NU began it has netted me $87.39. Yes, that's one decent sale in the real world. However, the interesting thing for me is that of the 48 images that have sold as NU only 2 have earned anything from conventional sales. NU sales seem to come from a certain style of photography which, for me, doesn't sell elsewhere. It appears to be - as Alamy intended - serving a different market. I realise that this may not be the same for other contributors, but as the sales I have had are largely from pictures of specially-bought props, the NU sales have at least covered the cost of buying the objects. I'm not complaining. I also believed the scheme was ending, but had three more come through on April 23rd.
  18. Thanks for the replies - they don't really tally with my experience though. I do caption and keyword as soon as they appear in Manage Images but I have experienced a delay between them leaving the news feed and appearing in general searches. Maybe it is due to weekends.
  19. It would be possible / easy to put a large, prominent watermark (or even a black hole) on the image exactly where the search box is. It wouldn't spoil the view of the front page but would make the image unusable if downloaded.
  20. Like many contributors, I suspect, I still find the old version of Manage Images very useful. Unfortunately, the now-redundant 'cut-out' option is still there, and having edited my submission, getting a full list of 'not ready' images is hindered if they haven't all been tagged as cut-out or not. It also brings up a huge list of 'on sale, but requiring further details', which includes everything that has been submitted since the cut-out option changed (over 5000 images for me). Could it please be removed?
  21. Just make a pseudo for those images and move them into your main one when fully worked I wish I'd thought of that!
  22. I can see what you mean, though images with just a caption and no keywords are unlikely to show up in many searches. How about a separate pseudonym (geogphotoslite?) where you can put things quickly then move them on to your usual one when you are satisfied with the keywording? (In answer to your original point, which was why you posted here in the first place of course, I doubt Alamy would encourage contributors to put non-news images on sale without keywords.)
  23. There's the Live News route - do you mean for more general stock? You only have to add one keyword to make the image 'ready' - you can always go back later to add the rest.
  24. The image loads for me. The post is official advice from Alamy and hasn't been removed or, it seems, updated, so I would take it as current best practice. I do like Vincent's idea above though, especially as series like this in one image will not look great, or even recognisable, as a thumbnail. (Though, on the plus side, that might mean they get more zooms, just to ckeck out what they are).
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