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  1. Can we have a spellchecker in Manage Images that recognises British English spellings as well as American? (there is now a squiggly red line under 'recognises').
  2. A positive note (if slightly off topic) - disappointing but the first four days of October have so far netted 50% of September's total (both in numbers and $).
  3. http://www.scribd.com/doc/141391187/Bavaria-Magazine-2013-The-Real-Bavaria-An-original-kind-of-holiday I found one of mine in here and there seem to be A LOT of pictures of Bavaria credited to Alamy. I really admire the dedication of those here who manage to find all the pics in the Alamy archives and list the details, but I'm afraid it's getting late and I can't quite summon the effort just now. If you have images of Bavaria, it might be worth a look. Mine came through on 5th June and was over $60, so check your sales first and happy hunting. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editoria
  4. Just realised - I should add 'triumphant' to the keywords.
  5. I have had a couple of multiple sales like that - usually two, the record being four - to textbooks. Educational publishers often do different editions to cover differences in the curriculum from one country to another, or different languages. I haven't had one for travel brochures yet - fingers crossed.
  6. Disappointing, though not disastrous. First two weeks awful then picked up slightly. Nice to see one on the last day then another two popping up this morning. So October so far is two sales a day - may it continue.
  7. Despite what I said above, schools these days do have a need for photos - websites, prospectuses and so on - which tend to have images of unidentifiable kids bent over a book or computer keyboard. I suppose there might be a possibility of approaching a school with an offer to do this kind of coverage and an agreement to use the photos yourself, once OKed by the school. Just going in and saying 'can I come in and take photos of your kids to make me some money' is unlikely to work.
  8. I have about 16,000 images with Alamy, though all my sales have come from fewer than 500 of them. So I could be getting almost daily sales from 500 pictures - if I had known which 500 to pick (I didn't, and I still don't).
  9. Until February I was working in a school, and acted as school photographer. I took pictures of kids at sports days, in school productions, and sometimes in classroom settings. The paranoia surrounding child photography is staggering. All photos I took had to be checked by the head of Child Protection, any pictures I took were supposed to be edited only on school computers and saving anything onto a personal hard drive was out off the question, in theory, and anything intended for any use that might be seen by the general public had to have written permission from the parents. Photographing c
  10. Hmm, not so sure. I suspect I would get a lot less careful with my submissions if I knew they weren't going to be looked at. Perhaps the compromise would be to stop checking the most reliable contributors, but not telling them.
  11. In my experience of retail (Waterstones, funnily enough) the markup on cards by the shop is huge. The shops probably get 60% of the retail price (unless things have changed a lot) leaving 40% for the supplier, who has to cover production, marketing and distribution costs. Book authors get around 10% - and it takes a bit longer to write a book.
  12. Also waiting since the weekend. I'm pretty confident about the images so hoping it's 'something else'.
  13. I'm pretty sure there isn't. I think I looked into this a while ago. Long before that, however, I got a call from Alamy asking me to change my pseudo (I only had one back then) as it had a .com at the end, and that was against the rules. I told them what I wanted it changed to and they did it for me. That, however, was no doubt an exception and I doubt they'll start doing it on demand, (especially if it's to a pun on the rear ends of sheep).
  14. I have four different pseudos, according to subject matter, with very different Alamyrank ratings. I find that subjects with a lot of competition on Alamy, like travel, understandably get a lot of views but few zooms. My other subjects, however, which face a lot less competition, have a much better CTR, better sales and therefore a better rank. Deciding how to split your work up really depends on whether you see lumping all your subjects together as pulling up the rank of your less popular images or dragging down the most successful.
  15. I quite agree - buildings taken more or less straight on and almost vertical look much better tweeked.
  16. The fact is that we are used to angles converging when we look up at things. Straightening buildings a bit to get parallel verticals is OK on many shots, but when the viewpoint is obviously from below, our eye expects the verticals to converge. Try straightening the verticals on that image of the church and you will feel worse than dizzy. I'd happily send that one to Alamy - it's a good shot of a church highlighting the welcoming open doors - something that wouldn't have been as prominent if taken from a distance with a longer lens.
  17. Phil, I've posted the name of the buyer on that $1.00 sale somewhere on here in the past. It is/was the Telegraph of London, on their Website. Ed If you mean the Telegraph newspaper, that totally undermines my faith in the system and, it has to be said, Alamy. If the Novel Use scheme has been used to license images to national newspapers for that amount, then we have been deceived an I am extremely disappointed that I ever signed up to the scheme. If not, I would be grateful to Alamy to clear up the confusion.
  18. I only had about 40 sales in the second quarter to make the top 500. I had 85 in that period and didn't make the magic 500 (unless my email is delayed). Maybe it's done on a $ basis.
  19. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/georgemonbiot+wildlife Credits to: Christopher Jones, Simon Hathaway, David Wootton, Andrew Cawley http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/commentisfree+media/marketingandpr Anatolii Babii, Jeffrey Blackler,
  20. A) It's the head and compound eye of a fly - and very good too. That's interesting stuff, but a graph of Alamy turnover would be the real clincher. The best statistic we have for measuring trends is our own income per image, so it would be very interesting to see if our graph corresponds to Alamy's. Thanks for the work, though, the trends are useful to know. (Edit - the sarcastic face was supposed to be a 'B' followed by a ' ) ' but was corrected by the automatic face-checker.) (Edit 2 - check out David's amazing chicken photos!)
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