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  1. I had a newspaper sale the week before I joined the newspaper scheme and several more since. The first one got about 3 times the money of the scheme sales. But, on the other hand, I have had far more news sales since joining, and I know there are more in the pipeline.
  2. Looking through the All of Alamy searches, the vast majority of searches including 'portrait' seem to be looking for pictures of people's faces. With 'Landscape' its harder to tell, but I think it would make everyone's lives much simpler if we all stuck to using them to describe content. A search for 'landscape' certainly brings up overwhelmingly pictures of landscapes, some of them vertical (with the exception of a portrait of a landscape painter - but there's always one!)
  3. Mine was of a prehistoric fly preserved in amber. Spot the theme.........
  4. I have today sold a photo to the Pitcairn Islands for use in a textbook. Print run - up to 5,000. Population of the Pitcairn Islands - 48. That's optimistic. Has anyone else ever had one of these? Perhaps the entire population is employed at a textbook publisher.
  5. The funniest thing is the difference between the new and used prices.
  6. Just found 'Betjeman' underlined. Suggested replacement - 'Beatlemania'. Perhaps it's Liverpudlian, not American after all.
  7. Once again, a byproduct of the challenge is the challenge to my key-wording. Searching my 16,000 images I have only used 'harmony' once.There must be more in there somewhere........
  8. If there is indeed a new system in the pipeline, then can we a have a choice of spellcheckers, as in the original?
  9. I've only had one failure in the recent past (which I put down to failing eyesight and the need for my first reading glasses) and it had a positive effect in that I put all my effort into news coverage - uploads to the live news feed bypass QC altogether, even if you are in the sin bin. As a result I am now the major supplier of Len McCluskey pictures to the Guardian. It also had the effect,of course, of rebooting my post-production routine, which is what the system is designed to do.
  10. I still like to use the old version - much better for comparing and copying/pasting.
  11. Thanks Wim - I didn't know about that. Then you can check using both and add both sets of missing variants. Brilliant.
  12. You're right - that wouldn't work. I got confused. Best left as it is.....
  13. Good point, so can I request that it is changed from American to British ONLY, so we can pick up the US spellings!
  14. Can we have a spellchecker in Manage Images that recognises British English spellings as well as American? (there is now a squiggly red line under 'recognises').
  15. A positive note (if slightly off topic) - disappointing but the first four days of October have so far netted 50% of September's total (both in numbers and $).
  16. http://www.scribd.com/doc/141391187/Bavaria-Magazine-2013-The-Real-Bavaria-An-original-kind-of-holiday I found one of mine in here and there seem to be A LOT of pictures of Bavaria credited to Alamy. I really admire the dedication of those here who manage to find all the pics in the Alamy archives and list the details, but I'm afraid it's getting late and I can't quite summon the effort just now. If you have images of Bavaria, it might be worth a look. Mine came through on 5th June and was over $60, so check your sales first and happy hunting. Country: United Kingdom Usage: Editoria
  17. Just realised - I should add 'triumphant' to the keywords.
  18. I have had a couple of multiple sales like that - usually two, the record being four - to textbooks. Educational publishers often do different editions to cover differences in the curriculum from one country to another, or different languages. I haven't had one for travel brochures yet - fingers crossed.
  19. Disappointing, though not disastrous. First two weeks awful then picked up slightly. Nice to see one on the last day then another two popping up this morning. So October so far is two sales a day - may it continue.
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