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  1. I have four different pseudos, according to subject matter, with very different Alamyrank ratings. I find that subjects with a lot of competition on Alamy, like travel, understandably get a lot of views but few zooms. My other subjects, however, which face a lot less competition, have a much better CTR, better sales and therefore a better rank. 

    Deciding how to split your work up really depends on whether you see lumping all your subjects together as pulling up the rank of your less popular images or dragging down the most successful. 

  2. Just to be clear on what I meant, I was only referring to images such as straightforward architectural shots or scenes with buildings where it is a simple matter to correct the verticals in software. I am not frowning on shots like the one above, which is a perfectly good shot, could not be taken any other way and the effect is intentional (for aesthetic reasons). But there are a lot of building shots here on Alamy which could be improved very easily by a minute's work in LR or PS.

    I quite agree - buildings taken more or less straight on and almost vertical look much better tweeked.

  3. The fact is that we are used to angles converging when we look up at things. Straightening buildings a bit to get parallel verticals is OK on many shots, but when the viewpoint is obviously from below, our eye expects the verticals to converge. Try straightening the verticals on that image of the church and you will feel worse than dizzy. 

    I'd happily send that one to Alamy - it's a good shot of a church highlighting the welcoming open doors - something that wouldn't have been as prominent if taken from a distance with a longer lens.

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    Ed Rooney: "I did drop out of the Novel Scheme when they sold one image (large on a prestigious site) for $1.00 "


    That's interesting. I have always rationalised my use of the NU scheme with the assertion by Alamy that the sales were to markets that would not undermine their other business. I would be very interested to hear where this NU image was used! 


    Phil, I've posted the name of the buyer on that $1.00 sale somewhere on here in the past. It is/was the Telegraph of London, on their Website. 



    If you mean the Telegraph newspaper, that totally undermines my faith in the system and, it has to be said, Alamy. If the Novel Use scheme has been used to license images to national newspapers for that amount, then we have been deceived an I am extremely disappointed that I ever signed up to the scheme. If not, I would be grateful to Alamy to clear up the confusion.

  5. A) It's the head and compound eye of a fly - and very good too.

    B) That's interesting stuff, but a graph of Alamy turnover would be the real clincher. The best statistic we have for measuring trends is our own income per image, so it would be very interesting to see if our graph corresponds to Alamy's.


    Thanks for the work, though, the trends are useful to know.


    (Edit - the sarcastic face was supposed to be a 'B' followed by a ' ) ' but was corrected by the automatic face-checker.)


    (Edit 2 - check out David's amazing chicken photos!)

  6. Again about the newspaper scheme. Is it regarded as a success or is there any acceptance that it is flawed? If flawed, can it be changed for the better without alienating the papers who have signed up and are presumably delighted with what they are currently getting for their money?

  7. Phil, there used to be something called "space for space," where airlines would give us a free ticket if we could go to them with a letter from a magazine or newspaper saying we had an assignment to shoot for the editorial pages. I wonder if anyone still does that? 


    I noticed two interesting things yesterday:


    1.  I seem to have slipped into making darker images than I prefer; I feel slightly lighter images are more upbeat and commercial. Actually, I noticed it last night when I was doing the PP.


    2.  Looking at some Alamy collections yesterday morning, I found that what members said recently about shooting both horizontals and vertical is just not the case; far and away, the majority of Alamy images are horizontal. 


    I doubt that still happens - I have always been a member of the train set rather than the jet set anyway. As for horizontal/vertical, I find most of my landscapes are vertical and most of my portraits are horizontal. I try to do both in the studio, though I must admit the majority are horizontal - the camera is more stable on the tripod that way.


    And I think you're right about light images being more commercial - apart from very expensive watches photographed on wet slate (for a change)

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  8. Alamy's success or failure is going to depend ENTIRELY on the quality of its search engine and results. As long as the best images come first in searches, they (we) will continue to be successful. Alamyrank and its future development (possibly on an image- as well as contributor-based system) must be the single most important factor in the company's future.

  9. "The best response to the state of the stock market is to look at it straight, without all those negative feelings, and to start from there."


    That's really the only way to do it. Complaining about prices isn't going to change them. And unless you are huge major player in the market with thousands of unique images in your portfolio, pulling out of a market will have no effect, even if anyone notices.

    If enough people (i.e. a very large percentage of contributors) put the same restrictions on their images, it might have an effect, but most likely the effect would be Alamy losing customers.

    I don't like low prices any more than anyone else - and I agree with Sheila about that sale to China, I would rather have gone without the money on principle - but the market is as it is and I'm afraid doing things on principle might make you feel better but if nobody notices, it won't actually change anything.


    Having said that, I do buy more expensive free-range eggs on principle, knowing that my tiny contribution makes no impact whatever on the factory chicken market - but I need those $3 sales to pay for the ethical eggs.


    > Anyone had similar experiences?


    My image on billboard ad along highway.

    Almost crashed. (double-takes & driving do not mix)




    Jeff, I hope you took a shot of the billboard and submitted that, licensing a photo of one of your licensed photos would be a great story :)

    And he could make more money by suing himself for copyright infringement! 

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  11. After months of letting it languish unchanged, I have just redesigned my website. I just think you can't NOT have a website these days. Mine has gone minimal and is simply to attract attention to the links at the bottom directing people to Alamy and other places.

    It's a good point made above about the email address - it sounds better if you have your own .com and if I tell someone I'm a photographer and they ask, do I have a website, I don't want to have to say no.

    I have no idea how much business it generates, if any, but it's not a huge expense and it's good for my friends and family to keep up to date with what I'm doing if nothing else.


    Ok I give up,

    I have opted out of the newspaper scheme following a run of insulting (microtstock level) fees, which I now only get 50% of, un-reported sales(the ones I have found out about) and lack of trust in the whole idea. 


    So my question now is from what point do my pictures stop being available to this scheme, is it immediate or can they still sell images for a time?


    You mean you opted out around April 1st - which is the only time of year one can opt out?

    No, that's NU - you can opt out of newspapers any time, I believe.

  13. My mum was reading a magazine once, shortly I after I had returned from working in the Czech Republic, when she said there was an article about a town in Moravia.

    "Have you been there?" she asked, showing me the picture. "Yes" I replied, "and I took that picture."

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