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  1. 1 Shoot Nikon RAW

    2 Stick the card into computer slot and drag the files to my 'Raw to Name' folder

    3 In ViewNX2, name the files and add captions, keywords, copyright into etc after deleting any rubbish I missed in camera

    4 Drag files to a pending folder - travel, studio, nature etc

    5 Open RAW files in Nikon Capture, have another check for sharpness, sometimes adjust levels (usually leave until later) and save as TIFF into Processing file

    6 Open TIFF file in Elements, do the 16bit adjustments first (colour, levels) then zoom in to 100% to clean up dust, cigarette ends etc

    7 Save a TIFF copy to 'Archive' folder, to be put on external hard drive later

    8 Save a TIFF copy to 'Transfer' folder, to stick on a drive and take to my parents' house next time I visit (another backup drive there)

    9 Save a JPEG to the Alamy folder, awaiting upload

    10 Upload to Alamy 10 or 20 at a time, then move them to 'pending' folder until they've passed, just in case, then delete them


    I keep track of my workflow by the location of the files, rather than tagging or adding stars in Lightroom or something similar. This way I know all the images in the folder are at the same stage and all need the same things done to them.


    You're right. It does take longer to write about than to do.

  2. I think Alamy know a scan when they see one. I really don't know whether they view scans differently during QC, but from my own experience, I would say that film scans respond much more favourably to sharpening than digital originals. I'm not suggesting that you sharpen them before submitting, but PERHAPS they are given more leeway during QC in the knowledge that they can be sharpened by the client.


    I think only Alamy can really answer that question. 

  3. Thanks for asking the question. I'd never bothered to work it out. It turns out that outdoor ('travel') shots are mostly vertical (just over half) but studio shots are mostly horizontal (c70%)

    I am taking even more vertical outdoor shots now since I bought battery packs with vertical shutter release buttons. (see photo, left!)


    Of my last 60 sales, 39 here horizontal, 3 square and 18 vertical.


    ...and a three-figure sale reported on a bank holiday Monday morning! That's a first (for me).


    Phil - Was it one of these?


    Country: Worldwide

    Usage: Editorial

    Media: Textbook - print and e-book

    Print run: Unlimited

    Placement: Inside

    Image Size: 2 page spread

    Start: 01 January 2014

    End: 01 January 2039

    All terms and rights granted as per the Alamy Preferred Vendor Agreement dated 26th January 2010 prevail. Flat rate per image, license period 20 years.



    I had one also today, my second of these  this month which hopefully demonstrates that the $180 textbook sales which seemed to have disappeared a few months ago are back... :) 


    Kumar Sriskandan

    It did look very much like that - word for word, in fact.

  5. 8 for me this week $11.70 (gross). Not much, but they were of a lemon, a lime and some grapes, so that covers the cost of the fruit, and I got to eat free grapes for once.

  6. If a researcher does a search under just the name of the country, they are clearly looking for a wide range of subjects relevant to that country - it would be a shame if yours didn't show up. If they are doing a narrower search, they will add other words  - town, temple etc. I always put the country in essential, UNLESS it really isn't relevant or there are other keywords I think are more important. If there's room, I include it. 

    Of course, that can depend on the country - 'Slovak Republic' uses up more space than 'India'

  7. I don't have online backup, but I do have hard drives at my parents' house, where I regularly go to get a decent meal and copy everything I have done since the last visit. The chances of both premises being burgled / destroyed by fire on the same day are, I hope, pretty slim.


    I have a possibly unjustified distrust of storing anything in 'the cloud' - fueled by the number of sites that have been hacked for personal details. 

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  8. >> I have never seen the point. 'Travel' could apply to any picture taken of any place...


    The point: to bloody maximizing licen$ing


    Best way to decide when to use "travel", AFAIK:

    search "%travel%" in MeasuresAll 1 yr period & study returns

    I agree. If you check through the results they are almost all, with the exception of "travel and France", searches for travelling-related subects (travel aganet; travel journal; travel trains; travel documents; travel medicine......) rather than just searches for places. The results seems to vindicate the restriction of the use to images relating to the act of travelling rather than world destinations.

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