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  1. They look really good to me. And the keywords we can see look fine too. I think if you keep submitting similar subjects up to this standard you should do well. Think of yourself as a fine art photographer by all means, but your fine art images might do better elsewhere. What I've seen looks like stock. Just keep looking for new subjects, and lots of them. You've got the quality, now you just need the numbers. Just one thing - I'm not sure I'd bother with the black and white. I'd post in colour - if the customer wants b/w they can change it themselves but they can't do it the other way. (othe
  2. I brought this up a while ago - partly because refunds were being counted as sales. That no longer seems to be the case, but a sale refunded still counts as a sale even if the refund itself doesn't. Edit: No, refunds do still seem to count as sales. Shame - on two counts.
  3. Observer Travel supplement Sunday 15th BFM6CE - Place des Vosges, Paris - Alex Segre ARERXA - Cafe de Flore - ALSO Alex Segre CBXEGC - Train window - prem r george
  4. I have had a couple of searches for insects using the Latin names. I'd certainly agree that the scientific name is an essential for nature photographers - not only a Latin name, but the CORRECT Latin name. There are a worrying number of animal pictures on Alamy with bad/awful captions - having the correct Latin name not only helps in searches but also adds credibility to the caption.
  5. 660,372 Results. That is a better approach. Any other 'code' that could suggest a possible use without messing up searches?
  6. There were four pictures used to illustrate the article - from Reuters, Alamy and Getty. I'm pretty sure non of them was taken on a phone.
  7. Does anyone use keywords that suggest possible uses, as well as just content? A search for 'book cover' brings up a lot of images of existing books, of course, but also some images suitable for that use. Likewise for 'greetings card'. Does anyone have any evidence that this helps customers? Has anyone had any sales traceable to similar searches?
  8. It might be cheaper to hire a hypnotist to trick you into thinking your digital camera is actually using film. I for one would never go back. I know what you mean about being slower and more selective about pressing the shutter, but I can think of an awful lot of pictures I didn't get because I was too slow / cost-conscious. If you go for it, I would certainly recommend the medium format / tripod route. There are some ridiculously cheap Bronicas and Mamiya 645s around these days (as I discovered when I sold mine). Edit: (Posted this seconds after you added the above. There are good value
  9. I'd never checked this before but I have just looked back over two years. Of the five oldest unpaid sales, all from 2012, four are from Brazil. The other is Chile.
  10. I am finding recently that I am having to sign in to the forum every time. In the past I got straight through. is anyone else having this problem or is it something my end? I don't remember changing any settings recently that might have caused this.
  11. Would I be right in thinking that the Microstock sites did the keywording/ captioning for you? That could certainly be a problem. Having said that, I think 3 sales from fewer than 300 images isn't at all bad.
  12. Ian - did you know the Alamy link on your website brings up no images - a bit like the number under your name on the forum?
  13. Daily Telegraph Review, Sat 30th Nov, p26 AX90MX - Stephen Mulcahy - Victoria cross (The George Cross is one of mine - was hoping they both were!)
  14. A few Japanese sales can help your income quite a bit. However much I dislike losing 70%, my income would be down considerably if I opted out. The good thing is you can do it by region. I would certainly recommend Japan. Though I have many happy memories of and links with the Czech Republic, their distributors fees are a lot less popular than their beer.
  15. I think the only reason for deleting images is to improve your Alamyrank. If you delete something, it can't sell. But it also can't come up in searches where it isn't wanted. Rather than deleting images, a better approach might be to delete some of their keywords. If is isn't going to beat the competition, or you have better images of the same subject, maybe reduce the keywords to the few that might have less competition. I've been going through my images recently (still at it) and have been playing with the keywords. Adding some that I hadn't thought of, yes, but also deleting or relegating
  16. No. The problem is at your end. You are eating too many peanuts I think the problem is that I'm spending too much time on here (there are those who would agree, judging by some rather random red marks of death I've got to all my posts on another thread!) rather than taking pictures of the peanuts! Probably why I'm making peanuts! Pass the popcorn. Anyhoo, despite my BME, looks like everyone is overtaking me (not that difficult ) and a good thing too. Best of luck all! 'Peanuts' - 9231 results. maybe try some other snack
  17. I've just had two pop up invoiced in Net Revenue - a 180 and a 90 - possible the month may not be an utter disaster after all.
  18. And, most importantly, rankings are not about the quality of the image, but relevance in searches. It doesn't matter how amazing your images are if their keywording brings them up in the wrong searches or doesn't show them in the right searches.
  19. Worst month (half month) for years. In fact the last two months have been awful.
  20. I've had a monopod for years and never used it until this summer. I had two days at Eastbourne photographing the tennis. After the first day I could barely move my arms, thanks to holding up a heavy Sigma zoom all day. The second day I took the monopod. Not only did it save my arms but I found id did help with stability, especially when sitting down and effectively using it as one leg of a tripod, sort of. They can also be pushed up agains a wall or a tree for more stability. It's a Manfroto - very well built and with a fairly large ball and socket head, just the right height for me.
  21. Well spotted. Try 700/17,000. (Thats the images that have sold, not sales)
  22. 700/1700 = about 4% for me too Of course, the number of images has been going up so the percentage of those on file at the time of sale would be quite a bit higher.
  23. Splitting a collection into more than pseudos has a couple of effects. The newly-created one will have a median ranking until the next re-rank. Your 'better' pseudos will have a better ranking than your original, others will be below where you were. Winners and losers. I've split mine into five, according to subject matter. I find keywording studio images a lot more straightforward than travel or other subjects and that pseudo has a much higher ranking and better sales. It tends to appear on the first page, which is very useful in searches with a lot of competition. Those are also easily my
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