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  1. Hello there I'd like to hear from anyone with experience of dealing with ImageRights for pursuing copyright infringements - I know you're out there. I have found multiple copies of my images on the web, from all over the world, from blogs to commercial sites. The so-called search engine they speak of has found nothing since I joined and I am planning to contact them with a long list of infringements I've found. Do I send them every example and let them sort them out? I know chasing blogs is a waste of time but sometimes there is a fine line between a blog and a commercial operation.
  2. I also think it was an odd decision to wind up your business, but presumably, if you sold it, you must have a fair amount of start-up capital. What you need in this business is time. Pictures you take now might start to provide actual income in 6 months to a year. Get some good enough equipment (it doesn't have to be top of the range, but it must be quality) and be prepared to spend a lot of time taking a lot of photos before you see any return. It'll be difficult to make any decisions about how well you are doing before the middle of next year. (and treat any advice from anyone with few
  3. If the business still relied on film, we'd still be earning the fees we got 10 years ago.
  4. After a really poor few months, if not most of the year, December was actually the best month for quite a while. I hope it's a trend.
  5. Mine have been there since the 21st - no reason to think I've failed. It's just Christmas. I hope.
  6. I've added about 4,000 this year. I calculate the earnings per image using an average image count for the year (15,000) as obviously recently-added images haven't had the opportunity to sell yet. The fall is partly due to the increase in Alamy's cut, of course, but the rest of it seems to be a general decline in fees. I have had almost exactly the same number of sales this year as last (9 fewer) despite the large increase in portfolio. I have had quite a few sales from images added this year - largely to newspapers, and we all know what their prices are doing - so it means my existing stock
  7. After a bleak summer and a bleak autumn, December has been my best month for some time. Some nice 3-figure sales and a Christmas Eve sale of the decorations in Barcelona from this time last year. Nothing since the big day but hoping for an end of year rush.
  8. I'm sure you could Photoshop a smile onto that picture if you really wanted to.....
  9. Merry Xmas to everyone. By the way, just checked searches for 'Xmas' rather than 'Christmas'. Pages of them! That's one to add to keywords (though maybe it can wait a day or two). PS: This sale just popped up - how appropriate
  10. Oh well, this is encouraging. I had feared something had happened with the Japanese distributor, Brazil-style.
  11. Interesting. I had 16 up to September, but nothing since then. They are nice amounts, which is why I miss them. It's good to hear some people (Ian) are still getting them and they haven't simply stopped for some reason. A couple of years ago I had four big Japanese sales on New Year's Eve. Fingers crossed.
  12. Has anyone had any sales to Japan recently. They have made up a good percentage of my income over the last couple of years but I haven't had any for a worryingly long time. Have they dried up completely or is it just me?
  13. "downturn in the housing market" "house prices slide" cowboy builders / DIY disaster It might be used as an advert for spirit levels
  14. I saw this in the Telegraph too, but couldn't find it under the search 'Hundertwasserhaus' (all one word) - the German name. I'd add that to the caption and keywords if I were you (although clearly the Telegraph found it!)
  15. Appreciate your comments! Kind of a tough call on the B&W images, cuz out of those I've sold 1/2 have been B&W. Ignore me. I'm going to start uploading black and whites.
  16. They look really good to me. And the keywords we can see look fine too. I think if you keep submitting similar subjects up to this standard you should do well. Think of yourself as a fine art photographer by all means, but your fine art images might do better elsewhere. What I've seen looks like stock. Just keep looking for new subjects, and lots of them. You've got the quality, now you just need the numbers. Just one thing - I'm not sure I'd bother with the black and white. I'd post in colour - if the customer wants b/w they can change it themselves but they can't do it the other way. (othe
  17. I brought this up a while ago - partly because refunds were being counted as sales. That no longer seems to be the case, but a sale refunded still counts as a sale even if the refund itself doesn't. Edit: No, refunds do still seem to count as sales. Shame - on two counts.
  18. Observer Travel supplement Sunday 15th BFM6CE - Place des Vosges, Paris - Alex Segre ARERXA - Cafe de Flore - ALSO Alex Segre CBXEGC - Train window - prem r george
  19. I have had a couple of searches for insects using the Latin names. I'd certainly agree that the scientific name is an essential for nature photographers - not only a Latin name, but the CORRECT Latin name. There are a worrying number of animal pictures on Alamy with bad/awful captions - having the correct Latin name not only helps in searches but also adds credibility to the caption.
  20. 660,372 Results. That is a better approach. Any other 'code' that could suggest a possible use without messing up searches?
  21. There were four pictures used to illustrate the article - from Reuters, Alamy and Getty. I'm pretty sure non of them was taken on a phone.
  22. Does anyone use keywords that suggest possible uses, as well as just content? A search for 'book cover' brings up a lot of images of existing books, of course, but also some images suitable for that use. Likewise for 'greetings card'. Does anyone have any evidence that this helps customers? Has anyone had any sales traceable to similar searches?
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