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  1. I agree. Discussions about prices and licenses and complaints about about low fees should not be available to potential customers - or other agencies. I get rather bored with many of these discussions anyway and don't contribute details myself, but if these subjects are going to be discussed in a forum, it should be kept private to contributors.


    In fact I can't really see why any of the forum should be available to non-members except perhaps potential contributors - though they might not get a balanced view of the business from a cursory browse through some of the posts here.

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  2. Alamy do not issue press cards, but they can help with obtaining accreditation for events. I enquired about this a while ago when I started uploading to the news feed but they quite rightly said they couldn't do much for someone with no track record




    "We have a full dairy of events for news shooters and can provide accreditation to many of them. Our live news team work round the clock and ping images directly to news desks. 


    If you want to discuss upcoming events further, it would be best for you to contact our news team via news@alamy.com"



    I have managed to get past a couple of keeping-the-public-back tapes when carrying a long lens, but I have been asked twice this year if I had a press pass and had a slightly awkward experience at Wimbledon - though I was pushing my luck a bit.

  3. Hi

    I think there was a thread on this in the old forum but I'd like to ask again.

    I use Nikon ViewNx2 software for captioning and keywording. A while ago, after long periods of use, the images started turning completely black. The problem could be cured by rebooting the computer, which was a pain but worked.

    The problem is now becoming much worse, and this morning I can't use it. I first load it and can see the images but as soon as I do anything else, they turn into black rectangles.


    I have downloaded the newest version, cleared the cash, uninstalled the old version of View, defragmented the hard drive and everything else I can think of.


    I've found the same problems on a couple of forums, so I'm not alone, but nobody has provided an answer.


    Has anybody found a solution?

  4. Another aspect of making Alamy Googlable is that many of their distributors already are, notably those in India, Canada, Israel and Japan. Alamy images DO show up via those sites, which means any Google-generated sales will come through distributors, meaning less money for the photographer. 

  5. Before I abandoned film, I used a Mamiya 645 and had a 50mm shift lens for it. I sold all the other gear but kept the shift lens. I haven't used it much but it has come in very useful on a number of occasions. It is especially good for stitching panoramas. Shift it off centre one way then flip it round the other without having to move the camera at all. The images stitch together perfectly and easily as they are in effect parts of the same image. 


    It's hardly a wide-angle, but using the above technique gets much wider pix than a single exposure.


    I had to cobble together an adapter from an old Nikon extension tube and a redundant Mamiya 2x converter, and it's only manual of course, but I'm glad I hung onto it.

  6. I don't know about Canons, being a Nikon user, but I must say how important I find it having two cameras with more of less the same controls. I have a D300 and a D200, which are the same to use, with a couple of minor differences. I also have a D5200, which is a great camera, but very different from the other two where controls are concerned.

    Being able to change settings without thinking is very useful.


    "Something smaller, less conspicuous" - maybe not.

  7. When you look at you sales via the pseudonym summary, the total sales and zooms are shown, but the stats do not take account of refunds. If an image has been sold, then refunded and resold with a change, it shows up as two sales. Could the refunds not be included?

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