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  1. After submitting images to the Newsfeed quickly, with minimal Photoshopping to get them on sale, I often have another go at them a few days later giving a lot more care to the quality, uploading them as normal and deleting the 'news' version when they go on sale.

    I don't think I have had a live news sale either, yet, with one possible exception, though several of my news pictures have later sold to illustrate stories, especially about Len McCluskey. I always try to get shots when covering news that will also make good stock later, such as portraits of politicians and celebrities.

    I'd certainly agree with going back to re-edit the caption and keywords when the news value has passed, but don't delete the info as the details might be of interest at a later date - maybe relegate it to the description field.

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  2. I started submitting to another library (one I think you know, Mirco) in January this year. My first two sales came in August, both of images submitted in January, seven months earlier.

    In September I had three sales - of submissions from January and February, seven months earlier.

    More sales in October - images sent in Jan, Feb and March - seven months earlier.

    There seems to be a pattern emerging. I have had sales on Alamy much quicker than that, - and of course here sales are reported as they happen, not when the money clears - but I think the above shows there is definitely a delay to expect before sales start.

    November statement due any day - sales from April subs, I hope.



    David Alan Harvey


    It's great the discoveries you make on here.  Forgive my ignorance - he's new to me, but just a quick look at a couple of galleries on his website and I'll +1 that!


    Danny, DAH is a Magnum shooter so you can see his work on the Magnum site. (Do street shooters have to have three names?)


    Yes they do - as does the best ever beyond any doubt, Henri Cartier Bresson.

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    You've finished? really?


    DEM22G -Statue of historic king at the center of Prague, Czech Republic

    which king?



    Big cathedral with many people standing around it in the center of Prague, Czech Republic


    which cathedral?



    basic info missing

    and that's just from the first 6 of your images


    slow down, do it better, do it once..




    The cathedral certainly is St Vitus.

    And the 'historic king' is actually St Paul, in the outer courtyard of the castle, not really the centre.

    DEM21X is the Schwarzenberg Palace / Schwarzenbergski palac, again up by the castle.

    I like your photos but more accurate captioning and keywording will get you more sales.


    (and the statue in the centre of Poznan is St John Nepomuk).

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  5. Does anyone know if a translated book has the same ISBN number, or has a different one? 

    Funnily enough I was reading just this morning about ISBN codes, in a book called 'The Art of Science'.   It analyises its own ISBN code;  978-0-330-49075-7  and states that the fourth digit '0' identifies the book as being published in an English speaking country.  The code for the Netherlands is 90, so if you know the ISBN code for the English version perhaps you could substitute the 0 for 90 and do a search.


    Somehow though I doubt if it's that simple.




    You're right to doubt - it's not that simple. Countries have their prefix, as you say, then publishers do (0330 above means Pan/MacMillan; 0140, penguin etc) Foreign editions have completely different ISBNs.

    Many ranges of books, such as travel guides, do have foreign editions. Some are published by the same publisher and others use foreign companies (Dorling Kindersley and others). 

    From my experience of the Netherlands and its bookshops, the level of English-speaking there is so high that it is hardly worthwhile translating books into Dutch. They can be understood in English so there's not much of a market. 

  6. I can't honestly see a problem with waiting a week for a submission to clear. By the standards of other libraries, a week is very quick.

    We have been spoiled in the past with 'delays' of one or two days. The other library I contribute to takes about a month.

    Live news gets passed within minutes. Stock isn't generally urgent. If it clears on a Saturday, waiting until Monday to do the keywording really isn't the end of the world (or even the end of the week, if you are away taking more photos) .

  7. Looking through the All of Alamy searches, the vast majority of searches including 'portrait' seem to be looking for pictures of people's faces. With 'Landscape' its harder to tell, but I think it would make everyone's lives much simpler if we all stuck to using them to describe content.


    A search for 'landscape' certainly brings up overwhelmingly pictures of landscapes, some of them vertical (with the exception of a portrait of a landscape painter - but there's always one!)

  8. I had one of those too!  My image was of a fountain in a public park in Warsaw, Poland.  What was yours of?

    I have today sold a photo to the Pitcairn Islands for use in a textbook. 

    Print run - up to 5,000.

    Population of the Pitcairn Islands - 48.

    That's optimistic.


    Has anyone else ever had one of these?

    Perhaps the entire population is employed at a textbook publisher.

    Mine was of a prehistoric fly preserved in amber. Spot the theme.........

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