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  1. I can't see any point in leaving loads of space around a cutout - they don't need to be cropped if the background is truly white (or black) I have noticed that if there is too little space around the image, it isn't always picked up by the automatic cutout detector at Alamy, so a good border is best.


    And the bigger the image, the clearer it is in the thumbnail

  2. Yes, the change seems to be that previously, if you had a processing error, most passed QC, the sub was marked in orange "Partial Fail" and the rejected images had to be resubmitted.

    It seems now that after a partial fail, the processing error images are removed, the rest of the sub gets passed and the problem images,instead of being rejected, ore put in a separate upload group for another try.

    This seems like an improvement, at least if you know in advance that this is what's likely to happen.

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  3. Earlier this week I had a partial fail due to four processing errors in two different batches.

    Today I find that the orange 'Partial Fail' noticed have been replaced with a green 'Passed' notice and a new submission has appeared, with four images, dated 2nd August.

    It seems the processing errors have been recovered and put into the system.

    I have already re-submitted the images concerned but it might be worth bearing in mind if you get a partial fail, that the images might actually go through some time later.

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    > $75 sales...refunded and replaced with $30 sales today. Anyone else had the same?


    Yes, & now the "dream" hand-sized FF Sony w/zoom needs to be $4500 $4350 or less...


    But most interesting about this thread:

    many "Let-Us-Not-Discuss-Low-Pricing-thread" 

    zealots are...get ready...take a seat...here it comes:


    DISCUSSING LOW PRICING!!! :wacko: :blink:  :wacko:  

    You're absolutely right. And wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere private to do it.

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  5. I tend to do 10 minimum, 30 max. Uploading 30 corresponds roughly to the time needed to get from unground coffee beans to a finished cup.

    If I'm editing loads I will upload a small batch first to get my foot in the QC queue (QCQ?). Assuming you have to wait 24 hrs for them to pass, rather than leaving it three days and uploading 200 all at once, it's better to start the process and keep uploading smallish batches, as when the first lot pass (hopefully) all later submissions awaiting QC will go through with them, even if they were only uploaded a few minutes ago.

  6. I agree. Discussions about prices and licenses and complaints about about low fees should not be available to potential customers - or other agencies. I get rather bored with many of these discussions anyway and don't contribute details myself, but if these subjects are going to be discussed in a forum, it should be kept private to contributors.


    In fact I can't really see why any of the forum should be available to non-members except perhaps potential contributors - though they might not get a balanced view of the business from a cursory browse through some of the posts here.

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  7. Alamy do not issue press cards, but they can help with obtaining accreditation for events. I enquired about this a while ago when I started uploading to the news feed but they quite rightly said they couldn't do much for someone with no track record




    "We have a full dairy of events for news shooters and can provide accreditation to many of them. Our live news team work round the clock and ping images directly to news desks. 


    If you want to discuss upcoming events further, it would be best for you to contact our news team via news@alamy.com"



    I have managed to get past a couple of keeping-the-public-back tapes when carrying a long lens, but I have been asked twice this year if I had a press pass and had a slightly awkward experience at Wimbledon - though I was pushing my luck a bit.

  8. Hi

    I think there was a thread on this in the old forum but I'd like to ask again.

    I use Nikon ViewNx2 software for captioning and keywording. A while ago, after long periods of use, the images started turning completely black. The problem could be cured by rebooting the computer, which was a pain but worked.

    The problem is now becoming much worse, and this morning I can't use it. I first load it and can see the images but as soon as I do anything else, they turn into black rectangles.


    I have downloaded the newest version, cleared the cash, uninstalled the old version of View, defragmented the hard drive and everything else I can think of.


    I've found the same problems on a couple of forums, so I'm not alone, but nobody has provided an answer.


    Has anybody found a solution?

  9. Another aspect of making Alamy Googlable is that many of their distributors already are, notably those in India, Canada, Israel and Japan. Alamy images DO show up via those sites, which means any Google-generated sales will come through distributors, meaning less money for the photographer. 

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