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  1. I was looking at the wrong picture! I thought it was the one of the beach. Hours I will never get back. (I suppose five days ago, three clicks would have been right).
  2. They are still searchable. Just tried some of mine, using words in the keywords but not in the caption and they appeared.
  3. Well, it's all the same customer and I still have sold the image once. Three sales, two refunds. It has happened before that a sale gets duplicated then refunded - but twice in as many weeks is new to me. Anyone else?
  4. On the seventh of this month I had one of those nice $180 textbooks sales. On the tenth, it sold again, same details, but was, not surprisingly, refunded later that day. This morning it's popped up again. I'm fully expecting the same thing to happen, but fingers crossed. I've had duplicated sales and refunds before, but never twice in the same month. Has this happened to anyone else this month? (Edit - the second was another sale, not a slae, thankfully)
  5. I was hoping some of my Maidstone pictures might have been used. Disappointed.
  6. I'd agree with that. Though I find it less depressing now I've started snapping my nick-knacks and lunches. Travel images are still selling for me but I find my 'studio' (kitchen table) stuff is far outselling it and hugely more cost-effective. Even if I buy most of the stuff on ebay, it's still cheaper than the airfare to Prague. (Coincidentally I did find a picture of my lunch on a Danish website last week - with luck it might just cover the cost of the meal).
  7. Reply from member Services - they credited the wrong people. Colourbox are not, thankfully, distributing our pix for €1.95.
  8. I did - no results. I've emailed member services - maybe it was a direct sale and got mis-attributed.
  9. Has anyone had any sales through Colourbox? I have just found one of my images on a website, credited to Alamy (Colourbox). I can't find the image on the Colourbox site and was very unhappy to see the flat rates they charge for image use. I wasn't aware that they were an Alamy distributor and am a bit confused that I can't find the image in question on their site. Maybe it's just a misprint.
  10. That's exactly what I mean. You can never know how your images will come up in a search or what selection will turn up for a particular keyword. The 'preferred' one might not be the best for a particular search term, but for batches of images that are basically similars, which will always come up together because they have the same keywords, it would be nice to have some sort of say in the order.
  11. Not sure how he managed it, but a cautionary tale nevertheless. (Berlin)
  12. Looks like the famous but rare Hebridean Mountain Crab to me. They live in old haggis burrows and are strictly nocturnal, as they explode when exposed to sunlight. I think that is what happened here.
  13. To help tweak the sometimes disappointing order in which our images come in searches, how about an ability for contributors to mark a certain percentage of their shots as 'favourites', to give them preference in searches? It could be a quite small percentage, but it would produce more favourable search results, especially where similars are involved. You might argue that you shouldn't upload any picture you might be disappointed to see pop up, and stick with only the best, but I'm sure we all contribute similars to give buyers more choice, while knowing which one we prefer.
  14. I agree - I've had this before. Don't spend the money yet, but there's a good chance they will all stick.
  15. My last fail came a week before I got my first reading glasses - you might be right.
  16. and today, the same image for the same amount with the same details. Fully expecting a refund of the first, but you never know. I suspect you did have a refund, Phil (but hope not). I had this exact sale on Friday, then repeated yesterday, refunded today. As it happens, this was my fourth textbook sale this month (not counting the one that was cancelled out) but they weren't all for $180 more's the pity. Chris Yes, me too. But it was expected. On the plus side, my second biggest sale ever turned up today, followed by another 3-figure sale this afternoon. I've made more i
  17. I hereby declare the first meeting of the Tuesday Morning Club open.
  18. Get your captioning and keywording as good as you possibly can. The only way customers will use your images is if they find exactly what they want in a particular search. If they don't come up in searches, nobody will see them; if they come up in the wrong searches, nobody will use them. The only real way to sell images here is to take the subjects people want and make sure they find them when they want them. I wish I was a lot better at what I have just recommended. Having said that, I've just had a look at your images and your captioning and keywording seem pretty good to me
  19. and today, the same image for the same amount with the same details. Fully expecting a refund of the first, but you never know.
  20. I like the idea of Fair Trade but I suspect in the photo stock market it might be more a case of Fair Retail.
  21. I believe the estate of Elvis Presley tried to do the same thing with his image - I don't know how they got on.
  22. I find most cameras and camera grips too small. My Nikon grips are covered with tennis-racket handle stuff - foam-backed rubber grips, cut to lengths and liberally applied. It looks a bit ridiculous but gives a much more solid grasp and is a lot more comfortable if you've got long fingers.
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