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    Ok I give up,

    I have opted out of the newspaper scheme following a run of insulting (microtstock level) fees, which I now only get 50% of, un-reported sales(the ones I have found out about) and lack of trust in the whole idea. 


    So my question now is from what point do my pictures stop being available to this scheme, is it immediate or can they still sell images for a time?


    You mean you opted out around April 1st - which is the only time of year one can opt out?

    No, that's NU - you can opt out of newspapers any time, I believe.

  2. My mum was reading a magazine once, shortly I after I had returned from working in the Czech Republic, when she said there was an article about a town in Moravia.

    "Have you been there?" she asked, showing me the picture. "Yes" I replied, "and I took that picture."

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  3. Does anyone know where to find a good comprehensive list of upcoming newsworthy events (marches, protests, demos, memorial services, etc) in London?

    I know of several different places for film premières, and the Met Police have a site listing upcoming demos, but only those which are likely to cause traffic disruption. Bits and pieces can be got from various newspapers and local TV news, but it's a bit hit and miss.

    I have been up to several events recently and got some good pictures (and, more importantly, sales) but I have equally been frustrated by only hearing about such things afterwards on the news.

    Anyone know of a single good source of info on upcoming newsworthy stuff?

    (Sorry it's Londoncentric. That's where I'm based - any other regional sources welcome too)

  4. Now that is a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Thanks.


    (edit) However, if you then do a search from that page, you get results from the whole of Alamy - if you search from your link page the pics are all yours.

  5. I've just had a look at the intro page of FAA - the inspirational sales page - and I'd say about 40% of them are photographic, some brilliant, some not. I have joined them recently and have had a few views but no sales yet. I take the 'it can't so any harm' view.

    I've also joined Saatchi, with exclusive images, and have had far more views but no sales yet. A girl at the school where I used to work has sold a couple via Saatchi, but she is a VERY good painter.

  6. I've never understood this idea of not uploading more submission while one is waiting to clear. I would have a backlog of thousands of images if I did that. 

    If your images pass, so do all the other submissions awaiting QC at the time so they can all be keyworded.

    If one fails, you just resubmit the other ones (assuming you are confident they will pass) - it can take a while but it's a good excuse to watch TV while they upload.

    Can anyone explain the advantage of uploading one sub and waiting for it to pass?

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  7. Are you in the newspaper scheme? It looks that way to me.

    The size quoted is rarely correct and the publication dates are ALWAYS wrong with newspapers - that refers to when someone did something to do with reporting the sale, not when it was published. 


    I have recently joined the newspaper scheme. The following day I found one of my images in the Observer. It has just been reported, with two others, and they each got about the same amount as you did, though they were less than 1/4 page.

    I had one published in a paper just before I joined the scheme - that grossed about 3 1/2 times as much, though I am certainly getting more published since I joined.

  8. I think as long as the customer can understand why the images come up - as long as grass and something black are visible - I think most will accept that and refine their search (adding 'weed' or the latin name - another keyword to include). What would annoy me is searches where some of the results seem totally irrelevant to the search terms. That can happen too (especially on the German site!)

  9. Try blackgrass, one word, and it brings up only the right thing - though not many images. I would hurriedly add the keywords blackgrass and black-grass, both of which seem to be used and might give you the advantage in a search. 

  10. Activity registers but isn't reported over the weekend (look for the 'last updated' date and time, top right). You have to wait for Monday (usually morning) to see the weekend's views and zooms.

    As for 'ready' images, there has been a recent change - they now go on sale 24hrs after being made ready, whereas before weekends didn't count.

  11. Alamy's software 'reads' whether a pic is tall, wide or square...


    That's true, but that only works if the customer ticks the landscape / portrait box in the search options. If they use the terms in the keyword search instead, only images that have had those keywords added will come up. It's the same with cutouts - they are automatically recognised (mostly) by the system, but not if 'cutout' is used as a search term.

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