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  1. I have just seen one of my images used by the Mail Online. 




    At the bottom right of the image - and all the other images - is a little camera symbol. Click on this and it gives you the opportunity to 'share' the image on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google.

    Should we - and Alamy - be encouraging this kind of free re-distribution of our images?

  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2637725/Catholic-family-branded-bigoted-social-workers-not-wanting-children-adopted-gay-couple.html








    There is another Alamy credited picture of the high court which i cannot find. Job for Steve! maybe.





    Thanks Craig. 


    Just noticed, looking at the Daily Mail page this is on, there is a little camera symbol, bottom right, which lets you 'share' the image on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google. Should we, and Alamy, be encouraging this kind of free distribution of our images? (don't comment here - new thread started)

  3. I know what you mean about investing in equipment. However, I bought the lens a couple of years ago for c£600.

    I have made just short of £100 from images taken with it.

    That's more than I would have made in interest if I'd put the £600 in the bank.

    (Though, of course, I would still have the £600 in the bank).



    (In fact I've sold 5)


    CYKW56   sold last month

    C8Y1H5     sold today

    CYP0G3    last October


    On reflection, it seems it's fisheye images of Prague that are wanted

  4. I have just been going through my latest submission to pass QC. They include some images I uploaded on Monday to the news feed and more carefully processed versions of some of the same images I sent today.


    As I was viewing the different versions of the same pictures I was struck by how much sharper the thumbnails were of those I sent on Monday. As they were live news, I did the processing less carefully than for general stock - just a bit of tweaking for lighting and colour.

    I think I uploaded Monday's batch at JPEG level 11, whereas today's were level 12.

    Both the thumbnails and the zoom-size images are clearly sharper for the live news versions in all cases.


    Has anyone else experienced this or can anyone come up with a possible explanation? Do level 11 JPEGs perhaps produce sharper thumbnails as there is less info to condense?

    I'm going to try an experiment with my next batch, sending the same image at levels 12, 11 and 10. I hope QC don't get me for too many similars. 

  5. I have just found the following unfortunate mistake following the sad announcement of Elena Baltacha's death:




    Her obituary accompanied by a picture of Maria Kirilenko. It turns out it is from a match in which they were both playing, so both in the keywords. 

    Unfortunate result of a combination of unnecessary keywords and a very lazy picture editor.

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    Then again, considering the tip example, how about skipping machine translation altogether? If I want German buyers then it could be my responsibility to include Brücke as well as bridge.


    I agree. I've never been in favour of it. I have never been one of those people who expects the whole world to speak English, but in this case sticking to the English language would, I think, loose fewer sales than the mayhem caused by machine mistranslation.

    I also include foreign place names in keywords - Venezia, Praha, Milano - and I know they have been used in searches. I think it's impractical to do it for all potential search terms.


    People who contributed to the short-lived Photoshelter library will remember the time-consuming and arduous process of keywording which included, for each keyword you entered, selecting the relevant meaning of that word. It took ages, it drove most contributors to drink, but that is the only way keyword translation could work. Unfortunately.

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  7. Machine / computer translation from English for single words is impossible.

    Imagine you have 'tip' as one of your keywords. How can a computer know how to translate it? Is it the point of something, a rubbish dump, a piece of good advice, the end of a snooker cue, money left for a waiter? Those meanings all have completely different words in German (and other languages).

    If you do a search for "Trinkgeld" on the German site (a 'tip' left for a waiter, a gratuity) you get all the same results as if you'd searched for 'tip' - pointy pencils, icebergs, orange-tip butterflies, white-tipped sharks, rubbish dumps - which have absolutely no relevance to someone looking for money added on to a bill (and 'bill' could be an invoice, a banknote, a duck's beak...). A German with a good knowledge of English might work out what's happened, but to others it would be a complete nonsense.

    Computer translation does not work. If every word in every language had only one meaning, and every concept had only one word, it might.

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  8. It's an interesting article but I'm not sure it's aimed at Alamy contributors. 'Editing' can be done for an exhibition, a book, a National Geographic article, an agency with its own editors - or Alamy.

    Each one is different.

    When I select work for my £80 Thames and Hudson retrospective volume, I certainly won't be choosing pictures of seashells, chocolate bars, traffic signs, lumps of rock, logs on a train, fake pound coins, computer screen shots, a half-eaten meal, a bowl of lemons, or indeed anything else I've sold on Alamy recently.


    QC Conundrum.  Any clues anyone?    I now have a 100% failure rate since February (4 out of 4), with a likely 5th, languishing since 21st.   Serves him right, you'll say.  Useless beginner, should learn his trade.  


    OK, so let's look at the plus side.  Been earning money from stock since the early 1970s, Alamy since 2001, told I'm in the "top 500" of Alamy sellers, which puts me in about the top 2%.   March sales $1211 gross, April to date $1353 gross.  But now in danger of having my "account terminated for 6 months", as the agreement says, for inability to pass QC.


    So what's happened?   Well, the problems started when I bought a new Canon 7D.   Until then I'd got some 8,000 images through with barely a quibble.   When the 7D started showing up the reds, I sent it back to Canon for calibration.   Still the reds came creeping in.   And got worse.  Now the QC microscope is so focussed I can't see where the fault lies.   All they say is "Image soft...soft...soft".   So I went back to my tried and trusted 5D, which has NEVER had a failiure.   Again no good.  Once you have a criminal record, there's no way out.


    So it looks like adios, folks.   Seems a pity as it's people like me who keep Alamy in business.


    Rolf Richardson

    I know this might sound sarcastic but it is meant seriously. Do you need you eyes tested? My last QC failure came the week before I got my first reading glasses - I haven't had one since.


    (what on earth is nbsp???)

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