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  1. Interesting question Using filters: 15,543 Using keyword 'people' : 1839 'person' ; 855 I've been adding it as a tag recently - looks like I didn't much in the past.
  2. Brazil, again? A few years ago we had sales to Brazil written off because the distributor had gone bust / run away.
  3. Anyway it is good evidence to prove you should get live news rates and not $6.12
  4. Thanks again Bryan - you do an amazing job, much appreciated by those of us too lazy to do it ourselves.
  5. duplicated (if your post doesn't appear immediately, give it a minute...)
  6. To be honest $5 isn't bad for Novel Use. It started out for customers who didn't fit into any of the traditional licencing models - like someone who wanted to put an image on a fridge magnet or a mug - but it now being used for 'special deals' with government magazines with a circulation of 250,000 to use images in perpetuity for $1.62. It's not what we signed up for, most of us thought it had been killed off years ago and some of us are somewhat surprised and not entirely happy to see our work being given away to people who can afford to pay, in some weird commercial experiment.
  7. Yes - I had a couple of Downing Street pics come through last night - including one of Nicola Sturgeon and a Christmas tree - I was just ready to pack up and leave when she arrived.
  8. Especially pleased about this one as it had been a long cold day and I was just about to pack up when she arrived. Sun/Scottish Sun
  9. Next big Brexit vote in Westminster on Feb 14th ......... just saying
  10. A bit of a surge the last two days, but still a hugely disappointing month. Just had another one appear so maybe the next hour or two will double the monthly total.
  11. Never Undersold Sorry if I'm getting a bit cynical recently - I have always been a great supporter of Alamy, but recently things have just been getting so depressing.
  12. Given that the so-called 'novel use' sales coming through these day in no way what we were led to believe they would be when the scheme started - $1.62 for use in a government magazine with a circulation of 250,000, 'in perpetuity'!; advertising use on commercial travel websites etc - and that many of us thought that the scheme had been discontinued a long time ago anyway, could we perhaps, as a friendly gesture, be given a one-off chance to opt out of it without having to wait until April? Especially as after after Feb we will be getting 40% of nothing rather than 50% of nothing.
  13. Yes, sad to say compared to some sales, including websites and national newspapers, PU sales can look relatively lucrative
  14. Without going into detail, how's you month going so far? - I need to hear someone is doing well.
  15. IGNORE THE GREEN BAR. Add the keywords you think are relevant - don't add anything just to make up numbers. The concept of 'optimising' is one of Alamy's biggest mistakes ever. Ignore it. Good luck.
  16. It's about both. Your images are amazing. I'm jealous. They will sell, there's no doubt, but you need more to get regular sales.
  17. I've had one newspaper sale surge through this afternoon. Waiting for more......
  18. I've just had one of those. Counting the weeks until Opt Out April
  19. Well, yes, a few sales have come through but the next five days are going to have to be pretty spectacular to get me up to a slightly disappointing month.
  20. Thanks for finding that one - those thirty minutes in the departure lounge weren't entirely wasted.
  21. I see what you mean - and thanks, I've added 'eye contact' to the keywords.
  22. Always surprised when this one sells, given the number of pics of the Queen available - I suppose it has a certain gritty, not-quite-sharp quality that some people are looking for.
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