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  1. When I submit stuff via the news feed I go back to the images a few days later - when it's no longer news - and alter the data accordingly. If necessary I put all the background information into the description field, or more usually delete it altogether if it has no meaning to the image as stock.


    If you do a search here for any tennis player you will find dozens of pictures of other players, because at the time the photo was taken they were in a match against the player you are searching for, and mentioned in the caption. 

    For a hot news photo that is important information. As a stock image of the player pictured it is largely irrelevant, but might be of use in the description, as background.


    The fact is the caption is searchable, whatever you think about that, and if you don't want erroneous search results, hide the unwanted information in the description field. 

  2. I can see your point, but one of the problems of having 45.13million images is that changes like this would be hard to implement now. I don't fancy going through my 18,000 pics giving them all categories, and I'm pretty sure Mr Greenberg would have something to say. I agree it's a good idea, but I think that particular horse may have bolted.

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  3. Please can we either do away with or have an option to do away with or at least move that little CHAT NOW tab that appears on the right of the screen. I never use it and as I type it is there, on another screen, obscuring information I want. I can't scroll down, I can't get rid of it, I can't move it.

    Can we please have a right-click 'CLOSE' option?

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  4. Resolution has been covered above.

    As for file naming, I like to be able to have a good idea of the subject from the file name. I use a system I started years ago when I had very few images but I find it still works now.

    For travel shots I use the international country code (D for Germany, E for Spain, HR for Croatia...) then two letters for the town, followed by a four figure number. GBLO is London, FPA is Paris, HRZA is Zagreb and so on.

    For natural history (eg herons) I start NH, then BI for bird, MA for mammal AM for amphibian, then GH for grey heron. So if I see NHBIGH1007, I know it's a grey heron picture immediately.

    Additionally, numbers under 1000 are scans of slides, anything in four figures is a digital file.

    Only a suggestion, it works for me.

  5. I also had my first failure for ages last week. However, it was for 'over manipulation' on a very obviously, deliberately, creatively (I thought) over-manipulated image. The failure came through in two days and all the re-submitted images passed two days after that.

    I think they were telling me not that I had failed the standards through sloppy workflow but it was the kind of image they just don't want.


    Wrist-slashing was not an option I considered and neither should you. Even if you are 'banished' it will be for a maximum of a month. Just keep working and submitting as usual and they'll pass when they pass. (or fail, but I'm sure they won't)

  6. there are a number of contributors whose pseudonyms are URLs...be interesting to see how that's dealt with...




    Mine used to be - and James phoned me in person to ask me to change it! That was a long time ago (and he was phoning about something else, but still..)

  7. I don't look at All of Alamy as much as I should, but when I do I often find searches using keywords that I realise could apply to some of my images - often abstract concept words ('concept' for example) so I find the relevant images and add the keywords. But as I say, not as often as I should.

    I have just finished going through ALL my images, checking the keywords. I found lots of obvious (to me now) missing words and numerous spelling mistakes. It was worth the effort. I think. I hope.

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