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  1. I've been covering a lot of news stories recently but I am constantly thinking about stock at the same time, as that's where most of my sales come from - portraits of celebrities speaking at a rally, used later for an unrelated story, or general shots of police doing their thing at an event... When an event has covered the cost of the train fare to London, it's usually thanks to stock images used months later.


    I have had a couple of proper news sales, from the time, reported later at non-newspaper scheme prices, which didn't show up in Google searches. Maybe they were in regional papers or not in the online versions.


    As for captions, I frequently go back and change them, a couple of weeks later, especially if they have stock potential. You can get some really odd results coming up in searches due to the extra long captions. A classic is sport, where you search for a tennis player and you get pictures of others, because they were playing in a match against the one you were looking for. Useful information for a news story, but irrelevant in stock. I even saw an obituary of Elena Baltacha illustrated with a photo of Maria Kirilenko - because that's who she was playing against in the match and clearly the picture editor didn't know what she looked like!

  2. I've just done a search on Alamy and clicked on a couple of the results - I can't see the description field anywhere. Is it still visible somehow, or has it become a thing of the past? And will I have to edit all my captions that say 'see description field for details'?

  3. I wouldn't do pics I can take again, but I'm concentrating on foreign travel - places I can't see myself getting back to for a while. I'm only doing pics that a) have potential and B) don't live up to that potential due to my lack of Photoshop expertise at the time. Others I find are getting deleted.


    I do wish you could type B) without it being turned into a B). Argh, see what I mean?

  4. I'm doing that right now. Some of mine from the past have very poor colour saturation and very low contrast. When I haven't got any new photos to go through, or need a change, I go back through my old travel stuff and redo the ones with most potential.

    I also find, when going back to my drive fill of RAW files, that there are some I didn't bother processing back then and are worth doing.

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