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  1. I use one of these ALL the time - permanently fixed to my tripod.




    though I don't remember paying that much for it. The fine focus is great but also the much bigger slide helps you avoid having to move the tripod or subject every time you want to zoom in or out.

  2. 17 MB is another way of saying 6 MP - why they don't just say this and persist with file size (most people have difficulty in understanding) rather than image dimensions (everyone understands)  is beyond me


    If you are cropping or resizing images I think the MB is the more useful measure - MP is useful when chosing a camera.

  3. That's a very good point about foreign alphabets and scripts. Place and people names are often transliterated very differently in different languages, because their vowels and consonants work differently. 


    eg Tchaikovsky, Tschaikowski (German) Cajkovskij (Czech) all pronounced the same, Moscow, Moskau (Ger); Tashkent / Taschkent etc. A German picture buyer searching in English, even one with an excellent command of the language, could well use the 'German' spelling.


    The other day, I was out doing night shots (for my own use/flickr) late at night, with my dogs.

    The police pulled me over as I lett the beach area,I thought they were going to want to question what I was up to, but they saw the camera, and the backpack with tripod sticking out of it

    and said, you obviously have a camera bag, have you seen anyone shooting at us? Wanted to know if I had seen any laser lights, or heard any gun shots as someone was taking pot shots at them.


    Normally I am fairly shy, depression means I often feel uncomfortable in crowded places, talking to people, or even going out, but I get days where I can literally walk into a supermarket with my dslr and just not care, taking as many photos as I feel like.


    I was in Westminster a while ago and saw a good opportunity to get a shot of the police, but I needed to step out into the MPs only lane of the road to get it. As I then walked past the two officers one of them approached me. Oh dear.

    "Is that a D300?" he asked, "what lens are you using?" We had quite a nice chat.

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  5. I'd like a way for when keywording the word 'England', other variants could automatically be entered at the same time (in to the Main Keywords box). For example typing 'england' would also add 'english, gb, great britain, british, uk, united kingdom, europe, european' etc. etc. Also the same for Wales, Scotland, Ireland etc.

    Maybe a personal preassigned custom button could do this ?

    (could be useful for other variants too; transport, transportation, travel, journey etc).


    And as others have said, a magnifier thing to help us find those tiny people in our images ! (for the number of people in image count).


    Yes, very useful. Cycling again, but I'm sick of typing cycle, bicycle, bike, cycling, cyclist. What count as 'variants' however may differ widely from person to person. I don't always add English or British for images of England or Britain unless I think it is relevant. I'm for the 'person preassigned custom button' idea.

  6. I have the Sigma 150-500 for Nikon. I've had some good results with it handheld or on a monopod, especially close-up portraits at events




    but, as said above, you need pretty good light. I can only use it on one camera - the one with focus fine-tuning as it needed some adjustment. It's not great for sport - I don't think the autofocus is quite fast enough.


    In short, it's good value at the price but if the reviews of the news Tamron are good, that might be the better choice

  7. Seems I'm not the only one to have the (joint) highest number of sales ever. Last month was the best for income in over a year. Things would appear to be looking up.

    I have recently noticed a huge increase in returns on Google searches of Alamy images. This makes finding published pics a bit harder among the lists of links to Alamy, but that has got to be a good thing for sales.

    Could there be a connection?


    (Why does the Alamy spellcheker always underline 'Alamy'? There, it did it again...)

  8. Congratulations, I've had a few on book covers that I've found via Google, one of which I actually brought a copy of  via amazon for 99p! Yet to see one of mine on the cover in a local book shop. 


    I did that too - it was an image of a cork in a wine bottle, used on the cover of a book on alcoholism. You should have seen the 'targeted advertising' I got after ordering a copy of that


    RWE.jpg Never quite understood this one though


    I've had some others - including some direct sales (Blue Guides) http://pjrfoto.com/published%20work.htm

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