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  1. I think the best technical answer is that 'it's a bit hit and miss'. I have a lot of cutouts of statues with white all round the frame - some come up in cutout searches, some don't. And many where the base reaches the frame DO come up.
  2. I do try to limit 'similars' to two or three, though I have been known to include more if it is a subject with little coverage on Alamy. I have photographed a few politicians, (minor) celebrities and tennis players and discovered that there are no or very few images with Alamy so I send a few more angles and facial expressions that I otherwise would have.
  3. Trying to process Keith Morris's sales has crashed the system. It may take some time......
  4. FWIW, my graphs are quite different in that both are heading upward this year after a slump in 2013. I think that we would have to hear from a lot more contributors before declaring an official blip. The forum is a relatively small sample. Then again, I could be an outlier. Wouldn't be the first time. Good to hear, John. As I mentioned, the year isn't over yet and the downturn at the right of the graph still has time to edge upwards. My main gripe is the number of images I've added without any visible results, but again, time will tell.
  5. It's very interesting to see the graphs posted here - there is a remarkable similarity in incomes. I'd post mine but it is exactly the same shape as Wim's - the numbers down the left are different. It will be interesting to compare at the end of the year when all the numbers are in. I'd like to think we are having an unfortunate downward blip at the moment - a rather lengthy one. Let's hope all the graphs start heading the right way again.
  6. Today, 29th August 2014, is my tenth anniversary of joining Alamy. Nine years of constantly increasing sales and income followed by one year of slightly increasing sales but falling income, despite nearly doubling my number of images in the past 18 months. After remaining constant, almost to the penny, for four years, income per image has almost halved. How are other long-term members doing?
  7. I agree. I also agree that opening local offices abroad is a much better way (from the photographers' point of view at least) to increase sales. I do, however, realise that opening offices in 200-300 countries is perhaps impractical.
  8. Definitely a ring-necked parakeet. And it's just resting. For guaranteed sightings, try Kensington Gardens.
  9. Except if you made the same number of sales direct, you'd get more money. If a distribution network somehow increases the size of the market - selling more pictures for everyone - it might be preferable. In fact what it does, as far as I can see, is increase the percentage of fees going to agents on the same number of sales.
  10. The commercial agencies return the most to photographers, generally by quite some distance. Do you mean amounts or percentages?
  11. I accept the point about languages for negotiating purposes - though a little less negotiation on prices might be welcomed by some - but Getty distributing through Corbis? Lunacy. And if the deal they struck makes sense for them, you can be sure it doesn't for the photographers.
  12. As Chuck said, if you have old images of value or interest that can't be retaken, by all means. I know there are still defenders of film out there, but I honestly can't see the point of taking the film route with all the scanning and editing (and cost) involved for what is now a totally digital market. The final product will be digital - why take the long way round? If your aim is primarily the art market - good old-fashioned framed black and white prints done the traditional way, then yes, digitise them too.
  13. I think most people feel the same when they see a good sale then realise it's via a distributor and they lose a painful amount in commission. The argument is that it gets extra sales that wouldn't have gone to Alamy. But is that true? Alamy now has 50m images and, thanks to Alamy, so do all its distributors. Customers go to the distributors because they know they can find 50m Alamy images there - so they don't go direct to Alamy. The internet is global, that's sort of the point of it. The picture-buying market is mostly English-speaking, because photographers and agencies alike know th
  14. Hard to tell from this but as scans go, this looks like a very decent scan! Nice tonal range. Thanks - and I didn't have to worry too much about dust spots - I could just pretend they were more distant swifts
  15. This week I sold one of a scanned slide I took long before I started with Alamy. 35mm, cheap scanner, someone wanted it.
  16. I see DIY QC as part of the Alamy 'package' - commission rate, no content editing, kewording, image checking. Other agencies do it differently and charge accordingly. Unless someone is willing to check all my submissions, reliably, for 3c an image, I'll continue to do my own checking.
  17. There is many a studio photographer who gets an assistant to actually press the shutter when the picture is ready to be taken. If you dictate your book to someone who notes it down in shorthand then types it up, does the copyright belong to the one who spoke the words or the one holding the pencil?
  18. I now have the FTP route but I used to have the same problem frequently. I found it happened if I was doing ANYTHING ELSE on the internet at the same time. If I left the computer alone while it was going on I didn't have problems, but it seemed that if I was doing anything online while a file was finishing or beginning, it came up as an error. Try leaving the computer alone, see if that works.
  19. It may have its uses, but an option to right-click and hide would be very welcome.
  20. Finding usage? Alamy sales reports say if it's in a book or not. The bands for numbers of books sales are pretty wide, (0-50, 50-100, 100-300 or something) so you don't have to know exact numbers. If you are one or two short of the next band I'd claim for that - you're bound to have a couple of unreported sales out there somewhere. As for income, I usually regard it as a thirteenth month - in recent years it has been a bit above my Alamy monthly average. And in previous years the numbers have included ALL sales in the past, up to the date claimed - those books are all still out there i
  21. I got the 10,000,000th. No prize, but my pseudo got mentioned in the press release. (The picture hasn't sold, yet.)
  22. I had some go through today OK. I have noticed that after uplaods, they are taking a long time to appear as uploaded - it's usually instant.
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