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  1. I've been doing just that the last few days.

    Having come across some images I took nine years ago and never processed (!) I was prompted to start trawling through my old RAW files and found many that had sales potential - but not the way I did them originally.

    My Photoshop skills have improved considerably in the last few years (I believe) and I can certainly produce better results from a RAW file now than I could then.

    I have no plans to redo everything more than a few years old, but I have found some with real potential that are NEVER going to sell in their current form.

    I've done about 30 of Budapest today - if one of them sells, that will pay for the coffee I've got through.

  2. I have been going through some of my images and have found a glitsch.

    After I zoom one of my images on a page of search results, if I try to return to the results I get the search BEFORE the last one, but with the last search term in the search box, which stops working.


    So when I search my own images for Berlin, then Munich, and zoom one of the Munich images, if I go back - either by the back arrow or my back mouse button - I get the Berlin page, with 'Munich' in the search box but nothing happens if I click on the search. I have to edit the search box to something different (like removing one letter) then typing it back in before I can get the search back.



    Is it just me?


    The Images Found thread is certainly useful but not very representative. It is largely there thanks to three or four heroes (we all know who they are) who do sterling work, and reflects their reading habits and sometimes very odd bookshelves. 




    I started searching after reading claims of suspected non payment,  and my searches are certainly not necessarily a representation of my reading habits!  ;)


    In fact my own recent experience of the newspaper scheme is that they normally do cough up - whether or not the images found thread assists in that respect I don't know.


    The bulk of my sales (numerically) are to the newspaper scheme, but of course they do not represent the larger percent of my income. However sales probably do affect ranking, which can lead to more lucrative deals, while successful newspaper scheme images sometimes sell for rather more elsewhere - again maybe due to their exposure in the bargain basement?



    Your efforts are much appreciated. I am still waiting to hear from Alamy about one of mine found ages ago in a Swedish online paper. And it's very useful for examples of published work to stick on the website.

    Thanks again Bryan and friends.

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  4. The Images Found thread is certainly useful but not very representative. It is largely there thanks to three or four heroes (we all know who they are) who do sterling work, and reflects their reading habits and sometimes very odd bookshelves. Online images are much easier to find, and they tend to be low-paying newspaper uses.


    My best sales seem to be US textbooks and Japanese TV - understandably they don't get noticed and reported quite as often.


    As for missed opportunities / growth potential, I'd like to think that Alamy have a better talent pool than Torquay United (apologies to any supporters listening). I have noticed a huge increase in Google results from Alamy, which makes finding published pics harder but certainly increases our exposure.

  5. http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=8TfJBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA64&lpg=PA64&dq=pjrtravel+alamy&source=bl&ots=UapZv-xWpH&sig=eUlJmce-ty3CaYmDvlfMIXGAWVU&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-RxnVPvdLoXeaJLngpAP&ved=0CDQQ6AEwBTgK#v=onepage&q&f=false


    Educational book on London via Goole search. Can't see the images but the following are credited:


    Shaun Jeffers

    P C Jones

    Alex Segre x2

    ME !

    Bettina Strenske

    Richard Baker

    Jorge Ryan

    Food Folio

    Will Strange

    Keith Mayhew

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    Slightly off topic (perhaps) but having just done some searching for insect images, a way of reporting other people's pics with HORRENDOUSLY WRONG CAPTIONS would be useful. 


    I do know that this would result in a better overall impression of Alamy from a buyers perspective, but...personally, if some contributors are too lazy to get it right, then I'm happy to get the sale rather than them. 



    I agree with your sentiment but it does give a very bad impression to potential buyers. The problem is not that the buyer won't see their picture, it's that they'll see it when are looking for something else.

    The pics I was referring to above were of a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly - one of our commonest - captioned as a Painted Lady. It's a very obvious mistake and a researcher looking for butterfly images isn't going to be confident that the rarer species that they might not recognise will be what the captions claim. They will head for a specialist agency who have people checking these things.

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